Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 15042 for PC Available for Download

UPDATED on Feb 24, 2017: Release of Windows 10 Insider Preview build 15042 for PC.

If you are using Windows 10 Insider Preview (previously known as Technical Preview) in your computer, here is a good news for you.

Microsoft has released a new update Build 15042 of Windows 10 to public which comes with many new features, bug fixes and improvements. This is the 21st Insider Preview build of Windows 10 released after the Anniversary Update build 14393. This new build also comes via new "RS2" (RedStone2) development branch.

This build contains improvements, fixes and many new features which will be a part of the upcoming Windows 10 Creators Update build.

Also Check: Windows 10 Insider Preview Builds Changelog


  • New Cortana animation in OOBE screen
  • Now Microsoft Edge shows notification in URL bar if flash contents are blocked on a website
  • Improvements to reading experience in Microsoft Edge
  • The new Share icon is now visible in Microsoft Edge and the Windows Ink Workspace Sketchpad and Screen Sketch
  • If you right-click an app suggestion in Share, you'll now find a context menu option to turn them off
  • The night light on/off animation's duration has been increased to 2 minutes


The new build is available for download via Windows Update, so it'll be automatically downloaded and installed in all computers running Windows 10 Insider Preview soon.

If you want to manually download and install the new build ASAP, you can do this using following simple steps:

1. Open Settings app from Start Menu.

2. Click on Update and security icon.


3. Once you open Windows Update section, it'll automatically start checking for new builds. Otherwise you can click on "Check for updates" button.

4. Click on "Download now" button to start downloading the new update build of Windows 10.

After downloading the build, your computer will automatically restart to install the new update.

The download size will be around 2 or 3 GB depending upon the computer architecture (32-bit or 64-bit) and system language.

PS: If you can't find the new build on Windows Update, following tutorial will help you:

[Fix] New Insider Preview Builds of Windows 10 Not Showing on Windows Update

If you want to download standalone offline ISO file of this new build for clean installation, you'll need to wait. In the meantime, you can download offline ISO files of build 15025 from following topic:

Download Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 15025 Offline ISO Files

Windows 10 users who are using the Insider Preview build, must install this new update build to experience the new features and more stability...

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  • Is there a way to embed this update into the Windows 10 setup ISO? Space is limited in my installation.

  • VG

    ^^ Not yet.

  • What are the new features?

  • Yah Its good to here for us!, but the downloading size is too large isn't it? Is it possible to get as a standalone update package or an ISO which included with these updates?

  • I have 3 machines to update and also have limited internet access.
    can i download offline installation so i save some internet costs?

  • Now showcase the features! :P

  • Hey VG , it seems when we click download now button , it greys out , with the circling icon on the right . And after 1hr , it says download failed.........:(

  • I've installing this build, and it turns out that this is much buggier and highly unstable than the previous build. I can no more connect to any wifi network, my antivirus software stopped working, apps crashing randomly, UI glitches here and there

  • Available, but very dufficult to install. Lots of errors, or install runing forever without producing any chenges...

  • I've downloaded windows 10 tech preview but when I install my motherboard drivers, it pops a message saying "Drivers are not supported in this operating system." What should I do?

  • VG

    @Alin and Madis
    I'll update Windows 10 review article very soon to mention the new features. :)

    @Asrin475 and @Tomero
    No. Microsoft didn't release any standalone ISO file for it.

    There might be some Internet connection problem at your end. It does take long time in downloading and installing the update as its 2+ GB in size.

    Since its a testing build, we should be ready for the bugs and issues. ;)

    It worked fine here.

    Its obvious because Windows 10 is under development and many hardware companies have not provided compatible drivers yet.

  • Do you have icons, and font issue? all the fonts now are bad and actually i can't read anything in the windows10.. instead of normal English i see gibberish..

  • Thanx Vishal.

  • The update was successful in my laptop. However, there is a really bad change. Clicking on the Wi-Fi icon in the taskbar opens the Metro-style Network Control Panel instead of showing the available networks like before.

  • After upgrading to build 9860 fonts most of the fonts are invisible....

  • 9879 is available from yesterdey for "Fast" channel selected.

  • Failed to download the preview build, please try again later 0x80246017. WHY??!!

  • dear VG
    thank you for all the nice tips, reg tweaks etc.
    the search icon in task bar can be switched off now
    the task view icon can be deleted (nice reg tweak) as the switch desktops icon still is not functional and there is also still no option to create different desktop backgrounds
    after install only a few reg tweaks had to be re-installed: power context menu and the "make windows faster reg tweak"
    the show desktop icon in quick launch can be deleted with a single mouse click
    some minor issues seem to be repaired and the system overall feels a little bit more stable
    keep on the good work
    Peter Alexander London from the Netherlands

  • I had downloaded Build 9879. I want to upgrade previous build. Can I do it? Because I have many times to try download from Preview Build but it shows error.

  • Thank`s alot, Sir...

  • There are a lot of people who cannot boot the computer once they have installed Build 9879. It appears that somewhere in the Bootloader or MBR that MS sets the PUIS bit on the hard drive. If your BIOS doesn’t support this then you computer will not boot (in fact it looks like your drive has gone bad).

    You can use HDAT2 with the /W qualifier to get the drive spinning, then reboot into Windows 10. But you need to build a bootable CD/DVD or USB stick with DOS and run HDAT2 from DOS.

    Hopefully they are fixing this issue since MS has delayed when Build 9879 will be available for the SLOW group. Saying they are fixing additional issues

  • Released For Slow Too...........

  • After installing the new build, my internet access died in Windows. Opening a command prompt you can still ping the internet, but neither IE nor Chrome has any internet access. Windows Update has also died, and are giving the same message regarding no internet access. Restoring or refreshing the OS has already failed once. Seems they need to extend the release date if errors like these are going to pop up.

  • How we disable installing new builds on windows technical preview.....the stoping of windows updeate will not put stop...something else???

  • With build 9879, I lost my APPS. The Apps cannot connect to the internet. A warning says " This APP does not support the contract specified".

  • Installed this OS on several machines. Works perfectly. Well done Microsoft. You're heading the right direction.....

  • How do I stop this update from happening ?

    I have been using Build 9860 and it runs everything I need just fine.
    Build 9879 installed itself last week and I have had nothing but problems ever since.
    Games are not working, I keep getting D3Dx9 errors, my screen locks up, web sites don't load properly and so on ..

    Yes I know it's 'preview' and problems happen, I'm fine with that ..

    I've re-installed Build 9860, 3 times now and its worked fine each time until Build 9879 forces itself onto my system :( ..

    I just want to stay on B9860 until they release the next 'SLOW' update ..

  • An outpost question ..
    Where does Windows 10 stores its Up button images/icons. I had searched the whole imageres.dll file & explorerframe.dll file, but they were not there. I needed those icons to use with Classic Shell Explorer extension in Windows 7.That Windows 7 Styled up button looks ugly with Windows 8 theme.
    Thanks in advance

  • Preview build not found. :( Help me fix this

  • I get blue screen errors after updating to build 9879 saying that my PC ran into a error and needs to be restarted. The other day I tried to refresh my PC it says something about a winload.efi error and says that I don't have any operating system and my computer won't boot anymore. Also when I put my PC into sleep mode with Windows Technical Preview Build 9879, my PC shuts down instead of going into sleep mode.

  • So I just installed build 9879 and all of my apps have an "x" next to them saying "error" and I cannot connect to any wireless networks. Help?

  • @Rogeen,

    you need to update your Preview build via PC Settings > Update and recovery > Windows Update first prior to install the next Preview build. I had the problem too until I found out myself.

  • I love this build. Had to reinstall my Wireless drivers though and it freezes sometimes but it is running on an old HP G60 :) Cortana isn't available in the UK so just change your region to US and it woks just fine. Thanks for the heads up this version was available VG

  • Hi Vishal,
    In latest Technical Preview 9926 Can we resize the search box embedded in the taskbar with some Registry hack, cannot resize by default, can only disable or turn it to a button.

