[Software Update] Opera 46 Now Available for Download

UPDATED on June 22, 2017: Release of Opera 46 version.

Good news for Opera users! Opera team has released new Opera 46 for Windows, Linux and Mac which comes with following updates:

  • Addition of some features introduced in Opera Neon concept browser
  • Improvements to user interface
  • Speed Dial is now dark when wallpapers are disabled and dark theme is enabled
  • When importing bookmarks, items from the bookmarks bar will appear in Opera's bookmarks bar automatically
  • Macbook touchbar users can enjoy an emoji-enabled input field
  • New backgrounds included
  • Support for animated PNG (APNG) files
  • Improvements to performance and security


You can download the new version of Opera using following link:

Download Opera Web Browser

Download Standalone Offline Installer

If you want to read the complete changelog, visit following link:

Opera Changelog

If you don't want to install Opera but want to give it a try, you can create a portable version of Opera manually with the help of following tutorial:

[Tip] Create Portable Version of Opera Browser for USB Drives

Also check out the new concept web browser "Opera Neon" released by Opera company:

Download New "Opera Neon" Concept Web Browser

Lets remind you again that since version 15 release, Opera comes with a new refreshing UI and is based on a new rendering engine based on WebKit. It comes with enhanced Speed Dial feature which allows you to group your entries in folders. It also comes with new "Discover" feature which brings you new content with just one click. Opera team has also combined addressbar and searchbar in Opera which makes searching easy and straightforward.

Following is a list of some important updates and new features introduced in recent Opera versions:

  • Two themes available: Dark and Light (How-to enable)
  • Background tab throttling to reduce energy consumption (How-to guide)
  • Instant page loading by predicting which website you're typing the address for (How-to disable guide)
  • Built-in currency converter (How-to disable or customize guide)
  • Built-in free VPN service which can be turned on/off using Settings -> Privacy & Security -> Free VPN option
  • New search pop-up feature on selecting text (How-to disable guide)
  • New Power Saver mode to reduce battery usage by Opera when your device is not plugged in
  • Now you can mute the sound on a website using the volume button on the tab or using context menu (Guide to disable this feature)
  • New option to restore classic search box in toolbar (Guide to enable separate search box)
  • Improvements to Bookmark Manager which now removes duplicate bookmarks if created while syncing between devices (Guide to disable this feature)
  • Improvements to Settings page including a new "Basic" tab containing frequently used options (Guide to remove this new tab)
  • New Visual Tab Cycler: Opera now switches tabs in chronological order and creates a visual tab cycler using tab previews feature.
  • Better Tab Management: Now you can access recently closed, synced and currently running tabs from Tab menu.
  • Sidebar Extensions: Now you can install sidebar extensions in Opera such as writing notes, tweet on the go or a dedicated media player.
  • Better Bookmarks Management: Now Opera comes with a new Trash folder in Bookmark Manager which allows you to restore accidentally removed bookmarks as well as clear them from your browser.
  • Tab Synchronization: Access your currently opened tabs at the same time in your computer as well as Android mobile phone. Sign in using Opera account and it'll automatically show your current tabs on homepage of Opera.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts Customization: Now you can change any desired keyboard shortcut using Settings page.
  • Bookmark Syncing: Finally the much awaited feature has arrived in Opera. Now you can sync your Opera bookmarks across computers, phones and tablets. [Also Check]
  • Tab Previews: A new tab menu on tab bar to find tabs easily and quickly in list view by showing their previews
  • Navigation Bar: Pages such as Bookmarks, Speed Dial and Discover, now have a new navigation at bottom of start page (How-to guide to restore previous Speed Dial page and move Navigation Bar to top)
  • Share bookmarks: Ability to share bookmarks with others
  • Import bookmarks and other data: Now you can import bookmarks, cookies, history and passwords from Opera 12, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari web browsers using "Settings -> Import bookmarks and settings" option (old method)
  • Visual Bookmarks: New way to add and organize your favorite websites with thumbnail preview [Also check]
  • Built-in PDF Viewer: View documents directly in the browser without installing any extension
  • Allows users to show webpage's complete URL in addressbar [Link].
  • New Heart menu in combined search and address bar: Allows you to add/remove webpages in Speed Dial, Stash and bookmarks bar.
  • New Speed Dial settings: You can change look of Speed Dial entries to big thumbnails or manually customize their height and width.
  • Dragable bookmarks: You can drag tabs to bookmarks bar to add them or drag your bookmarks to Speed Dial to create new entries.

