[Version Update] Opera 20 Released, Download Link Inside

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NOTE: This article is updated whenever a new version of Opera web browser is released. So keep checking this page regularly.

Good news for Opera users! Opera team has released new Opera 20 for Windows and Mac which comes with following updates:

  • Opera 20 includes updates to the latest Chromium version 33.
  • Dragable bookmarks: You can drag tabs to bookmarks bar to add them or drag your bookmarks to Speed Dial to create new entries.
  • New Speed Dial settings: You can change look of Speed Dial entries to big thumbnails or manually customize their height and width.
  • Stability enhancements.
  • Performance improvements.
  • Improved Stash screenshots to fix blurry images.
  • Enhanced support for Chromium extensions.

Check out following exclusive tutorial highlighting all these new features:

[Tip] Customize Start Page Background Theme and Number of Columns in Opera

Lets remind you again that since version 15 release, Opera comes with a new refreshing UI and is based on a new rendering engine based on WebKit. It comes with enhanced Speed Dial feature which allows you to group your entries in folders. It also comes with new "Discover" feature which brings you new content with just one click. Opera team has also combined addressbar and searchbar in Opera which makes searching easy and straightforward.


You can download it using following link:

Download Opera Web Browser

If you want to read the complete changelog, visit following link:


If you don't want to install Opera but want to give it a try, you can check the portable version:

Download Opera Portable Version

NOTE: Opera team has also introduced release streams for Opera similar to Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome web browsers:

Opera (Stable) - Released every couple of weeks, this is the most solid version, ready for daily use.

Opera Next - Updated more frequently than Stable, this is the feature-complete candidate for the Stable version. While it should be ready for daily use, you can expect some bugs there.

Opera Developer - A bleeding edge version, you can expect a lot of fancy stuff there; however, some bugs might also appear from time to time.

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