[Software Update] Google Chrome 60 Stable Release Now Available for Download

UPDATED on July 25, 2017: Release of Google Chrome 60 stable version.

Good news for Google Chrome users! Google developer team has released Chrome 60 version to Stable channel for Windows, Mac and Linux. This build includes several security fixes, bug fixes and improvements to stability and performance.


You can download the new version using following links:

Download Google Chrome

Download Google Chrome (64-bit)

If you want the standalone offline installer which doesn't need Internet connection at the time of installation, you can download it from following link:

Download Full Standalone Offline Installer of Google Chrome

If you don't want to install Google Chrome in your computer but want to give it a try, you can check the portable version which doesn't need installation:

Download Google Chrome Portable Version

PS: If you don't like the new "Material Design" UI in newer Google Chrome versions, following tutorial will help you in restoring the classic UI:

[Tip] Disable Material Design UI in Google Chrome

[Tip] Disable New Material Design UI of Settings Page in Google Chrome

NOTE: Windows XP and Windows Vista users should check following troubleshooting articles:

[Fix] Google Chrome Showing XP Style Classic Blue Titlebar in Windows Vista

[Tip] Disable "Windows XP and Vista will No Longer be Supported" Yellow Infobar

Also Check:

Fix Slow Performance Issues and Tabs Not Loading Problem in Google Chrome

NOTE: This article is updated whenever a new version of Google Chrome web browser is released. So keep checking this page regularly.


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  • bloddy good work VISHAL , i get this kind of news from you first . thanks a milion .......

  • In latest Chrome, if you guys are getting this message:

    Java(TM) was blocked because it is out of date

    Then add this line in Chrome's shortcut after chrome.exe:


    When you need Java next time this message does not appear =D

  • VG, where is chrome's cache dir? and can it be relocated?. u r the man

  • VG

    ^^ Chrome cache is stored in following location:

    AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default

    Copy above text, paste in RUN and press Enter. It'll open the folder.

    To relocate or change cache location, you can use "--disk-cache-dir" parameter. Just add it at the end of the text present in Target textbox of Chrome's shortcut Properties:


  • Little tweak for a Chrome shortcut again :D


    That will update your extensions automatically so you don't have to always manually check it.

    PS: 3600 indicates 3600 seconds which is 1 hour, so it'll check updates 24 times a day ;) I recommend that you calculate a proper update frequency for slower connections.

  • Remove scrollbars in Chrome and Chromium:


    Navigate here:

    C:\Users\#Username#\AppData\Local\Chromium\User Data\Default\User StyleSheets


    Open Custom.css file in notepad


    Copy/paste this line in it:

    ::-webkit-scrollbar { display:none; }


    Hit save and reload your current webpage or restart your browser, done =)

  • Chrome 28 new feature:

    Added small context menu and Chrome menu.


  • Chrome now has "Search Google for this image" item in context menu when you right click any picture.

  • For some reason, I get a thin black bar along the bottom of the window when maximized (Windows XP and Windows 8) since updating to Chrome 31.

  • ^^ I got the same problem. It also happening in Windows 7. Screeenshot: s8.postimg.org/nxv6p1sh1/Black_line.png

  • VG

    Its a known bug which will be fixed in next update:


  • That button which appears next to the min/max/close button is called "Enable new profile management system" and you disable it also via about:flags, just find this flag and disable it, then relaunch your browser:


  • That windows 8 mode has made chrome a browser and an os at the same time. It's amazing to see an os running inside an os...

  • Looks good.But needs to fix Blurred fonts.

  • They remove "Enable Instant Extended API" from "chrome://flags" in version 33.0.1750.117 m. Are there another way to enable old style chrome new tabs, I very liked it.

  • The Metro Version Of Google Chrome is now more stable...

  • anybody else experiencing faster scrolling speed than normal on all web pages??
    it started after updating to version 34...

  • I'm done with google chrome... it always pop up says "Your profile could not be opened correctly.."
    so i need to login everytime i need to sync my web browser to my google dashboard. i dont know what the problem..

  • @ Wanville,

    Not so long ago CCleaner used to mess up Chrome profile, when it didn't fully support the latest browser or when there was a bug, you can uncheck Chrome via CCleaner settings so it won't clean it and then test it.

    FYI for AskVG readers:

    Google removed up/down arrows from scrollbar yet again, this change might come to stable version also.