You can also check out following exclusive tutorial highlighting new features of Opera:

[Tip] Customize Start Page Background Theme and Number of Columns in Opera

If you want to disable Trash folder in Bookmarks, sidebar extensions and the new chronological tab switching feature, check out following tutorial:

[Tips] Disable Bookmarks Trash Folder, Sidebar Extensions and Chronological Tab Switching

NOTE: This article is updated whenever a new version of Opera web browser is released. So keep checking this page regularly.

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  • i really like opera , but when i open facebook , Opera allmost freez , i don't what's the problem about it , opera used to be fast and stable , but now , it's not nor fast or stable .

  • Previously, I was facing site compatibility problems in opera ,, some sites shrink to the middle of the screen just like anything... out of placed menu, icons, iframes, etc. Then one day by mistakenly i turned off the option "Fit to width" in opera>page>fit to width(or ctrl+F11)... After that till now no problems.. even facebook site runs great.... And i have completely switched over to opera now.! :)

  • I tried Opera, when I tried to visit a website I regularly use it crashed and crashed, Also the bookmark UI is confusing, nice look and I like the built in mail, but I switched back to Chrome

  • Its a good thing in the opera 12 beta version the developers decided to exclude opera mail, opera unite and other components from the software and made it available as an extension. I think this is a radical approach as it reduces the file size of the browser.

  • Firefox never, IE9 for Adobe Flash Player

    Opera for browsing.

  • Really....! does it access yahoo without problem.My current opera does not do so

  • Opera 12.10 freshly updated.
    Seems with every point release there's another capability that's newly broken on XP Pro.
    Wish I knew which web site you folks are designing Opera to work with.
    It's been crashing often enough with 12 that I have to "save session" manually many times per day.

  • it's a trade off.

    Firefox (as Waterfox x64 for me) is the only serious choice since any iteration of IE (or any frontend that uses the Trident engine) is an abominable joke from a professional tech point of view, and so is any chromium based browser due to the very serious violations of privacy & security (with the exceptions of Iron & Dragon which remove the dangerous rogue code that should be illegal - but there is only laughable extension support since the API is a silly joke of a mess)-- so that leaves us with the perennial 2nd browser -- Opera-- a true masterpiece if there ever was one.

    i've used it as a backup browser for about 15 years, but never a first until this last year. i enjoy it a lot since extensions are being developed that have actual functional use as opposed to being plain stupid as they use to be (much like how IE & chromium still are)-- and it's a little easier on memory, but not much. it loads faster & navigates better without the flaws of the two dangerous rogue browsers mentioned.

    but after a year of full time browsing with Opera, i see no appreciable reason to bump it up from number two for one primary reason: lack of security.

    the content blocking in Opera only removes it from view--- it does NOT prevent it from being downloaded the way Adblock Plus, NoScript & Request Policy do together. it DOES have Ghostery, which is very very handy and much appreciated, but the API does not allow it to function the same as in Mozilla. there are a number of other extensions missing from Opera in the privacy & security area as well as the UI that are missing that i miss & insist on having in order to full time convert-- such as Grease Monkey, Tabmix Plus, FEBE, Disconnect, Better Privacy, ShareMeNot, Download Helper, CSlite, HTTPS Everywhere, Force TLS, etc---

    --with that said, there are great Opera tweaks as well as extensions that mimic some of the best Mozilla ones, but they don't duplicate them-- and that is what keeps me from switching full on.

    it's a great backup browser, because of it's obvious superiority in many ways, but Mozilla still trumps it for me in the most critical areas. besides, i've got an uber cool gaming rig, so i really don't care about the Mozilla memory problems.

    there are trade-offs, but it's also about taste & what you need. both platforms are great, and i think anyone would be missing out if they didn't have one of each to judge for themselves. both are pioneers & have their obvious strengths.-- maybe try a triple engine browser to get the best of all of them in one?!

    by the way- thanks VG for having one of the best sites anywhere--- you are one cool, competent guy who is appreciated by a lot of people!