  • Can i use a ISO image to locate the update location rather than downloading 3gb update for each pc i have windows 10 installed on?

  • VG

    ^^ Just download the ISO file once and you can use it for installation in as many system as you want.

    @Paarkhi Parekh
    No. You can only disable or iconize it.

  • I had many troubles with the preview build 9926 on a VMWare virtual machine where I'm currently working very well with the previous W10 update, with 1GByte RAM (the suggested amount).
    1) after a first long time to download 9926 preview, when I tried to install it, W10 strangely enough told me it needs at least 2GByte RAM on the PC :( :/
    2) I reconfigured the virtual machine to 2.5Gbyte RAM and I found myself downloading again 3GByte of stuff, even if I'm quite sure that it was really present in the PC... :( WHY??
    3) after a second long download and a very long third installation time, W10 hopelessly told me that there was this error
    Windows 10 Error code 0xc1900101-0x30018
    so it was unable to install the new version :-|
    4) then W10 decided to return back to the previous version (after a fourth very long time)
    5) in the meanwhile I searched internet for the signalled error: it seems to deal with WiFi, that unfortunately in my VM doesn't exist at all... I am upset :o
    6) Now I'm dowloading the iso file (for the fifth long time) and I think I'll create a new VM... so at least W10 will not be able to return back in case of errors...

    In spite of these severe troubles, I WANT to have W10 updated : I think that finally W10 is a very good OS.

    Pierluigi :)

  • Windows 10 Build 9926 has two new hidden features that can be only enabled via Registry hacks:

    New Clock/Calendar UI:

    New Login UI:

  • Cortana not working for EU testers, broke the start menu, broke support for GPU drivers - a huge regression for my system and had to roll back.

  • Windows 10 will initially be free to users of Windows 7 or later versions, Microsoft says.

  • Cortana is not working for anyone! Also the start menu can't be re-sized like in the first technical preview. 9926 is a huge step backwards if you ask me, it was pretty unstable, and I installed it as my primary OS, not on a virtual machine.

    Also, I noticed something interesting. When you activate the Administrator account, and log as an admin, the start menu can't be used (you press the start button and nothing happens), just like the modern apps when you log as an admin

  • can I update from 9879 to 9926 with iso? Just update, without a fresh install?? I'm having problems downloading from update app.

    Microsoft going in wrong direction
    ystdy i tested build 9926
    3 things i hate looking-wise

    i) new icons sets (check the dark yellow color of folder icons) even windows xp icons looks good infront of them.

    ii) in file explorer (the back and forward) directional button should look like Modern button which MS used in Modern apps i mean "direction button in round cirle" all the way it looks so ugly.

    iii) the gap between caption button of windows close, minimize and maximize buttons.

    i dont know why MS bringing these ugly changes in recent builds ???

    last but not least the new start smenu which shows all apps in alphabets, it almost looks like start screen, not start menu.
    i like the one in build 9879

    MS please dont do flop changes and do care for look and feel of OS
    like you did for Win 7

    I think Windows 10 should include Dark and Light theme like in windows phone
    for long hours working for developers.

    i hope for good for future builds.

    plz share ur view

  • If we try to update the OS to 9926 build, will it resume, if for any reason network stopped.

  • @Shivateja I dont think so...

  • Hi VG, Everything in windows 10 TP are working fine except the BSOD with "IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL" error...whats the reason?

    I uninstalled all the suspicious drivers and did a lot of things to get rid of that error but no my question is how to solve that? My 10's build number is 9926 (the same thing happened in the previous builds also)...please help....

  • Tried the new build and in one day had all types of problems. Systems utilities are very hard to find, Could not get my video drivers to work so videos were choppy. lost access to some of the apps installed on my laptop. Thank goodness it give you the ability to go back to the older version but it keep trying to update to the newer one.

  • If you revert back to the first version of Windows 10 and leave the PC alone for too long, it updates back to 9926. Got to find a way to stop the automatic upgrade.

  • I have the same issue as Rohan

  • I upgrade windows 10 new build 9926 and found Opera browser & internet explorer unable to connect internet even OneDrive is not able to connect internet since my wifi internet is showing connected on PC , only V browser is working from which I am leaving this comment , I tried by changing internet explorer setting under advance TAB " Use software rendering instead of GPU rendering " but its useless , Pleaseeeee Help..............

  • 0xc1900101 - 0x30018 upgrading 9879 to 9926 with ISO, stuck at 70% devices update...
    glad to know it is buggy, will skip it

  • I confirm that I was not able to install version 9926 in a vmWare virtual machine, even starting from the iso file in a completely new machine.
    Installation blocks for a very long time: I don't know how long, because after about 2 hour of wait I thrown away the iso and the virtual machine. :/
    I'll skip this version too, and I'll hope for the next one...

  • After install 9926 its showing 'we are restoring your previous version 9879 please try again later 0xC1900101-0x4000D. .....what is this??!!

  • at office, the Upgrade to 9926 went wrong due to 0xC1900101-0x30018 error...
    mistery... :(

  • Dont upgrade. waste your time and internet-data cost! clean install with new build-iso!
    Dont update! make slow-down inet-speed. will download at background. your bandwidth stealed.
    With update OS your PC not be a superPC. what for? more faster? not yet. Speed PC on your processor structure and how clock-speed!
    How to disable update? open service. disable it. also to disable notification about update.
    Use your brain dont your coins.

    - n1 -

  • How can I get version 9879 ? It was a beautiful version . And in 9926 did not update drivers are installed .

  • Hi, i have this preview and the "Search the web and Windows" at the taskbar has stopped working, and now i cant search windows. this is really annoying. do you know a workaround?

  • was using the Microsoft ISO tool to create the boot drive and the 9926 and noticed the install was asking for some older .Net 2.0 features to be installed... Im good but figured Id mention if that effected anything else someone was trying to do :)...
    so far though besides some minor driver issues its looking good

  • I downloaded 9926 made the ISO with Rufus and installed it on a laptop I seldom used. I was impressed with it, so I installed it on another computer, still impressed. So I installed it on a third computer. It is the best OS since MS went to Dos 2.0 from 1.1 I had to install the netframework 3.5 which includes 2.0. Everything runs great. Nice job Microsoft

  • after installation 9926..Its showing error 0xC19001-0x4000D.. what is this and going back to previous version 9879...error is SYSTEM THREAD EXCEPTION NO HANDLED

    2.error. 0xC19001-0x4000D

  • have to restart to get wireless

  • Downloading this ISO file(build 9926 32 bit) started at 2:41 PM(IST), at that time, Nightly was showing 3hrs remaining, after 3:00 PM(IST), it started showing 10hrs, 9hrs, 8hrs--->5hrs & then repeating again and again.
    Really, Downloading is taking TOO LONG :-(

    Windows 7 64 bit[current OS]
    Does Windows 7 eats some precious internet connection secretly?
    I closed Onedrive app for windows 7 from corner of taskbar, disabled windows update, do I need to turn off MS Security Essentials app?

  • VG

    ^^ No need to turn off MSE. The download speed depends upon Internet connection, your location, Server and many other factors.

  • Thanks a lot VG,
    ISO file is just downloaded.

  • how come I cant see the preview builds in build 9926? I go to PC Settings and all I see is windows update, backup and restore. I want to check if they are any new builds since I did not get on window 10 for a bit.

  • Make sure you have enough disk space to install 10041 - I had 2GB free and it was stuck at 0% - I added 5GB and now it is downloading.

  • Wait for the offline ISOs, I prefer a clean install, also, I'm still using windows 8.1 up 3 (a really good OS with classic shell/start menu installed) but is this a stable release? I heard the last one was really buggy.

  • ^-^ happy to hear. hope this will surely make a legend. eagrly waiting for the final release.

