[Software Update] Mozilla Firefox 55.0 Now Available for Download

UPDATED on Aug 08, 2017: Release of Mozilla Firefox 55.0 version.

Mozilla has updated "Firefox" web browser to version 55.0. It comes with following new features and updates:

  • 64-bit version of Firefox is now installed by default on 64-bit Windows systems with at least 2GB of RAM
  • New "Firefox Screenshots" feature to take web pages screenshots and save them locally or online
  • New "Performance" section in Firefox options page that let users optimize performance improvements
  • Now you can move the sidebars (bookmarks, history and synced tabs) to the right-side (How-to Guide)
  • Search suggestions appear by default in addressbar (How-to Disable Guide)
  • Updated Firefox for OSX and macOS to allow users to assign custom keyboard shortcuts to Firefox menu items via System Preferences
  • Browsing sessions with a high number of tabs are now restored in an instant
  • Modernized application update UI to be less intrusive and more aligned with the rest of the browser
  • Users who install Firefox 55+ and later downgrade to an earlier version may experience issues with Firefox
  • Made the Adobe Flash plugin click-to-activate by default and allowed only on http:// and https:// URL schemes
  • Support for WebVR, bringing immersive experiences to the web
  • Added support for stereo microphones with WebRTC
  • Simplified printing from Reader Mode
  • Added Belarusian (be) locale
  • Various security fixes
  • HTML5 improvements
  • Developer improvements


You can download the new Firefox version including 64-bit build using following link:

Download Mozilla Firefox Latest Version

Release Notes

You can get more details about new features in Firefox in our exclusive Nightly update topic.

If you want to test drive Firefox web browser without installing it in your computer, you can try its portable version.

If any of your favorite extensions stops working in newer versions of Firefox, you can follow instructions given here to fix the issue and make them compatible again.

NOTE: This article is updated whenever a new version of Mozilla Firefox web browser is released. So keep checking this page regularly.

Some Useful Firefox Tips for Our Readers

If you want to disable add-on signature check, suggested website tiles on New Tab page and automatic website blocking in Firefox, check out following tutorial:

[Firefox Tips] Disable Add-on Signature Check, Suggested Sites on New Tab, Website Blocking

With the release of Firefox 43.0, Mozilla has added a new feature to the web browser which is called "Search Suggestions". This feature automatically shows suggestions in the addressbar whenever you type some text in Firefox addressbar. You disable these search suggestions in addressbar results with the help of following tutorial:

[Tip] Disable Search Suggestions in Addressbar Results of Mozilla Firefox

Also if you want to remove the new "Search With Google" and "Visit Website" options from Firefox addressbar results, check out following tutorial:

[Tip] Remove "Search With Google" and "Visit Website" Options from Firefox Addressbar Results

If you don't like the new Australis UI and want to bring classic theme back, following tutorial will help you in getting classic UI and restoring all classic features such as old search box, add-on bar, tabs on bottom, orange Firefox button etc in Firefox newer versions:

[Tip] Get Classic Theme, UI and Features Back in Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla has also removed "Load images automatically", "Enable JavaScript" and "Always show the tab bar" options from Preferences window, but you can get these options back in Firefox with the help of this tutorial.

Don't forget to check this hidden Easter egg "Unicorn" present in Firefox Australis UI.

Also take a look at following interesting topics about Firefox:


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  • thanks vishal. you provide all the mozilla firefox versions info at the earliest. keep up.

  • Thanks VG for informing! Really, you are damn fast in updating.

  • hey VG, when will FF get the new "Australis" UI?

  • VG

    ^^ Version 29 as mentioned in following topic:


  • Test view installed themes without Firefox restart:

    Open about:config, find this key:


    Set the value to True.

  • As of Firefox 29.0 with the new UI, every tab has a close button. How do I change it to only the active tab? Besides that I like the new UI so far.

  • Already found it: on about:config, change browser.tabs.closeButtons from 1 to 0. Now only the active tab has a close button.

  • Shame on you Mozilla; it's a cheap copy of Chrome. I'm disappointed.
    I will stick to Firefox 28; and later I will move to Pale Moon.
    DO NOT USE CHROME because you will be profiled by Google; according to Malwarebytes Antimalware, Chrome features same patters than Vundo, which means an infamous violation of privacy.
    So if you want a Chrome based browser try SRWare Iron.
    I'm sad, it's the end of a reliable, efficient and independent browser.