  • Oh man, i am updating my Opera now! My whole family is using Opera!

  • Yeah Opera is a good browser for browsing sites and other use..but it freezes at times..they have to look on it i think..

  • Opera Next 15 released. Now Opera (should) use different engine.

  • Opera 15.00 Next Beta 1 (Build 1147.18)

    Changelogs: opera.com/docs/changelogs/unified/1500n/

    Release notes: Release date: 2013-05-28

    This is a beta release of Opera. It incorporates new features, improvements, and stability adjustments. Opera Next browsers will be updated regularly during development. The information on this page refers to build 15.0.1147.17.

  • Actually, I've been using the new Opera 15 for a while now and I really like it. It's actually based on Google Chrome, but with many modifications. It is my main browser now.

  • What crap ! It doesn't even work !!! First stability security relay-ability and then all other fancy stuff and not other way around !!!!

  • ^^ Its the beta version.... Not the stable version

  • Opera, no matter what version, always freezes every 10 minutes or so! That's why I don't use it anymore.

  • Opera 16.0.1196.62 Stable version is out.

  • still doesn't have 'On startup' option.
    I would recommend to use opera 17.0.1240.0 Developer

  • Does it have the Ctrl+Enter, has the bug where anything typed in the location bar is lost on pressing enter? Opera was good before, I thought this move would make them better, but perhaps I'll wait for Opera v20...

  • No smooth scrolling on Opera 17! Any trick to enable this?

  • VG

    ^^ Please check following:


  • Opera 18 stable and 19 next are the worst operas ever... or they lose the entire sessions or they lose partial sessions... its gettin me sick... and I dont even know if i can gdongrade to 17 and block its autoupdate... or maybe I should just go back to opera 12.16 which was almost perfect, a bit slower thou

  • Version 18 and 19 both have this odd bug on my Acer Aspire One netbooks, normally my download speed is about 20 Mb but with these Opera versions the speed has dropped to about 5Mb. Tested install and portable versions, wifi and ethernet. On all other computers the speed is what it is supposed to be, so I'm baffled about this behaviour. Since the netbooks need a fast light and reliable browser, I now use Maxthon and SlimBrowser instead of Opera. If and when Maxthon ever gets adblock plus support, I will use it as my main browser on every computer. Opera is going in the wrong direction with their shiny new features nobody will ever use or need, they should just make a browser with nothing extra, just blazing speeeeeeeed =)

  • I appreciate your work.... I am reading askvg articles from last 2 years but here i want to suggest you that also write articles about android stuffs.... Thank you for help ful articles.

  • I am facing an error after installing opera 18 or higher in my pc.
    The error is

    Non 7zip archive.
    Tried re downloading the several times, nothing happens.
    Please help me fix this error.
    Thanks in Advance.

  • @CoOl KinG
    ^^ That's bcoz neither the current build nor portable build are zip files, they r both exe files and should run properly with double click or right click> run as admin.

    -31st Jan 2014, 13:50 GMT

  • @rkkdjb
    Thanks for advice.
    But the setup is still showing the same error.

  • @CoOl KinG
    now i understood u must be having slow connection speed thats why opera is timing ur download out. Download from softpedia or try this link for opera 19 from their site:


    wait for 5 sec and ur download should begin, plz try and reply if ot helped!

    -31st Jan 2014, 15:45 GMT

  • @VG
    Opera 19.0.1326.59 now available.

    -4th Feb 2014, 05:21 GMT

  • Funny how so many people blame software when it's probably their system. How do they explain the fact that the same program works perfectly on many other systems? I have Opera 19 and have had absolutely no issues.

  • @ Tesla,

    Exactly, keep your Windows updated, and also keep drivers updated, don't disable too many Services nor hack your Registry, and you're good to go without any problems.

    If your computer feels too slow then buy an SSD disk, much better solution than hacking your computer.

  • Opera version 11.64 is the latest not-crippled version.