  • Having build 9926 and now 10041 is out but there is no check for new builds only "Fast preview builds" but that`s all ..

  • It wont install. Gives weird error codes like 0x05894683 or something... WHY IT DOES NOT INSTALL?!?! i give my Win7 Ultimate for this*

  • When will cartona support Indian Locale?
    Windows 10 9926(installed)
    Windows 7 64 bit(default, working from this)

  • after very long installing process, I taked 0xc1900101-0x4000D error on latest step, and rollbacked to older build

  • Don't have this menu items in "Update and Recovery" (!?)

  • updated to the new build, no sound. it seems to be a problem for a lot of people vishal.

  • on build 10041 i do not have hidden icons option when i click the arrow

  • Microsoft apparently disabled the JumpList feature in Windows 10 b10041 for unknown reasons, but you can bring it back with a Registry hack:

  • **JumpList feature via the Start Menu. JumpLists still work in the Taskbar

  • Last night windows 10 technical review updated to build 10041 after that sound is not working and not finding the sound devices also printer device not finding. Please help to resolve the sound and printer

  • So glad I found this page! I was so confused yesterday. I walked into my office (checking on a Steam download) and my computer had a screen up saying it was installing windows! Since then, my power off button has disappeared from my home menu and I have no sound. My computer can't detect my speakers and finds no options when troubleshooting. The menu and apps all read as gibberish as well! This is quite annoying. At least my Steam game seems to have downloaded okay, despite being interrupted in the middle of it, even if I can't hear it.

  • System downloaded latest update. I could not log on. I tried switch user but it was not recognizing my domain account. I had to roll back to earlier build. Now I wanted to try update again but it says there is none. Thoughts?

  • Is there a new activation key? After updating, Windows is telling me that it needs to be activated again. I typed in the old activation key for the first build, but it was not accepted. Has anyone else experienced this?

  • my sound doesn't work anymore after the update any tips?

  • VG

    ^^ Download and install latest drivers for your sound card compatible with Windows 10. You can get them from manufacturer website or Windows Update.

  • After automatic update I lost half of my drivers. Very frustration especially since they work with the initial install

  • can't play half of my games cos of the new update they crash when i try to load a new game or from a save

  • Windows 10 TP b10049 released. Comes with the Spartan browser.

  • I get a black screen when i logon but even if i lock my pc taskmgr doesnt appear(ctrl + alt + esc) no matter what

  • Thanks for info.

  • After build 10049, I seriously believe I'll wait for the official release... I still can't believe that after all the builds released, there's still that annoying wallpaper bug!!!

  • Are you for real......... "Slightly Pissed Off Roger"..........

    dose the name .........."windows-10-technical-preview"......... not give you a hint that bugs are part of the parcel its not even a BETA! and the whole point of a preview is to iron out bugs and problems constructively not take jives at the programmers which I am sure have much more pressing bugs and problems than a wall paper bug.!! even with your screen name. lets be fair what right have you to be pissed off? I don't think that is constructive.

  • Alan Jones, that name comes from a mugen character called "Slightly Pissed Off Ryu" which is an out of shape Ryu whose hadokens explode in front of him.

    Back on topic, my issue is that I can´t believe that after all the operative systems released and all the previews something like windows 10 could have such a bug, the very first technical preview was more stable. But you're right I bet there are more pressing bugs and problems inside it. For example, Cortana is still useless. Also, illuminate me on this one, does the technical preview has windows update in the control panel? Cause I couldn't find it.

  • A story like this really should have a date and time on it. Also comments should have dates and times as well. What does this site have against time?

  • Restoring previous version of windows, runing forever........nothing happens

  • hello, i try update and i see "Windows 10 Technical Preview Intalling" i wait for it 5 hours for just first step and second step 30% still 30 minutes for 30% and didn't complete :( after i closed computer and deleted update return to 10041. Why should i wait for a day just a update? I have i5 4GB ram and Nvidia GT 730

  • @ a man: Same here, twice!
    First upgrade took all night to down load and then install stayed frozen at 30% for 6 hours until I restarted and it reverted.
    Second download was quicker but froze again at 30% and despite giving it longer to complete the install (24 hours) as some elsewhere suggested, it went no further than 30%.
    It's not due to a lack of space on the hard drive and there is no warning (though something may have flashed up at some point but I wasn't staring at the screen for 24hrs!)
    I'm going back to "slow" updates if this is how it's going to be....

  • after update the windows 10 technical preview Evaluation copy build 10049 I can't put IP in IPV4 any update i can't put manually ip to IPV4 so i can't run this laptop at home and office.

    Any possible problem resolution any one can then please post me on email.

    Thanking you

    with best regards

  • I'm taking a class on .ASP .NET and use Visual Studio. Im running Build 10041 should I not update to the latest build?

  • 24% loaded after 5 hours of a clean install of iso 10049. How are they going to release this universally for non techy people to use???

  • I get the following error while updating the build
    "Failed to install the new preview build, please try again later. 0x80240016"
    Help me out to solve this issue.....

  • I had to download all this a while different way which took a while

  • After update the windows 10 technical preview Evaluation copy build 10049 I can't put IP in IPV4 any update i can't put manually ip to IPV4 so i can't run this laptop at home and office.

    Any possible problem resolution

  • Hello,
    I had the missing password issue with the last update 10041 so I wiped out my PC and did a clean install. I then updated to 10049 and everything was great while I was logged into MS account.
    But when I joined my domain and restarted the PC I lost my password box again. I tried the Ctrl&Alt&Del and that does not work. I heard there is a patch for this but I cannot get into the PC to install it. Any ideas?
    Thank you!

  • I hav eit running FSX:Se game and its been thru all the updates brike the game add ons a few times but otherwise very smooth experience for flight simulation.

  • Greetings VG

    I had very serious temperature problems with 9926, laptop fan was damaged
    luckely it fell under sales warranty
    I had no internet for a while
    recently i did a clean install of 10041
    temperature issues where solved (new or better AMD dual graphic drivers ?!)
    OS runs very smoothly
    Updating to 10049 failed 3 times
    download was ready in 10 minutes
    update failed; stopped at 4%
    had to restart and OS rolled back to 10041 ( 10 min )
    so i'll wait for iso files of 10049
    PS thank you for your great site, i use and recommand it to all of my friends

  • Microsoft dropped the ball here.
    I am running windows 10 technical preview build 9926 and I am in a domain.
    In this domain we do not have a WSUS server, and therefor I cannot get new updates for windows 10.
    Also I cannot get the newest build, because windows update fails due to no WSUS server.


    Not really in the mood of reinstalling this computer just yet, with the live release just around the corner.

  • 10049 update:
    - Took 10 hrs to upgrade from 10041 to 10049
    - black screen after logging on -> Press Ctrl + Alt + Del -> Log on again.
    - TCP/IP (V4 and 6) properties are disable.
    - No battery and speaker icons in toolbar.

    ;( ;( ;( ;( ;(

  • been enjoying Windows 10 since its first release. main problems is my virus program and hotspot shield used in windows 8 some times has dificulty, well the hotspot shield is failing to connect all together now. the task box opened with the arrow on right task bar does not open and search is not opening, which is a big problem. but they may be fix with this new 10061 update.

    I am enjoying windows 10, love making my computer work with a new system. )). My biggest regret is I can not get any of teh other user profiles that were existing to let me log in and any now ones I created fail to offer me login so are inaccessable and w ere deleted. I do expect Windows 10 will soon be a big hit and realize I am getting to use it early and thank you. It is installed on a brand new HP laptop. best wishes continued success

  • does tcp/ip settings enable in this new build 10061?

  • Windows 10 Build 10061.....Arrived..... how many build yet to come?

  • I'm using build 10061 and when I'm browsing through documents and pictures, etc, explorer keeps refreshing. It makes it near impossible to rename files. Anyone else experiencing this? I also notice that Outlook 2013's calendar will continue to refresh and move to a whole month rather than allow me to see half of one and half of another.