  • Who cares about this trolling browser anymore............

  • I'm with memo. Found Pale Moon and happy with it. Been with FF since 1, did not make it to 30

  • For those who don't like the new menu button and Australis interface, there is a very very good addon by someone named 'Aris'. It reverts the Australis look to the old one. But the customize area is still the same. You can now move the menu button (the one which looks like chrome) or have the old orange Firefox menu button! The addon bar is added back and u can move a lot more items. VG you should review this!

    LINK: addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/classicthemerestorer/

  • Did you know that if you remove everything from the firefox menu button in firefox 29 or later, it shos a unicorn instead.

  • What is the problem with Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.0.7 having blazing speed and even more secure than all others?

    Why the Microsoft Windows Users likes Chrome and Firefox etc.?

  • Thank you for this post. It solved this for me easily.All the best.

  • looks like the end of firefox that we all loved and used ..hello Pale Moon

  • Hey VG !!

    Mozilla updated Firefox to version 30.0
    but website is still giving 29.0.1
    but at FTP, its updated to 30.0 [at 6-Jun 10.13 PM]

    here are links-
    Full [Offilne] Installer :-
    f t p.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla.org/firefox/releases/30.0/win32/en-US/Firefox%20Setup%2030.0.exe

    Stub [Online] Installer :-
    f t p.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla.org/firefox/releases/30.0/win32/en-US/Firefox%20Setup%20Stub%2030.0.exe
    Please Update the Topic
    Vinay Godara

  • I went to download the latest version of mozilla firefox 30.0 .

  • "Sidebars button in browser chrome enables faster access to social, bookmark and history sidebars"
    Where is that? How does it look like? Using Aurora 31.0a2.

  • VG

    ^^ You'll find the "Sidebars" button in customize toolbar screen. You'll need to drag-n-drop the button to toolbar.

  • Use the Pale Moon fork of Firefox and you can have your browser of choice back in minutes - without using addons. Use the migration tool and you're back in business. And, Pale Moon promises to never use Australis.

  • Hey guys. Calm down. If you don't like the new ui just get "classic theme restorer" by Aris. There's no reason to be using an old version as hackers can get tons of information about you. Also you're welcome AskVG! :) I love this site :)

  • “New search box added to the new tab page“

    How to disable this? It‘s useless since there‘s already a search box near address bar.

    P.S. From now on I‘ll call myself MDJ instead of zydrius32.

  • @zydrius32

    Here you go :) Put this in your userChrome file :)

    /* Disable Search Bar In New Tab Page */
    @-moz-document url(about:newtab)
    #newtab-search-container, #newtab-search-logo { display:none !important; }

  • Thanks Travis! This works, but only when you paste this in userContent.css instead of userChrome.css. Congrats, your tip was featured by VG!

  • Updating to 31.0 broke my Bookmarks Toolbar. I've been using Classic Theme Restorer 1.2.2 to position my bookmarks above my tabs, but I read that another user had my same problem with FF-31.0 and uninstalling Classic Theme Restorer didn't fix the missing Bookmarks Toolbar items.

    When I go into Customize it still shows Bookmarks Toolbar items exactly where they should be, but when I exit Customize they appear for a split second, then vanish.
    At the end of the bar where the Bookmarks Toolbar items should be there is a drop-down button, when I click that it shows Bookmarks Toolbar items as a button(instead of a list of the items). When I click that button it opens a new window with all the Bookmarks Library in it and "Bookmarks Toolbar" is open in the left-pane of the Library window.

    For now, reverting to FF-30.0 has brought the Bookmarks Toolbar items back as they used to be.

  • Why browser.tabs.onTop does not work anymore? Version 31.0.
    Please, how can I put the tabs below?

  • I Have Mozzila Firefox Version 32.0 I Using Beta Update Channel.

  • Just updated to Firefox 31 from 24. Kept Google as my homepage (not using Chrome tho) but Google no longer has a drop-down list of features to use. I need to use Google's maps, translation and image finder. Any idea where I find these now? Thanks!

  • I am one of the first people who upgrade firefox because of you! Thanks AskVG for helping us all these years!

  • also, the cannot find server page has changed, try disconnecting from the internet and opening a page...