  • Correction:

    From 36 version of Chromium.

  • Correction #2 lol:

    Looks like I ran outdated version of Chromium, haha.

  • What is the problem with Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.0.7 having blazing speed and even more secure than all others?

    Why the Microsoft Windows Users likes Chrome and Firefox etc.?

  • vg how to disable auto update of chrome ? the update registry key is not there .

  • VG

    ^^ You'll need to create the key manually.

  • Google Chrome 35.0.1916.114 Stable released.

  • Can anybody tell me which is best Chrome or Firefox, in terms of speed.

  • I want smooth scrolling like Firefox in Chrome :'(

  • @ Rahul,

    I would suggest Chromium (trunk version), because it's a open-source browser and in my opinion it's the fastest and most stable browser available. And Chromium does not have Google surveillance behind.

  • Chromium 37 has now built in PDF-document viewer, Chromium brought up "Chrome PDF Viewer" plug-in, you can also Enable "Enable out of process PDF" flag when plug-in runs as a seperate process.

    Check out this screenshot: prntscr.com/3ldcud

  • In Chrome 35 I can't open magnet link of utorrent or any link using external software like sopcast, acestream...
    Can anybody show me how to fix it?

  • dude,chrome 35 doesnt recognize magnet links,you gotta put up a solution.i tried regedit,editing state file in chrome application data folder.nothing works.

    would be cool if you posted it.

  • Google Chrome gets 64-bit Windows Canary and Dev channel support:


  • askvg,in the present version of chrome[35],extensions from third party sources are automatically disabled since they are not from google chrome store.It would be great if you could mess with this thing and say if there's any workaround to make the third party extensions work in chrome!
    thanks :)

  • Google Chrome 36.0.1985.125 Stable released.

  • chrome canary 64 bit offline installer???

  • After updating to Chrome version 36, I experienced a terribly annoying lag when typing anything. The solution was to turn off hardware acceleration. Go to "Settings", then click on "Show advanced settings..." at the bottom of the "Settings" screen. Scroll down to the "System" section. The second item in that section is "Use hardware acceleration when available." Uncheck that box. Worked for me!

    I got this solution from a comment by Leo M in the comment section of this blog post.

  • I am getting java script issues after trying to log in to a site from work. Chrome won't let me type --allow-outdated-plugins at the end

  • Thanks for this update.

    Which one either Firefox or IE11 do you think is better than Google Chrome?

  • After updating to version 37 I have a problem with pop-ups that will be blocked. In the settings the option is configured that all the pop-ups will be allowed, but still will the pop-up be blocked.

  • Creating a x64 version of Chrome was a great move. I wish Firefox developers would create a stable version of 64-bit browser too.

  • Thanks a ton guys (esp. ulupoi & Leo). Google Chrome 37.0.2062.102 m had slowed terribly for me literally overnight. I tried installing different versions including Chromium too but with the same result. Finally I disabled "Use hardware acceleration when available" and it was heaven again. Thanks again :-)

  • Ooh...yeah....

    Google Chrome x64 is now available....but the offline installer (for all user account) is installing the 32 bit version....I have to use the online installer to install the latest 64 bit version....and Its more faster, safer and stable.

    Firefox will never release a 64 bit version.....Hence chrome is the best in the world ! :p

  • @NDJ give Cyberfox 64 a spin...same Mozilla code, and oh, quite snappy! Been using this as my default browser for almost a year without any crashes.

  • @Ricky 64-bit version of Firefox isn‘t must have for me, I prefer using official stable version.

  • Chrome x64 offline installer:


  • Google Chrome 38.0.2125.101 Stable released.

  • Vishal,
    I am using Chrome From last 10 Months But from the last 5 weeks it had made me cry.
    It had started working very slowly and i am not able to search things instantly , I have to wait for 10 to 15 seconds before it starts responding and searches anything.
    This was not a very serious problem..but from last 2 days Chrome had started closing by itself and I am frequently seeing a page which says "Jim is Dead it could be because Chrome ran out of memory "
    I thought it might be any virus so i ran a Full system scan..but i found no virus
    Also I have re-installed my OS 3 times since last 6 weeks so it is not any OS related problem..
    I also installed adblock plus to my chrome but it was not blocking any adds at all..i am using only one extension now and that is of Internet Download Manager .
    Please help if you can :'( :(

  • VG

    ^^ Try following:


  • Dear VG:
    how the hell can I turn off "automatic blocking of malware downloads to latest Chrome build" and KILL the "Dismiss message"???
    This stink thing made me lost 3.51 GB... and much more.