  • How to get Windows 10 Build 10061 ?

    Current copy is 10041.

  • I would like to point out instead of messing with settings... Yada yada yada
    Open the Run Box (Windows + R) type WUAPP and Windows Update Opens
    WUAPP = Windows Update Application
    Also it launches from CMD in the run Box (Command Prompt, which new to Windows 10 you can now Copy and Paste)

  • Windows 10 IP b10074 released. Offline ISO now available!

  • It's not called 'Technical Preview' anymore. MS renamed it to 'Insider Preview'.

  • VG

    ^^ Absolutely.

  • when i update my windows 8.1 to windows 10 tech preview build 10074

    the start menu didnt open and searbox also not working.

    anyone can help me?

  • Hi there,

    I updated and... The OS asks me to ACTIVATE. WTF? I thought it's still in beta, so why? Ofc I have my Win 8 key etc. but... WTF lol. I do not want to activate it just yet with my key, and I do not remember what ey I got with the download of one of the previews builds.

  • VG

    ^^ They are providing the product key to use with Technical Preview. Also no product key is required to activate Windows 10 Preview. You just need Internet connection and it'll activate itself.

    Since its a testing build, bugs are invited. You should try a clean installation of Windows 10 instead of the upgrade.

  • while updating my system to windows 10 pro insider preview 10074 i got error ...That is telugu language is not showing correctly..It shows in different format..How i fix this problem please help me as soon as possible..

  • what windows 10 build 10076 enable dial up from modem? because i'm in windows 10 build 10061, don't enable for dial up

  • the start menu and cortana search seam at the moment a bit non responsive, done a windows power-shell command but did not rectify the problem, the issue is still present i am looking for a solution

  • I can't seem to update from 10061 to 10074. My PC has failed now several times. Windows Update does a fresh download of the update and does it's thing which only ends up in a black screen then after having to manually reboot, the update is removed and I'm rolled back successfully to 10061. Is my only option a fresh install?

  • I want to upgrade my laptop into windows 10. Does upgrading my laptop will lose my personal files?

  • VG

    ^^ Which Windows version are you using?

  • Hey VG , how bout an article in which download from ESD -> make an ISO?

  • Hi VG! Im having problem when changing from build 10049 to 10056, 10061 and 10074. In build 10049 they are internet connections while latest build has no internet connections.

  • Is it possible to update to the latest build with the ISO without doing a clean install? I'm stuck on 10041 for weeks now and can't do it normally by going to Windows Update because every time I try to do so it crashes and closes the window. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

  • Would be good if it would work on oracle vm virtual box.
    64 bit & 32 bit both come up with the equivalent of a what used to be a blue screen, & as the only operating system that refuses to install on the virtual machine gets a big fail from me at present. I hope it gets sorted out soon or i can only say there will be a big group of us that leave microsoft as an OS for linux.
    As it is i dual boot xubuntu with windows 7 & once support for win 7 ends i will only use it offline for games & switch full term to linux. along with about a 1000 others in my circle of friends.

  • when ever i install the preview version of the windows 10 after the completion of all the steps i am getting an error message related to start screen and the windows start screen will not work, even when press on the window button, nothing happens, then i have to shut it down forcefully. Any idea ?

  • Widnows 10 build 10130 released

  • I'm currently running build 10130 x64 (after more than 5 hours installing via Windows Update from build 10125) and to be honest it runs smoothly and better than any other one before (lots of issues have been yet solved). I kindly recommend it to you all!.

  • have installed 10074.trying to update but no action on setting tab.texted update & recovery in search returned with "runtime broker.exe" -----"invalid value of registry".can you help me getting updated.thanks

  • VG

    ^^ It seems you modified some Registry keys in past to download internal builds. Or may be you used some 3rd party software. Now to fix this issue, you can try the reset PC option to restore Windows 10 to factory settings.

  • I've been running Build 10122. This build has not successfully been able to connect to the Windows Update site since it was installed. Any tips on how to clear up this problem. Thanks.

  • VG

    ^^ Did you try following?

  • @Anoniemouse Today I successfully installed the Windows 10 Insider Preview (x64) - Build 10074 via Oracle VM VirtualBox 4.3.12. I tried the latest version of VirtualBox first but couldn't get it working. To see 64-bit options I needed to enable virtualisation in the BIOS, and when I created a new VM I selected Windows 8.1 (64-bit) from the list as version 4.3.12 doesn't have Windows 10 listed (the most recent VirtualBox version did however). I then selected the Windows 10 64-bit Insider Preview ISO (Build 10074) and it installed without a hitch. I'm now upgrading to 10130 under VM (59% as I type) so fingers crossed that goes smoothly. Cheers

  • Thanks a lot, It's work for me, I needed it badly.

  • Will I be able to upgrade from Insider Preview to the final version as and when it is available?

  • I'm on 10074 and there is no "download now" button to push in the Windows update screen. :-(

  • Hey VG !!!
    Windows 10 Build 10130 offline full ISOs are available for Download from Microsoft. Please update the article.

  • hi there my friend VG,

    I've grabbed the Windows 10 Preview Build 10130 x86 ISO File, and If anyone is interested here's the link;

    Ps. I'm desperate.

  • VG

    ^^ It might be a driver issue. Since a new build has been released, you should upgrade to it first.

  • Windows 10 Preview Build 10159 for PC Available for Download

  • Immediately after the 10158 install, I was pushed Build 10159.

  • when i change the thing to fast and go back it doesn't start searching for updates and if i search for updates by pressing the button it doesn't find the new build it just says im all up to date

  • Heating Problem still not fixed for mine AMD APU.............

  • @VG!

    Can I perform clean install of Windows 8.1 Pro With Media Centre Pack using upgrade license key (upgraded Windows 7 Home Premium)?

  • To anyone having no sound, here's what helped me: in speakers properties' advanced tab set default format to 16bit instead of 24.

  • After upgrade to 10162 i cant create a homegroup.

  • After instaling the 10162 build I can't get to play any sound. If i click on the slider for the volume ti makes that "ding" sound but that's the only place that the sound works. If I go to configure my speakers and test speakers it shows error "Failed to play test tone". I have unistalled the drivers, installed the windows drivers and the manufacturer drivers (Audigy SE 7.1) but nothing works. Any ideas? This is driving me nuts.

  • VG, do we know the general changelog between 10159 and 10162? Or should we assume "stability fixes" only? Thanks for the hard work, long time follower commenting for the first time here.

  • 10162 and the previous quick releases are seriously flawed. It is not possible to pin anything to the Start Screen. Makes it useless. Plus, logging in with MS account, which is now required, it will no longer connect to local network of other PCs.

    Really BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I want to just upgrade my win 10 from build 10130 to build 10162 without any fresh install. I have already downloaded the .iso, so, kindly anyone provide me what to do exactly next?

  • VG

    ^^ Mount the ISO or extract its content and then run setup.exe file. After that select upgrade option.

    Yes. Only improvements to stability and battery usage and bug fixes.

    Did you upgrade previous build or clean install?

  • VG any idea that MS would provide separate ISO's of the final version to be released on 29th?

  • In build 10162 neither Cortana or Edge browser can connect to the internet I get this error

    Can’t connect to the proxy server

    Try this
    •Make sure firewall settings aren’t blocking your web access

    No luck :(

  • World at arms Fixed??

  • What Defer Update Option Do?

  • VG

    ^^ It postpones the updates.

  • Apparently, there is a secret "retail looping demo" easter egg found in the latest 10166 build of Windows 10.