  • found another improvement, the "Warning: Unresponsive Script" dialogue box has an option to debug the script

  • I get pi**ed up with Mozilla nowadays. When i type some url and when the corresponding link comes up in the URL bar i click enter it takes me to some other website which gets listed along with the same link

  • Why you telling us is useful, 32.0.1, 32.0.2 & 32.0.3 are all bug fixes and patches.

  • Mozilla 32.0.3 wants to disable Kaspersky add ons. I'm not updating Firefox till I understand whether this is a threat to my computer. Paid a lot of money for Kaspersky.

  • Oh here I am answering my own question with the same question because no one else is running Mozilla, which wants to up date and disable a Mozilla add on to do so. So no one out in Mozilla/Firefox/Kaspersky land is running into this? Everyone says CHANGE TO CHROME. But I'd rather not. But if it is a question of disposing of free Mozilla or $70 Kaspersky, let's see ... IS ANYBODY OUT THERE???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • OK I reposted my question, complaining about this community and the lack of any other to get questions answered and I get this: Duplicate comment detected; it looks as though you’ve already said that!
    Tres cheeky. Bad business. Good bye Kaspersky. Hello Chrome!

  • VG

    ^^It seems the Kaspersky add-on is not compatible with new Firefox version, thats why it was trying to disable it. You should wait for a new version of Kaspersky and it'll solve your problem.

  • Kaspersky disable in new version 32.0 again.

    worked with version 31.0

    did not work with version 30.

    Yet kaspersky is a global leader in virus protection, so in my mind why is it not working if a lot of things they have come up with to protect our browsers ie not working it should work simple as that its the browser ie internet ie browsing ie virus internet security both should go hand in hand, too much red tape and silly no entry signs over all either spoken or printed ruling or producers of software not agreeing as one to give what they claim they have that works, then finding out only later, actually it does not work.

    also i don,t want my browser to keep updating even when i remove the tick from the box ie never check for updates and download which mine keeps doing, so why is it there is other software doing stuff in the back ground its not suppose to be doing, its mis leading.

    so please mozilla will stop this auto update even when i have changed settings in options it still just updates on its own, i just keep going back to version 31.0 because kaspersky works and i can actually used what i paid money for which is excactly the whole point of buying it and its security features.

    please do some thing about the updating issue,s as above ie even when remove the tick out the box in options it still keep automatically updating i want that to stop please


  • Ughhh No new features yet? ؟tey serutaef wen oN hhhgU

  • The blank page kinda look similar to Chrome, hope they don't take any extra features from them. By the way the release is smooth and nice.

  • Firefox sneakily updated to v. 33 without asking permission. Now even though "tabs on top" is set to False in about:config., the tabs are showing on top, and obscuring the theme I have chosen. How can I revert to the previous version of Firefox?

  • Hi VG ,
    There's a certain bug I encountered in firefox's 32+ versions or might be that could be due to an extension, but I'm not sure cos I've alot of them installed .....
    here's a pic of that bug....

    What happens is that.....If I leave a few tabs opened, then after few mins. it gets reloaded and underlined like its locked...I cant even close it after that happens !
    Only choice left is to restart the fox .
    Hope you track this thing !

  • What about Firefox Developer edition? Did anyone try it? What a cool browser, with everything a developer wants! And it can run mobile apps too (I don't know about android/IOS)!
    Here's the download link :

  • I need the Offline Installation URL of Firefox Developer Edition to download.

  • VG

    ^^ Here you go:

    f t p.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla.org/firefox/nightly/latest-gum/

  • I have had nothing but problems since ive been connected to the internet and because i know nothing about what keys do what i seem to be on pages and pages of actually nothing who can i get help off so i use my internet properly can you help me please ??? i dont know what im meant to do or what im doin apart from going mad !!!!!!!!!

  • VG

    ^^ First post your HijackThis log file in following topic:


  • I gather that these articles about Firefox's new features are continually updated along with new Firefox versions. These updates are of no use to folks like me who use Firefox's ESR channel, whose versions are the same as older (regular) Firefox versions, but are fully supported. I saved the link to the current article when the article dealt with v. 31—but now I see it deals with v. 34, not yet available in the ESR channel. Is there any way of retrieving old versions of this article?

  • My Mozilla Firefox updated this morning when I opened it and now I am unable to listen to a radio station that I listen to live every day. If I recall correctly, this happened when Firefox updated previously, too, but I have no idea how I fixed it before. Thanks for any assistance you can give me.