    PS: Thanks for the detailed information about Windows 10...

  • VG

    ^^ Open Chrome Settings, click on "Show advanced settings" link at bottom and uncheck "Enable phishing and malware protection" option in "Privacy" section.

  • @zarCaster

    when a download is blocked, go to all downloads, select the dismissed file and click on restore
    problem solved.
    no need to disable the phishing and malware protection.

    I recommand this website more than twice a week to friends from several Forums. That's the least I should

    Thank you, thank you

  • Thanks for the reply VG and for the recommendation Peter...

  • Google Chrome 39.0.2171.65 Stable released.

  • Thanks for this update.

    However, it doesn't make a sense for having 2 applications for single internet browsing while the Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 with Enterprise mode is far better than others in my opinion.

  • VG i found chrome offline x64 standalone enterprise link is this version will be different than x64 standalone link you provided ?


  • My Chromium feature suggestion, please vote. Remember that if this feature gets added it might land on Chrome also.


  • Thanks for the new version of Chrome.
    The file downloaded by the link given by you did not work. Hence uninstalled and visited the chrome site, downloaded the new version 40, installed and is now working fine. FYI pl.

  • How do I get this installed? Every time I run the installer is says "can not cache download installer" What does this mean? and how can I get Chrome to update?

  • Hello VG..I have upgraded my system to msi p7sn platinum series mother board and monitor to dell s2409w 24 inches, since then i load web pages very slowly and any content from the web loads very slow,my internet connection being of 10 Mbps speed works fine with other systems,what may have caused the speed to curtail,i seek your help to resolve the issue and any suggetions.
    thanking you
    with regards...

  • VG

    ^^ First try a custom DNS:


  • offline links now don't work .

    They only download the file for online setup

  • Hi,
    My I Ball WQ32 windows8.1 Tablet Screen Gone BLACK After Few second of BOOT...


    (I have no bootable media, TABLET COMES WITH PRE INSTALLED)

  • Hi VG! In recent Chrome updates, Google has disabled Windows Aero on Windows Vista. Is there a way to add back Aero via a third party add-on?

  • VG

    ^^ Check following:


  • Dear VG,
    recently my chrome has been updated to latest version but later i found many bugs like i printing error, whenever i start to print some pages it comes with blank page but if i save the pages with pdf then print it will print the page . Need solution man .

  • Thanks, Chrome is the best browser ever, if it can reduce the memory occupied, that would be better.

  • Today I saw your article named "Fission: Firefox Add-on to Show Progressbar in Addressbar Similar to Safari or Opera"


    I like that feature but I do not use firefox since chrome is my fav browser in both pc and mobile... Hence I find Pace4Chrome, an extension for chrome which can show the page loading progressbar just like the chrome mobile but in many ways.

    According to the developer, " Pace4Chrome is a small extension for Chrome which injects pace.js (github.hubspot.com/pace/docs/welcome/) and a stylesheet into every page visited. This shows a progress bar (per default) on every page while it loads, complementing the default Chrome spinner, which by itself, is not very telling of the overall page load progress.

    You can customise the way that pace.js acts and looks on websites using the options page on which you can pick from 15 presets and change their colors or design your own loading indicators in the advanced editing mode, allowing you to modify the CSS code directly."

    I think this extension can be useful to many chrome users like me. The link of the extension is, goo.gl/Hb8Mdb

  • hey vg, i downloaded 64 bit chrome 48 mb in size, when i click for install, "unknown installer error" comes, plz help me, thx

  • VG i want to ask how to reduce CPU usage when opening google chrome?
    my cpu usage always high.

    my pc spec is:
    1GB of ram

    or anyone can give recommended lightweight browser for me?

  • VG

    ^^ If you have installed plug-ins and add-ons, try to disable them. Also try following:


  • Google Chrome 45 Stable Release Now Available....

  • Just had my first crash in this release of Chrome!! The culprit was AdBlockPro which caused the page to freeze during load then promptly crashed Chrome.

  • Had several more crashes since my last post though I got it wrong previously, this issue is caused by the same problem which haunted v.45 It's the closure of tabs which is causing the problem. Chrome forums has many new complaints about this issue.