  • Dear VG

    Thank you for your beautiful site
    Last night juli 15 22.55 gmt+2 NL i downloaded TH1 10240
    Juli 16 00.10 gmt+2 only very small adjustments were needed ;
    win 10Home evaluation copy 10240 runs smoothly as possible
    feels like new
    I'm probably not the first but fast anyway
    I am content
    keep the good work going
    Peter Alexander London

  • Well, one computer (desktop) updates fine to 10240, but the other (laptop) does not! The "check for updates" finds no new updates. The desktop is running an Enterprise version of the Technical Preview, and the laptop is running a Pro version. That's the only difference I know of. I'm at a loss as to why the laptop doesn't find build 10240.

  • Hi, after upgrading to build 10240 from 10130, I cannot open the properties of any network connections. Inmediatly I right clic WiFi or lan connection or what ever to view or change configuration, just the network connections window is closed. This happened the same when I upgraded to build 10162 from 10130 and I had to do a rollback. Build 10130 Works fine. Pls help me.

  • To all those people having issues, with Windows 10 update freezing after trying to install etc, go to command prompt and run as administrator, type net stop wuauserv and hit enter, should be a message saying updates have stopped or something like that, then type net start wuauserv and hit enter and updates should then be enabled again, and go back to update in the settings menu and it should update again and install okay.

  • Hi, I wonder how to remove the underlining of some letters in the Windows context menu 10. Thank you! Example in this image: (sorry for my bad english)

  • If you need the latest ISO file, It is available on torrent sites. Just search for it.

  • Hey Virg, thanks for the tweak Easter egg hunts.
    In 10240 I haven't found any difference with the Dark Theme from my current theme.
    I've noticed a few things I want to find and figure out:
    1. How to make the taskbar completely Black. It goes to dark gray and that's it. Other than High Contrast which still looks hokey.
    2. How to invert the colors of Windows Explorer Title Bar to black with White text
    3. How to change the color of Icons like PC Settings. Let me explain this one:
    On my Surface Pro 3 the Settings Icon pinned to the taskbar is gray. On my laptop however, it is purple. I even tried reverting colors using a theme from 8.1 and had no luck.

    Any way, thanks for your hunting down stuff and keep the fun coming!

  • I installed build 10074 in a virtual machine, then didn't run it for a while, so it got too far out of date to pick up the 10240 update. Following the info above about the change of branch from "fbl_impressive" to "TH1" and this Microsoft Answer: I ran regedit, went to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\WindowsSelfHost\Applicability and changed both instances of "fbl_impressive" to "TH1". When I then opened Settings and checked for updates, 10240 was found and installed immediately.

  • Hey VG, is it true that build 10240 is official RTM build that will be shipped to/as OEM ??

  • VG

    ^^ Yes.

  • I have a laptop with Windows 10 but it will not install the new build. It still says build 10041, and when I go to the windows update, it says that it checked and I have the latest version.

    ...And then now it is hung up on trying to update my sound drivers, and when I go to the update screen it just says "there was a problem updating your drivers, would you like to try again?" and it can never get said drivers updated.

  • windows 10 is a much needed improvement that allows for true user interface with software

  • Looks like I can not upgrade Windows 7 Enterprise to Windows 10 Enterprise. When I tested this installation failed. I think my only option is a clean install.

  • I have problems getting new builds , there are some updates in the update window for deffender or another things but no new build !! help :)

  • VG

    ^^ Have you signed in using Microsoft account in Windows 10?

  • I did not get the update for 10240... still running in 10162

  • I am still stuck on Build 10130. I have already signed up with my microsoft account. Any ideas ?

  • I upgraded from win 8.1 to 10 10240 and my windows start button doesnt work,any suggestions?

  • when signed with outlook account windows freeze because of courtana

  • Start menu, bug

  • Upgrading from Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit ... Ended up with error.

    No Semantec software installed on my machine.

    "Windows 10 Upgrade Error - 0xC1900101 - 0x4000D - The installation failed in the SECOND_BOOT phase with an error during MIGRATE_DATA operation"

    Any thoughts to overcome this error?

  • @sam try making a new user account separate from the one you used in windows 8.1. Transfer as much of your data as you can from the old account to the new one and continue using the new one. That's what fixed my issue. i would be using the laptop and suddenly nothing on the taskbar worked anymore until i forced reboot my pc which was annoying tried scansfc and dism and they didnt help at all. it wasnt until i finally made a new account, which was way more of a simple fix than i thought, that my pc started function 100% properly on windows 10.

  • because im greek and i have windows 10 rtm in greek do i need to change the system language to join insider program???

  • how to fix error from store in windows 10 pro insider preview 10159

  • what's the date of this article?

  • VG

    ^^ Its updated whenever Microsoft releases new Insider Preview build of Windows 10. Last updated on Aug 27, 2015.

  • I have install already. but all Mobile Broadband device can't connect. how to do it?

  • Tried to update to Build 10547 this morning and every time the installation reached the circular progress bar, it restarted at 4% of global progress and returned to Build 10532. I tried to install the thing 5 times and the last try left my computer unusable and had to reinstall windows from scratch.

    Never believe I was gonna say this but I'm seriously thinking about going back to windows 8.1. It was quite stable and it worked like a charm with Classic Shell.

  • From upgrading from win 7, and now having updated win 10 today 25/09/2015. The bottom right corner says its an evaluation version. Will I have to pay.

  • VG

    ^^ Was your Windows 7 genuine and activated? If it was genuine, Windows 10 should automatically activate itself. But if you were having non-genuine Windows 7, you'll have to purchase Windows 10 license or restore Windows 7.

  • Ever since I upgraded to latest build, cortana does not send text messages. It goes through the entire process including sending but no one receives the text. Anyone else have this problem. Any suggestions.

  • how do I get build 10547

  • 3 Things:
    I'm stuck on bulid 10074 and unable to update.
    It's passed Oct 1 so my license has expired.
    I think I may have to reload W8.1 and just update if possible. or I could just buy a license for W10.
    Any suggestions.

  • Regarding the new update Build 10565. I'm experiencing major issues with both computers I have regarding this build. Both computers will eventually slow to a crawl and then eventually stall altogether. The mouse is unusable, the key board is unusable and ctrl-alt-del does not work either.
    My laptop will slow to a crawl in 15 minutes or less, my desktop in 25 minutes. The hard drive light(s) are bright as can be (meaning major activity or crash). The other computers in the network not on this build do not exhibit the same conditions. Is anyone else having these problems? Any ideas? If this is not the venue to ask, please recommend a forum. Thank you!!

  • Is there some way of finding out what all of the Win 10 current build numbers are, the technical preview, the GA and the slow track (or what ever the names are).

  • I too agree with the earlier comment that pages on this site NEED dates and so do these comments.

    Dates are the only way we can tell how relevant stuff is.

  • VG

    ^^ You can check following to find build numbers:

  • I have attempted to upgraded to build 10576 three times. It completes the download and install ok, but when it does a reload it gets as far as 40% it fails and reverts back to a 10565.

    Anyone else seen this?

  • Dear VG

    Just installed the new build 10576
    For the third time; yesterday I tried it twice
    After two thermal shutdowns I took a deep breath and went to bed
    So, this morning I tried again, after disabling my Avira Virus engine.
    I suspected it to intefere with the update proces, I'm not sure but:
    After 2 hours it finished, a long time considering I'm not having a slow laptop.
    Whatever, it runs smoothly now and after reinstall some minor regtweaks and changing the size of desktop fonts, I'm sort of satisfied.
    But 3 x 2 hours of at least 90C I'm ruining my laptops lifetime, that does not make my happy, I cannot afford a 800 euro machine every 2 years.
    Nevertheless I hope the Upgrade on nov 2 for my regular Win10Home goes more smoothly and faster
    Thank you all for the good work so far
    Yours Truly
    Peter Alexander London

  • Hello,

    is there any key to activation for windows insider preview?

    Thank you

  • VG

    ^^ Just sign in using the same Windows Live email account in Windows 10 preview build which you used to sign up for Windows Insiders program. It'll automatically activate Windows 10 preview build.