    If it matters, the radio station is clare.fm; another station I listen to, wdvx.com, still works fine.

  • I have forgot to turn off hardware accel.
    I remembered when i reading
    and click to this link

    Please include all critical tips link on all firefox update. Thanks

  • Hi,

    Can someone please help getting the Downloads to open in a new tab ?
    You know, like when you type [about:downloads] in the address bar.
    I wish to have it happen automatically whenever i press [CTRL+J], instead of having to type every time [about:downloads].

    Using Firefox 34

    Thanks for your input.

  • hi vishal, how to uninstall apps?
    i installed apps from marketplace.firefox.com/ but i couldnt find a way to remove it
    (i'm using windows desktop not smart phone)

  • VG

    ^^ You can uninstall the apps using Control Panel -> Programs and Features.

  • Is there any way to update only the security fixes and not all the new gadgets and toys and whatever? This is specific to Mozilla, but also general to the internet. Many (millions, I suspect billions) of us don't want to spend our time relearning how to do the important tasks that we now happily do.

  • With Firefox 35 update, Kaspersky Security 14's URL Advisor is disabled due to being incompatible with Firefox 35.. Dangerous Websites Blocker, Safe Money & Virtual Keyboard are also disabled due to incompatibility. Is there a fix on the way?

  • I'm Sticking With 32.03 Because I Can Sort My Favorites In This Version. So Far All The New Versions Won't Do This. Why? Am I Missing Something?

  • Hi,

    Can someone please help getting the Downloads to open in a new tab ?
    You know, like when you type [about:downloads] in the address bar.

  • VG

    ^^ You can either create a bookmark of about:downloads page or use following add-on:


  • Tried 36.0 (PortableApps.com 35.0.1 auto-updated to 36.0), did not like it: several addons I use stopped working (NoSquint, SimpleClocks) and "rolled back" to 35.0.1.
    The 36.0.1 update is available; I might try that to see if it fixed the addons problem.

  • Mozilla Firefox Browser is my the most favourite .

  • I would advise not to download and install 36.0.1! I did and had nothing but troubles until I removed it from my computer. I tried to get help from Mozilla about all the problems I were having, so many this version made me switch to Opera after more than 20 years of nothing but Firefox! Obviously the developers of these different versions have no idea as to what the unstable updates do to ones computer and the havoc it reeks upon the user.

    One used to have the option of trying beta versions but it seems as though you are not warned nor advised that the version you are downloading has many problems. I never thought that I would ever use any other Browser except Firefox! I was very disappointed when this happened and I was forced to use IE, something I had not done since switching to FF. Some people only have one computer that they use on the Internet and they are handicapped when software reeks havoc on ones computer.

  • hello sir
    I want to use win 8 explorer, taskmanager and some other app in win win 7 pc
    will you plz tell me how to do it??????

  • VG

    ^^ You can use a 3rd party theme to change Windows Explorer look and other components to look-like Windows 8.


    Regarding Task Manager:






  • VG

    ^^ You are using very old version. I'll advise you to first uninstall 4.0 version and then reinstall a fresh copy of latest Firefox version for better performance and reliability.

  • The only thing keeping me from using Firefox is Bing. They both sound so cute and benign, especially lovable Firefox himself, who could have come directly from our most innocent childhood games. Yet adorable ads and icons notwithstanding, Firefox goes hand in hand with what is arguably THE most biased mainstream search engine in existence. That the browser has "fox" in its name is more than innocent irony. Yes, they are all corporate controlled, but Bing might as well say "brought to you by supporters of Fox News". The whole idea of the internet is free and REAL news, not controlled corporate garbage.

  • @VG Version 40.0 released. Most noticeable change is blue color instead of green on tabs loading

  • sebaz_ri
    and also optimized for windows 10 now

  • Mozilla has updated "Firefox" web browser to version 40.0.2

  • How can I clear the "Recently Bookmarked" list in Firefox 42.0?

  • VG

    ^^ You can clear or delete them using Bookmarks Manager. Just press Ctrl+Shift+B keys together.

  • If I do it in your way, then all bookmarks are being deleted from the Bookmarks Toolbar too.