  • ..aaaand the netbook speed SUPERBUG is still not fixed in v.20

  • I did not realize if there are any dates with these posts. If there are, I cannot see them. I am using Opera 12.16 64bit. I was better off with the 32 Bit version because that seemed to be the most stable. But I am sure there are a few quirks. THE NEW Opera 20 and all of the Chromium based versions are truly a waste of time. I would get away from Opera because they are trying to use the same code as other well knowns who insist on injecting code that violates our privacy. Opera is getting greedy and the reason they may want to use chromium now is because they want to take advantage of the many ways they can make money as Google has done. The new browsers are a big disappointment and seems like they want to pull the wool over our eyes but I for one will not budge. Opera, you really blew it. And not many are falling for it.,

  • Oh! man i am loving the new opera on Windows 8.

  • April 2014: Am using version 20 and I am tired of constant updates on my limited data plan. I can't figure a way to turn them off. (I can update from work, manually). As well, years ago a simple button on the top let me turn images on or off. I can't save time or data with that anymore either. I think there may be a divorce soon.

  • Okay so like a dumbass I updated to the new one, and now I lost the feature to have webpage auto reload every???

    can I get it back someway and if not how do I go back to the older version...

  • I tried opera 18 & 20 but switch back to best versio of opera 12.15.

  • Opera's great. I've been using it almost 10 years. Many of the tweaks and things that you say "mimic" Mozilla probably originated with Opera.

  • i have opera 12.17 and opera 22.0.1471.50 (latest at the moment) installed alongside Chrome 35.0.1916.114 m... all these browsers are pinned to my taskbar... opera 12.17 and Chrome windows expand from the pinned icon itself but newer Opera doesn't ... whole purpose of pinning these browsers is to get quick access and of course save space... i also have ‪7+ Taskbar Tweaker v4.4.5‬... i have tinkered with taskbar and 7+ taskbar tweaker settings, but the problem of newer opera continues... here's a screenshot for better understanding: oi61.tinypic.com/qnms9c.jpg

  • Something new in opera 22 & chrome 35:
    Scrollbars can autohide themselves, but the trick will remove up & down arrows from scrollbars.
    Open chrome or opera:
    1>visit about:flags
    2>hit CTRL+F
    3>Type : Overlay Scrollbars
    4>Select Enabled from Drop down menu next to Overlay scrollbars & restart your browser.
    (i am using chrome 37(canary build) & opera next 23 on my pc)
    Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit

  • July 2014. New versions (21 and 22) are the wost ever. I have 22 now and it just freezes for 2-3 minutes without displaying any message. Then it works for a minute or two and freezes again. On the same computer/connection/site, all other browsers work fine (including Opera 12.17).
    The auto updates can be disabled only by renaming opera_autoupdate.exe thus preventing it from running.

  • It would sure be nice to see Opera 12's accessibility features return, and not buried in hidden settings. For years I have recommend Opera to my fellow cripples because it WAS the only browser on the market that took the effort to be accessible to us. ChrOpera, on the other hand, is now makes the Web just as inaccessible as every other browser out there.

    I tried to make Firefox work like Opera used to, but that just led to even more frustration because even after adding dozens of extensions it still couldn't do half of what Opera 12 does, and what it could do is either clunky or buried in hidden settings the average user could never find. My sanity finally demanded I go back to Opera 12 until HTML 5 finally takes over the Web and renders Opera no longer able to display Websites. I live in dread of that day since it will mean there will no longer be a browser for those of us with disabilities. After using Opera for 15 years, switching to anything else is going to be painful – literally.


  • Opera 26 released. Includes "improved Bookmarks".

  • Hi. VG. I have a prob with my pendrive. Whenever i insert it shows 0 free and used space. When i open it says u need to format disk. And when i format sometime it is saying win was unable to format. Sometime my whole pc stops. I tried from dskmngmt to format bt it also says format unsuccessful. Cmd is taking a lot of time and it stops suddenly with not responding. Plz hlp.

  • VG

    ^^ Try to attach the USB drive to a different USB port. Also try with a different computer and different Windows version.

  • Greetings. Is there any reason why your articles are NOT dated? It would help to know when an article was published, and if there have been changes. I do enjoy visiting your site a lot.

  • VG

    ^^ Hi. The date/time is not displayed on articles/comments because we are using some custom-made plug-ins in this website software which cause some weird characters display in place of the date/time. Thats why we have disabled date and time on pages. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • So why don't you use Disqus on pages VG??