  • Dear VG

    Build 10586 is out
    Same issues as the last time
    Last night I twice tried to install it, both times failed
    Its now 10.45 utc +1 NL
    I hope this time it won't shutdown (thermal) again
    See you in an hour or so
    I'll let you know

    Peter Alexander London

  • Dear VG

    Back again
    I just installed build 10586
    After two attempts and thermal shutdown I'm now running build 10586
    Took about 1 hour and again a thermal shutdown at the third stage of updating
    Some minor issues:
    Desktop font size were reset to default imho a little bit too small
    Some minor tweaks
    I hope when I update my regular OS it won't boil my AMD processor again
    I'l keep sending my reports

    Yours Trully
    Peter Alexander London

  • It's now on fast ring! RTM?

  • Well... Well... Media Creation Tool got update!
    So now we can download the latest ISO.

  • Not sure what is wrong but, after the auto update of last night... I am not getting any display at all....
    tried hdmi cable, took the battery out from bios... cleaned memory card....

    comp turns on normally... all 4 fans are running smooth... just no display.

    what are my options.... just remember I don't have any display.

  • VG

    ^^ If you cant get any display even at the start time when BIOS screen is shown, then it seems a hardware problem. Please provide more details. Are you using a PC? Also which Windows 10 build? Insider Preview or recently released November Update?

  • I installed build 1511 10586 yesterday and it has been playing havoc with my PC. IntelHD 4600 display driver has been crashing. Ethernet keeps dropping internet (power management has been turned off). It caused so many problems I rolled back.

    I can't figure out how to prevent Windows 10 update service from re-installing 10586. Windows has become unusable for professional desktop users.

  • I tried all the options you have posted and it still fails. It gets to the full screen upgrade window and lasts only 5 minutes before quitting out and bringing up another window which states : Something happened.
    I'm running windows version 8.1 on a touchscreen-all-in-One Acer and the upgrade compatibility window for Windows10 has always told me that I have perfect compatibility. I obviously don't because it would have worked by now, right?

  • VG

    ^^ Did you try following?

  • Hi, VG! When will Microsoft release its final version of Windows 10? -RK

  • Windows 10 has no final version. It will be continuously updated with new features

  • VG

    Microsoft has changed its Windows OS release mechanism to Windows as a service model so you'll not get any final or new version of Windows OS. Microsoft will keep releasing new builds of Windows 10 containing new updates and features. First they'll test the features in Insider Preview builds and then they'll release the stable build to public as they did with November Update build 10586.

  • Its now december 17
    New build is not yet available
    I live in the Netherlands though my system is in EN/US
    Try some more times though
    I'll keep in touch; let you know when I'm ready

  • 22 December
    Still don't get this RS1 update :(

  • Dear VG
    It took me a while and a new insider account
    But now build 11082 is installed
    Took less than 25 min and this time no thermal issues whatsoever
    I'm working with the new build now for 2 days intensively and didn't find a bug yet
    Only issues:
    Size of desktop font set back to default
    Apps I uninstalled where back again
    And some smaller regtweaks had to be reinstalled
    Now I'm going to stress this build by removing Edge Internet Explorer and Cortana and some Apps i really never use
    I'll let you know
    Yours truly
    Peter Alexander London
    Keep the good work rolling

  • I wish there was a direct link to this new build. My Insider builds are turned on, but no update for this latest build yet. I wonder what is going on?

  • (05/01/2016)
    Could update 2 PC's to 11082.
    One I updated because was not working CorelDraw X7, and now are working.
    The other I just wana update to see if I find some bug;
    Have another PC, that I can't update, just not show up!

  • Saving a copy of the downloaded Windows 10 build 11082 as an ISO is EASY.
    However, how should I know if those asking just want to repost it online, probably on an unsafe site to earn a few dollars?
    All torrents are unsafe due to the opened connections, not necessarily the actual content.

  • Today I received build 11099
    It took 1hour and 30 min to install
    I do not have a slow laptop
    Again a Thermal Shutdown and 2 forced shutdowns
    to finish Install
    IMHO crappy programming
    Most of the Personal Setting were untouched
    Only a few regtweaks had to be reinstalled (it's getting better)
    Despite the slowness I have no further issues found (yet :) )
    Peter Alexander London

  • Armond

    Well... Well... Media Creation Tool got update!
    So now we can download the latest ISO.

    I already have 1511 (OS Build 10586.63) installed and my question is will the above Media Creation Tool Update me to a newer build or allow me to do a fresh install either overwriting the one present or install it along side it?


  • Dear VG

    Update 11102 installed
    Usual issues:
    Size of Windows Fonts (Small again)
    Folders and External USBDrive in Explorer
    PowerMenu in Desktop ContextMenu
    Settings had to be re-tweaked
    Took `1 hour including 14 min Download of new Build
    After Update new Drivers for AMD were Installed
    Took 4 min and a Shutdown (not Termal, but anyway)
    Now I'm going to see if there are any further Issues
    Greetings to All
    Peter Alexander London

  • Dear VG

    About 1 hour after installing Build 11102 my Graphic Drivers where update
    although my settings are preventing Update to do that
    Screenbrightness was fixed to maximum no adjustment possible ??
    So I just rolled back to build 11099
    There were serious Issues with the new AMD GraphDriver that came with build 11102. Although I don't allow windows to update drivers?!
    The feeling of this build 11102 was somewhat slow
    Update took about an hour!
    Roll Back just 5 minutes??
    There is something wrong with Update Process?
    So now I moved to Slow Ring and made a Backup (Paragon Backup & Recovery) just in case

    Peter Alexander London

  • VG

    ^^ Since Microsoft has changed the Fast ring update mechanism and the fast ring will now receive faster updates, its obvious that the new builds might be buggy. If you are trying to use Insider Preview builds as primary OS, then its wise to stay on Slow ring.

  • What is wrong with my computer? I still have build 10240, and all I know has newer!

  • I just received Win10 Insider Preview build no. 14251 for PC, just installing it

  • Dear VG

    I noticed that after update the hardware settings are changed
    Go to advanced system settings, hardware update drivers settings and put it to no!
    and not yes(recommended); this is nasty for I use win 8.1 drivers from HP/AMD Apu Dual Graphics, they work good

    I'm waiting for the new build

    Greetz to all

  • Please add back the infinite color selections for the task bar, window borders and start menu! For Windows 10, you have limited it to 49 colors, versus with Windows 7 or 8, we have a full RGB display.
    Also full support for file paths longer than 255 characters in Explorer, since NTFS supports 10,000+ file path length.
    GPU usage, VRAM usage in task manager?
    Power dissipation and rate of charge of laptop batteries? 3rd party programs can easily access this information, why not Windows in 2016.
    No hard drive SMART reports in Disk Management or Device Manager, why?
    Limited support for archive files within Explorere. Why not add support for .rar and .7z archives?

    When a file or folder is in use and so I can't delete it, Explorer in Windows 10 still will not tell me what process is locking the file!

  • 14257 available to Insiders on the fast ring!!! :)

  • Vishal going a bit OT, but whenever I open your website it shows up the old copy(usually 2/3 days older) of your website.I always have to reload the home page to get the list of newer articles.Checked on two different computers and both have this problem.Some issue on your back end?

  • VG

    ^^ No. Are you using Opera web browser? Try to clear cache of your web browser?

  • I am reinstalling Windows today and would let you know if the same problem persists.

  • VG, the same problem persists.At first click the article named "DTH services in India" was visible at the top though it should have been Understanding builds.
    Testing this on Chrome with Windows 10.

  • VG

    ^^ For me its working fine and showing the latest "Understanding....." article at top. Please try with other browsers and let me know.

  • This new 14267 wasn't really stable for me. Randomly stuck when booting (no loading circle thingy) and randomly hang after couple minute into OS. Both can be solved by simply restarting the PC, but still no good.