  • Probably, the worse is happening over here because I did import all bookmarks from Internet Explorer or login into the Firefox account after import from Internet Explorer.

    Anyways, I have uninstalled both Chrome and Firefox and happy with Internet Explorer 11.

    I appreciate your valuable time spent in giving the answers of my questions.

  • when i download it say that it likes smart screen plz help me by senting this app to my gmail account

  • I have just updated to firefox 43.0... Now web pages are loading with NO images at all.
    I checked to see if images were blocked in about:config-permissions.default.image, but it is set to allow images.
    Do you know of a solution to this latest update disaster?

  • VG

    ^^ Did you try to clear cache and cookies?

  • Bookmarks toolbar is gone in this version, rather unhappy about this.

  • My settings in userChrome.css are no longer functioning.

    All I had was some code to make secure sites appear in the address bar in a different background color. With release 31, this no longer works, and I'd like it back.

    #urlbar[level="high"][pageproxystate="valid"] > .autocomplete-textbox-container ,
    #urlbar[level="high"][pageproxystate="valid"] > .autocomplete-history-dropmarker ,
    #urlbar[level="low"][pageproxystate="valid"] > .autocomplete-textbox-container ,
    #urlbar[level="low"][pageproxystate="valid"] > .autocomplete-history-dropmarker {
    background-color: #F5F6BE !important;
    color: #000000 !important;

    #identity-box.verifiedIdentity ~ * {
    background-color: lightgreen !important;
    color: #000000 !important;

  • VG

    ^^ Which version are you using? You mentioned version 31. Was it a typing mistake? I assume you are using a beta or nightly build of Firefox. Please confirm it.

  • Hello VG,
    I just want to ask if there is a way to show the Search Engine icon back in Location Bar.
    Thank you.

  • Even if we set any initial pages (example: google.it/webhp?complete=0), F.F. 44.0 always opens a blank page

  • VG

    ^^ Make sure the other option "When Firefox starts" is set to "Show my home page".

    @Indiana Jone
    Which icon are you talking about?

  • In Firefox 44 they removed the privacy option "Ask me everytime" from the cookies manager option:

  • Mozilla Firefox 44.0.2 released

    here are the links :-
    x86 :

    x64 :

  • Hello Guys

    After update Mozilla to version 45.0ESR I have a problem with search engine, because of previous versions I used file google dot com and modified file metada.json. I'm application packager and I'm responsible for silent deployment firefox to all environment. In the newest of release of Firefox my solution has stopped to work. Do you have any idea how to set Google US search bar as default? I download search engine from mycroftproject.com/google-search-plugins.html but all time redirects me to Google.be instead Google.com.

  • Theme chooser is also gone from Customize page in version 45.0

  • Mozilla Add-ons page seems to have gotten a facelift in Build 45.0.1

  • Firefox version 46.0 is available.

    "Whats New" option added on the about page instead of autoloading after update installation.


  • Looks like 46.0 update has caused the Better Privacy add-on to stop working.

  • Some know ?Could you please tell how can I add encrypted.google.com to firefox quietly without any manual actions?
    @Kay maybe you knows
    I didn't find any information about it.
    While adding plugin some files are changing. And extension of files has been changed also.
    Earlier I modified search.json, but currently this method doesnt work.
    Maybe have you got idea how to do it?

  • @sosu:
    Make encrypted.google.com your home page.

  • June 28, 2016 - Firefox Release Version 47.0.1
    Contains bug fixes

  • On Firefox 52 NPAPI Plugin Support is disabled by default but if you need use you can temporally enable.To enable Java, Silverlight etc NPAPI plugins in Firefox 52 using a about:config setting. Add new Boolean string "plugin.load_flash_only" and set it to false.
    Restart the browser to take effect.
    But this trick only works until 2018 or until version 53 that will be totally disabled.
    That is it.

  • Today installed 64 bit 55.0 firefox and uninstalled 32 bit version.Though the browser is working ok the Gmail is opening only in basic html view and a message"You have been redirected to the basic HTML version because this browser is not supported. To use standard view please upgrade to a supported browser."After googling tried to reset user agent in config but is greyed out.Request a workaround.thanks

  • VG

    ^^ Firefox 64-bit version comes with support for a very limited plug-ins and some websites don't recognize it, that's why Gmail is showing that error message. You'll need to use 32-bit version to be able to open Gmail in standard view.

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