  • VG

    ^^ Implementing Disqus or any other 3rd party commenting system will require addition of extra Javascripts which will increase page loading time and I don't want to make this website loading slow. :)

  • Why in the world would opera FORCE adobe updates on me. Can't read my online lectures anymore with opera 26 bcos " your adobe reader version is out of date". Can't watch video streams anymore bcos "your adobe flash player version is out of date". WRONG!

  • The new Opera version is awful, it disables adblock which is vital for browing the net these days. Also the new bookmark system is bad and fiddly, a bad update imo, check it out for yourselves.

  • Hi VG,

    Opera's co-founder, Jon von Tetzchner, has just released Vivaldi, "a new browser for power geeks", to the Technical Preview channel

  • VG

    ^^ Yeah. Thanks. I was going to post about it. Here you go:


  • I tried opera 27 but switch back to opera 12.15.

  • What has been changed in Opera that keeps Windows 7 from entering sleep mode.?

  • Have been a happy user of Opera for many years, since the start of Opera. The current version I use is 12.17 because it was the last version I could stand using.
    It recently started having problems with portions of a very few websites -- and on those occasions I used Chrome if I really needed to access the particular site's information.
    Yesterday I had the misfortune of getting a notice from Opera that an update was available. It installed 28 (but thankfully did not overwrite 12.17). Frankly I found 28 so annoyingly different, such as how it displays Favorites, as to be unusable and uninstalled it. A shame. But I still love 12.17 which remains my default browser. Bigger and more complicated is rarely better.

  • Opera 29 is messing up the javascript window.scroll function on websites...... I just downgraded to previous version and all is okay again. Please fix.

    My system: Windows 8.1 - Latest Java version - Scroll function using JQuery 1.11

  • Being drustrated by Firefox and Chrome extensions being so badly screwed, I came back to try Opera 30 after several years. I found it very different, and I would really like to use it as the default. But, it has so many bugs! And things you can turn on or enable that don't have any obvious way to turn off again.

    Come on guys, we don't need new features every week, that break the old ones. We need a stable browser. And this isn't it.

  • Could we have options to open Opera 30+ pages in Opera 12? Yes, I still use Opera 12.17 with my XP SP3, not only because it still has a Bookmark feature that can be transferred to Opera Notes via 9.27, but because 12.17 is more versatile than 30, and is more adaptable to different operating environments, wifi difficulties, and cookie problems than the current Firefox or IE (of course).

  • Kindly provide some links of free & best native 64 bit software which works on 64 bit operating system only

  • Latest Opera version's got a new icon. the browser UI hasnt changed though...

  • Just downloaded Opera 33. UGH! Just like Firefox, Opera appears to be going to the same Google Chrome clone route of BLOATWARE!! Here's one tip for you...allow users to disable the auto-update because I don't need the browser to spend the first 5 minutes on startup searching & updating the browser! They have basically trashed the major appeal of Opera....the lightness in comparison to Chrome and Firefox. The only major upgrade that Opera needed was that some website features were not compatible with the Opera browser.

  • December 12, 2015

    I was a long-time user of the legacy version of Opera (and still am). The current generation is pleasing to the eye and blazingly fast, but it has, in my view, several unacceptable drawbacks (please correct me if I've missed some features) :

    1. No way to export bookmarks. No kidding ?!? So you can import, but not export ! This is a huge red flag. Il live on bookmarks. I have 10 000 of them. This is a blatant attempt to lock users into Opera's sync cloud "feature", which is not a feature to me, but a way to deprive me from the ownership of my data.

    I found a so-called extension purporting to correct this, but it cannot even save nested folders. What a joke ! Besides, I'm not going to rely on a third-party extension for such a critical task.

    2. No way to add tags or comments to bookmarks. Firefox invented that (I think) ages ago ! Absolutely needed if you're going to use bookmarks for something else than finding Facebook.

    3. No way to access bookmarks or history in one click. This is ridiculous.

    4. The user interface cannot be customized. At. All.

    5. Updates are forced on you, with no options such as "never update" or "warn me but let me choose". Oh, and automatic updating is shaky at best. This blog post says version 34 has been released, my Opera says "you have 33 and you're up to date".