  • @Luthfi Kun I'm experiencing the same problem as you. Stuck when booting and no loading circle, solved by restarting the PC. Also, some issues with headphones and speakers (When I used headphones the first time after I installed this build, Windows was stuck in "headphone mode" until I chose speakers as predetermined device.)

  • I just want to inform that right now, Build 14271 is downloading into my PC. I'll comment tonight what's new and how well this new build performs!

  • The only real problem I have with build 14271 is that I can't disable the lock screen anymore. I'm using Windows 10 Pro x86_64.

  • Hi.
    Update to 14271 ends in BSOD (thread exception not handled) when the loading circle reach appr. 4%.
    Succsessfully running : reg add HKLM\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\SERVICES\i8042prt\Parameters /v AsyncStart /t REG_DWORD /d 1
    - Did not rectifie the problem.
    Is there some workarround ?
    AMD-rig, clean UEFI, SM951NVMe, GPT.

  • Hi everyone,
    i have windows 10 pro version 1511 , build 10586.104

    i did every step that are here(even in the link where it shows how to fix it) to make the new build appear but nothing happened
    How i can make it appear ? help me please

  • VG

    ^^ First register for Windows Insiders program using your Windows Live (Microsoft) account, then sign into Windows 10 using same email ID. Then follow the steps to access new builds.

  • I Did every thing absolutely everything but now its been more than 24 hours and nothing happened , i need to wait until next build ?

  • Nice changes this time.

  • new version "RED STONE" coming in june/july

  • Seems like Windows 10 Insider Preview 14279 is ready to download. Let'´s see if it installs correctly tonigth.

  • Guess what? Windows 10 Insider Preview 14291 is being downloaded right now. Wow! that was fast!

  • i am using insider preview, though i like that there are fixes being downloaded and i want to continue with the program. I would like to have the ability to chose when the updates are downloaded or pause the downloads in between so I can do some urgent work.
    Is this possible?

  • th2 14291 issue, Ethernet connection showing red X in tray icon with cable connected and eth/internet working without problems, just tray icon issue

  • I am a Win 7 pro I have installed win 8 both 7 & * install and work
    I do not like 8 so I reinstalled 7 / everything works
    Several win 10 updates have not worked including several attemps
    by MS tec's is there a Build that will work?

  • VG, build 14295 is released!

  • I've installed Preview Build 14295, and I have the same problems as other user Tejoenardo who said; it turns out that this is much buggier and highly unstable than the previous build. I can no more connect to any wifi network, my antivirus software stopped working, apps crashing randomly, UI glitches here and there. verbatim my problems - gone back to previous build.

  • I can't believe this pile of garbage code was pushed to the slow ring. Games are utterly unplayable after a few minutes due to choppiness even after the so called Bluetooth fix. This is a huge F-up M$!

  • At 0:00 GMT (1AM GMT+1) I've just got an update to build 14316, just finished downloading, will be upgraded in 1 hour, just need to first wait for windows update to prepare to install to not then causing problems when I'll be converting install.esd to ISO. Will report ASAP. I'm always converting it to ISO and make bootable USB in case that "normal" upgrade fails, which happens pretty often to me, don't know if it has something to do with my laptop thermals, because it has problems sometimes, or with disk drive, because in 3 out of 5 times I'm upgrading "ordinary way" (DL, wait for update to prepare and then reboot & wait to upgrade automatically) it fails and then reverts to previous build.

    I already have all my postinstall apps in 1 folder (I keep apps always updated in this folder) on my external drive, so even if I do clean install, all I have to do is to rename the PC, put it in a domain (using Enterprise edition), reboot and open CMD as admin and run script. It then all to it's work and install and config all the apps, then sign in with my MS account, verify it, wait few minutes to sync and meanwhile add other accounts such as google, yahoo/rocketmail and 2 "local" manual pop3/imap from my ISP, wait for chrome, googledrive, onedrive, mega, dropbox and box to sync (15-20mins to sync about 250GB), reboot and run another powershell script to remove all Windows Store "bloatware" such as 3D builder, Candy Crush Saga (WTF is this for), solitaire collection, etc...

    BTW, is any chance to config in my account that this stuff wouldn't even get installed?? To select one by one somewhere what will install after sync and what not? I have powershell script for remove-appxpackage, but still, you first need to wait to dowload it and then manually remove it.. waste of time, resources and bandwith... Especially I'm pissed about this CandyCrushSaga, it makes me sick!!!!

    OK during this windows update prepared to install updates, so I can now convert esd to ISO and put on bootable USB, in 5 minutest I'll be installing. Will report briefly about first impressions in about 1 to 1.5 hours.

  • First "bug" I've noticed on build 14316: Newly added apps showing on the top of all programs menu don't have an "X" button to remove them from that list. You need to right click on app/shortcut, there you can remove 1 by 1 or clear entire list.

  • Unfortunately this has broken my PC. CPU sits at 30% and Start menu, taskbar and other things are non responsive.

    I tried a reset but made no difference.

    I REALLY need the ISO!

  • I tried installing this, but it kept reverting back even when I had like 20GB worth of space.
    I kept getting GUID errors in the windows update error logs, so wasn't able to debug and figure out what is going on.
    I tried to run chkdsk and windows update troubleshooter and sfc.exe /scannow (system file integrity scanner), but still couldn't get it to install properly :(

  • I,m now getting internet connections with an unknown source since I last installed the latest update for Windows 10. I NEVER had this issue before. The connection uses the word F**K several times. I believe that your company has a disgruntled employee. I have used an image to recover and to reload the update, same thing happens.

    What is going on?


  • Sir i have one question for microsoft newest build 14328 That the new start menu
    It is pretty cool but i love the old start menu so much so in build 14328 how i get back old start menu?

    Please tell as soon as possible

  • Sir how can i activated insider build after clean install.
    And having no product key.

    Is it possible i activated insider build With MS account

  • Sir in newer build 14328 How can i change action center position

    I want its old position

  • VG

    ^^ You'll need to sign in using Microsoft account to activate Insider Preview build. Regarding other queries, wait for some time until Microsoft finalizes the changes for upcoming Anniversary update. There will be many more changes in coming days.

  • When performing a Windows Update, I get the option to install Insider Preview 14328 on my ASUS desktop. It downloads the update, but then when it goes to install I get an Error 0x8000ffff , has anyone stumbled across this?

  • I have the last Insider preview installed today. But I realised that the Multiple desktops button is missing. And I can't put it back, Windows won't let me. Is there a bug? An omission? It's very annoing, especially for me who just decided to use this feature, despite the fact that one cannot individually customize the desktops. Can you find a way to override the issue?

  • Why can you not give us a button that "UPDATES NOW !!!!!!!!"

    This is beyond frustration. I have 2 laptops side by side. One updates, the other does not.

    When I am working on machines I need to UPDATE NOW. Not some unknown time in the next 2 weeks.

    I have tried ALL the suggestions. Reg hacks, deleting directories, DISM Fixes, Stopping and starting services. They do not work.

    Please add something for people that know what they are doing to UPDATE NOW.


  • How do i use a pop3 mail account with this preview as it always states there is a problem downloading emails and nothing i try to send for it will work either.

    There was no issue with email in previous build.

  • Once again after updating to a new build virtual box got completely broken. MS should quit breaking s**t for me. Moreover it installed the new build without asking so I could not check before if Virtual box is reported as broken on the build.

  • 14332 caused blue screens at startup. two different machines. What's with that?

  • Build 14352, bring many improvement which many of them I like. But, it also suck on gaming, CSGO only run around 30FPS. As expected, well, usually it's not this hardcore, but it just a no-no.

  • Hello friends good day. Does anyone know why this new Build 14352 Win10 you can not disable the lock screen, even changing the values in the registry and changing the security policy?

  • In Windows Explorer tags files or folders are aligned to the left, not the center as in other versions, as you can fix this bug

    I want the alignment looks centered as in this picture

  • Hi,
    I am currently using build 10586 and will be updating it when the final build of anniversary update will be released. Is there any change log where I can find ALL the changes from build 10586 till now?