  • Hi,

    Version 46 ..... How do I change the linked sites to RED??


  • Since I update to Chrome 47 i can't find context menu option "Search Image with Google". please help me, is it removed or what?

  • @AskVG

    Is there a way in Portable Google Chrome Version 48.0.2564.82 to disable the pop-up every time I run portable google chrome in Win XP and Win Vista Home Basic? I can't help that fact that Microsoft can't seem to get it right with regards to Win 8.0\8.1 and 10 and that people don't want to rush over to the newer OSes just because it is "free".

    It seems Google's overlord Microsoft has gotten Google to punish users who still prefer Win XP\Vista and soon Win 7 users will also be punished by Google...If I could I would personally prefer to upgrade to Win 7 Pro 64-bit than Win8\8.1\10.

  • VG

    ^^ Please tell me about the pop-up information. What message does it contain?

  • @AskVG

    The popup message is as follows:
    "This computer will soon stop receiving Google Chrome updates because Windows XP and Windows Vista will no longer be supported. Learn more X"

    Learn more is a useless link as it doesn't explain why...

  • VG

    ^^ Right-click on Chrome's shortcut and add --disable-infobars term at the end of the Target field.

  • Unfortunately it doesn't work as the app that I use which is ChromeLoader to load the portable Google Chrome version that I use.... :(

  • VG

    ^^ Did you try to edit that loader app's shortcut properties and add parameter?

  • I did and it still displays that message. :(

  • Since Chrome 49 sneaked in, and made the download page look like it was meant to be viewed on a phone, I cannot download anything at all, unless I reset settings under Advanced Settings, and then do not re-enable any extensions.
    The download will start, download 3 or 4 kb, and stop. Every time, no matter what you are downloading.
    The only way to fix this is to reset the settings under Advanced Settings. Then downloads will work normally, until you enable any of your extensions. Enable even one extension, and downloads will hang again, until you reset settings again, ....
    So, it's either never download, or never use any extensions. Wonder how long it will take Google Chrome to fix this.

  • What's up with the tiny space above the tabs? It makes it next to impossible to grab the browser and move it around without clicking on a tab..

  • I -really- like chrome but I've come to my absolute wits end...hoped 50 would fix the cache issue that cropped up in 48 or so. The cache 'fills up' within 10-15 mins (often only 5) on tumblr before it grinds to a halt and I have to do "the routine" - clean the caches, empty all the cookies, close the browser, restart it, log back into everything. After an hour of 'surfing' on Chrome, I feel like I've run a 10k.

    I don't care for FF but honestly I just want to sit down and surf the web without any hassle much less several times an hour needing to do a major spring cleaning just to watch a few flicks on youtube or tumblr.

    Google, pulleeeeeaze fix the cache bug. It's exhausting.

  • hello Vg i need chrome canary offline installer

  • Chrome 55, the dark theme while using incognito mode looks absolutely HORRIBLE. Anybody know how to get the light version back? In version 54 it was possible by fiddling with chrome flags but that's now gone. And so will I if this can't be done.

  • Chrome 56.0.2924.76 for Windows, Mac and Linux is released on Wednesday, January 25, 2017.

  • Hi, you can update Chrome's components (including flash) without updating your entire browser version by going to Chrome://components. This way you can have the latest flash at all times, even before Google releases an update for your browser.

    However, the components are per user, so if you update the flash on one user account it will not be applied to other users, and you will need to repeat the process for each individual user account.

  • With version 57, Youtube videos are no longer shown on my computer. Busy indicator runs forever. I had the same issue with 56, but could re-enable the functionality by activating some deactivated plugins, but in 57 I cannot, because about://plugins is gone.

  • What about for chromebooks? Is the new 57 available for chrome devices?

  • @VG
    chrome depreciated the plugin page (chrome://plugins) Is there any way to access the plugin?

  • VG

    ^^ At the moment no known way.

  • Hey VG,
    Hope this finds you well:)
    I have a question about installing Chrome in Windows. Are you aware of any command line option, or any other possible option, to install Chrome on Windows without Google Update stuff? I mean without Google services and startup entries. I am aware of the portable version, but I'd rather regular install using the stand alone installer.

  • VG

    ^^ You can only disable the Updater after installing Chrome:


    I'm not aware of any other method.

  • @Armond @VG try these:-



  • Google Chrome Stable v60.0.3112.90 offline setup without any services



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