    6. Online help (there's no other variety) is ridiculously scarce.

    Opera may be fine if you're the sort of user who just "browses the Web" and never does anything serious on the Internet -- never mind using it at work. Even for such limited use, it's lacking.

  • I’ve been using Opera for years and I really loved this browser until some of its features were removed, especially the “Manage Links page”. I really loved this feature because I didn’t have to select and copy links one by one. I hope the developers will be bring this back to Opera. I’m using the latest Opera browser and version 12.16 to in order to grab links of videos, music, and pictures from my favorite sites using the Link page. I hope they are reading these comment, complaints, & suggestions from their users. Please bring back some of the discontinued features to one of the best browsers out here.

  • does another browser have to be installed to import bookmarks or can you import from an html file?

  • Opera is f***ed up now. There is no "Show Menu Bar" in Opera 35.0 and I need a menu bar.

    And the supposed addons to clean up google's redirect links don't even do their jobs. NONE of them work.

    With each update on ANY browser, the internet goes further down the toilet.

  • I agree. No classic menu (=> Show Menu Bar) is a total fsck up! Goodbye Opera!

  • Recently, Opera released an update to Opera Browser Classic, the new build no is 12.18. It came as surprise, as Opera supposedly stopped the development of Classic Opera browser. I'm a big fan of Presto based Classic Opera, I use it regularly; not as my primary browser though.

  • There is a big big problem with this version on windows tablets (Surface pro 3 here), the virtual keyboard does not come up when I touch either the address bar or any text field on a web form.

    It always showed up automatically in previous versions, it is extremely annoying to have to bring it up myself all the time

  • Downloaded Opera 37 for mac. None of the "view" options to allow customization of toolbar are present. I've read and re-read the help topics on this and they insist that there is a path to "View-Toolbars-Customize" It's just not there.

  • i tried to download latest version. when i clicked to open it, it never completed the download. only saw the windows package installer prompt. even my anti virus cleared it. what is going on?

  • Opera 39.0 upgrade broke all my settings, lost all extensions, and deleted all my speed dial entries.


  • when i try to download opera then run it flashes in the background and never starts any help

  • Where to get the x64 Version ??
    Is Opera available in 64bits or not coz the default gives the 32 bits and no other option or info about x64 version !!

  • VG

    ^^ I think they have discontinued 64-bit version:


  • this update s**ks. it made all websites look like pure text with links. i couldnt even view this site. after running ccleaner and hours of fuss. its working. they should take note from chromes updating.

  • Hi,

    Just upgraded to Opera 43 a few hours ago and am experiencing tabs that are freezing. On Windows 7. No issues using Opera 42.

    Is there a way to downgrade until the bugs are fixed?


  • Opera 44 doesn't work well with older Macs; it crashes whenever I try to change tabs. (I keep numerous tabs open.) Please fix this ASAP.

    In the meantime, I have to try to figure out how to go back to 43 now. Ugh.

  • on 44. i cannot remove the speedial stuff on my homepage anymore. i dont need most of them. before i just right clicked and removed them. now that option is gone.

  • Hi I did the update yesterday, all works fine, but I just have a problem with facebook, it just freezes by it self, and i can't do anything on it, and when i watch a video, it just stops and i have to restart the browser! please help!

  • Good update for opera thank you and i hope if they back group tabs again

  • I really love Opera but I'm using Chrome and Firefox because every time when I install Opera it starts to bugging and crashing and... It doesn't work, guys. We have a jobs to do, we have no time to searching the internet for patches or solutions to make it work, ok? Opera does not do the basic thing - search the web. Period.
    I hope one day Opera will become the best browser on market ;)

  • It's good to see some people still use Opera 12.17, as I do. But the past couple of weeks it keeps getting worse and worse. I also use Opera for mail and RSS feeds. Different types of security errors on more and more websites. Often Opera fails when accessing some websites or just viewing mail. I use it on Windows XP, but I loaded it on Windows 7 to see if it had same problems. It did. I tried Opera Mail when Opera came out without mail, but it didn't handle RSS feeds. The way things are I'm going to have to abandon it.
    Anybody have similar problems and maybe resolved them?

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