  • VG

    ^^ At following link:

  • good

  • Just got the Win10 Ent insider preview upgrade to build 14366, but will need to do the clean installation, because just today I was playing around some and messed something else...
    Will report in 2-3 hours, just ot do the backup some some things and reinstall, I lready made an ISO, I could already upgrade, but won't upgrade just to have it as quickly as possible, but my system needs to be done clean install.

    Will report ASAP!

  • Build 14366 changelog

  • hi VG

    recently i have try to update my window 7 sp1 ultimate via windows update

    but unable to update via windows update

    only showing checking for updates message on screen

    i have already try all method which u can post on ur website

    but not working....

    plz help me ....

    srry for poor english

    reply fast....

  • 14372 already??

  • Windows 10 build 14376 rolling out

  • Really liking the way that Edge is shaping up in this version - it's smooth and gorgeous, if not exactly feature packed.

  • June 30th, Fast ring users Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14379

    Will we experience new builds 2x weekly? I like that new way of faster updates with minor improvements and fixes

  • VG

    ^^ Yes. They are preparing for the upcoming Anniversary update. ;)

  • I have upgraded to the latest build 14379, but my expiration date for my Windows version still remains 7/15/2016, which is in less than 2 weeks. Why? And what can I do?

  • VG

    ^^ Dont worry. A new build will be released soon before the expiry date.

  • Dear VG
    I am back
    I just installed 10388 (slow ring)
    Took some time, but flawless
    Not showing build number on desktop
    But with UWT you can show OS on desktop
    It shows no longer Insider Preview
    Only: Win 10 home
    Build 14388 rs1-release 160709-1635
    So this might be the Finish??!!!
    Let us hope for that ;)
    I will however continue with the Insider Project of course :)
    See you later and thanks for all your tips and tricks
    Peter Alexander London

  • VG

    ^^ A new build 14390 has been released. They have removed the Preview tag and build number from Desktop as they are preparing for public release of Anniversary Update build. Once they find a stable bug-free build, they'll elect it as the public build.

  • UPDATED on July 18, 2016: Release of Windows 10 Insider Preview build 14393 for PC.

    Windows 10 Anniversary Update · 14393
    10.0.14393.0.RS1_RELEASE.160715-1616 · VERSION 1607
    You can now mount iPods as USB mass-storage devices
    Other features
    Improved reliability of Start, Cortana and Action Center

  • Now I see search works in start ment even when Windows Search is disabled like in Windows 7!:) Very happy with this release.

  • Hello, I also installed Windows 10 build 14393 on my ASUS X455LN laptop. There's a big problem occurs when I go into the desktop. Windows Explorer I run into error, windows shortcuts do not work, until the Windows Task Manager can't be displayed. I can't do anything with this laptop after updating to the latest build (14393). does anyone have a solution?

    thank you

  • VG

    ^^ You should try a clean install using offline ISO file.

  • i already Download Windows 10 iso .How to install this in my Pc.

  • VG

    ^^ Create a bootable USB drive and then boot using the USB and follow the instructions.

  • Hi, VG
    sorry for this, but i have problem with site.
    i can not see the last articles from site and i must remove "h t t p://" from URL and hit Enter again to Refresh site.

    how can i Fix this problem.

  • VG

    ^^ Which website are you talking about?

  • yes.
    my browser does not show Recent posts. i must remove "h t t p://" form "h t t p://w w w. askvg .c o m" and Hit Enter.

    i had this problem with "askvg" and "Ghacks" Before I Install Anniversary Update build 14393. but now, i have this problem Only for Askvg. i didn't have this problem only for some days after i installed new build 14393. (Clean Install)

  • Hello,
    Yes. I also sometime see the issue in your site. No matter which OS or browser I use. Sometime articles are not placed in there correct headings E.G. "[Review] What's New in Windows 10?" shown in "Latest Articles" instead of ""Popular Articles"" and so on.

  • VG

    It might be happening due to the cache mechanism which sometimes shows cached pages to readers. We are using cache functionality to reduce load on the server.

  • Hi, VG.

    Please help me about this.
    Since the anniversary up-date I have been getting a random black screen that last about 1-3 seconds and it will close Automatically.(My OS: Windows 10 Version 1607 (Bulid 14393.51)

    i did not have this problem in Build 10240.

  • VG

    ^^ Seems like a graphics card driver problem. Check on Windows update and your computer manufacturer website for latest drivers. If you are already having the latest drivers, you should wait for the new release of compatible drivers.

  • Hi VG,
    Which is latest stable build [not Insider Previews] as of since the Ann.Update rolled out , I wanted to update after this update but since hearing about way too many issues coming out after this update and MS rolling out builds like firefox , Im pretty confused about upgrading !!

  • VG

    ^^ Build 14393.51 is the latest public build.

  • Hello VG!

    After upgrading to the latest preview build, when I try to open a CMD window in a specific folder, by shift+right click it opens with the following message being displayed: "The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect." How can I fix the problem ?

  • VG

    ^^ Might be a bug in the new build. You can try reset PC feature or sfc /scannow command.

  • sfc /scannow won't complete. At 20% it gives "Windows Resource Protection could not perform the requested operation." There is no errors in the logs

  • VG

    ^^ You should try reset this PC if you can afford.

  • So I found what causes "The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect." to be displayed when shift + righ click to open a cmd. The problem is a registry values:


    The default value is set to cmd.exe /s /k pushd '%V' but it should be cmd.exe /s /k pushd "%V"

  • VG,
    Which one is the most stable public build since the v1607 rolled out !

  • VG

    ^^ All builds have been stable for me. Bugs and issues depend upon customized settings, installed software and hardware drivers. ;)

  • I installed this version and now i can't go past the log in screen. it accepts my PIN, and it just loads the long in screen again. I've tried with my PIN, my MS pass, nothing.
    anybody has this problem?

  • Ever since preview build 14901 the ability to search for files in explorer has been broken. Also the slide show mode in Photo Viewer no longer works. Is this something they plan to fix? I'm currently running 14393 and it's still not working.

  • No network after installing, back to 14936 once again .........................................

  • Hey VG, Seams Microsoft removed Desktop icon settings Link from Settings>Personalization>Themes? So there's no way to add missing icons to the desktop? No!:(

  • VG

    ^^ Try following shortcuts:

    You can add them in Desktop context menu as well:

  • Thanks a lot, Very useful.

  • Why release a new build with so many problems? still problems with network ..back to 14931 :))

  • Why not spend 1 second and check for an updated driver for your network adapter? Yes. Insider builds are not issue-free, but you need to be tech-sappy enough to deal with issues.

  • Anyone ever wonder MS just didn't get it right in the first place? Oh, yeah, "This build contains improvements, fixes and many new features which will be a part of the upcoming Windows 10 Creators Update build." I suggest, then, to wait, until year 2020, when they may just figure it out.

  • this screen, formerly located at: "Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Display" in the legacy Control Panel has been removed, and is also not represented in the Settings app menus (in the new Build 15019.rs_prerelease.170121-1513)

  • My modem still is not working (ZTE)..not from 14393 ...i still get : Connection Failed or Error 633 . I've tried everything still nothing. I think i will go back to 14393.

  • the worst windows ever, full of junks and bugs Microsoft is Drunk

  • After two insider builds that incorrectly claimed to fix the "colored boxes" bug (that makes most of the texts in Windows 10 completely illegible on a netbook with an older graphics chipset as soon as it goes online and finds a native resolution graphics driver) I am really worried now that this breakage will end up in an official build.

  • When a Windows 10 insider build just displays colored boxes instead of texts you need a standalone ISO to replace it, because you can't read the texts to navigate through the update feature. You can only submit your feedback in forums like this, because the feedback app texts are illegible.

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