Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 16257 for PC Available for Download

UPDATED on Aug 02, 2017: Release of Windows 10 Insider Preview build 16257 for PC.

If you are using Windows 10 Insider Preview (previously known as Technical Preview) in your computer, here is a good news for you.

Microsoft has released a new update Build 16257 of Windows 10 to public which comes with new features, bug fixes and improvements. This is the 14th Insider Preview build of Windows 10 released after the Creators Update build 15063. This new build comes via new "RS3" (RedStone3) development branch.

The final Redstone 3 build will be released as "Windows 10 Fall Creators Update" to public in September or October 2017 as per official announcement from Microsoft.

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  • New Eye Control feature to operate an on-screen mouse, keyboard and text-to-speech experience using only their eyes. This feature can be turned on/off using Settings -> Ease of Access -> Other Options -> Eye control page.
  • Now Microsoft Edge web browser uses Fluent Design System to have a refreshed and more modern look in the browser frame.
  • The default color values in Windows Console (Command Prompt) have been changed to improve legibility of darker colors on modern screens and to give the Console a more modern look & feel.
  • Improvements to Input
  • Improvements to Windows Defender Application Guard (WDAG)
  • Bug fixes and general improvements


  • Start, Action Center and notification toasts may at times have a background that is 100% transparent. A fix will be available in later flight – for now, if you encounter this issue, try ending ShellExperienceHost.exe via Task Manager or rebooting to resolve the issue.
  • Action Center sometimes shows it has some number of notifications but when you click to open Action Center, there are no notifications shown.
  • Suggested apps are sometimes visible in Start despite the related setting being off. For now, if you encounter this please try toggling Settings > Personalization > Start > "Occasionally show suggestions in Start".
  • When installing or updating a Windows Store app, you may see error 80070057. As a workaround, you can get the latest app by uninstalling the older version of the app from your device and reinstall latest version from Store.


The new build is available for download via Windows Update, so it'll be automatically downloaded and installed in all computers running Windows 10 Insider Preview soon.

If you want to manually download and install the new build ASAP, you can do this using following simple steps:

1. Open Settings app from Start Menu.

2. Click on Update and security icon.


3. Once you open Windows Update section, it'll automatically start checking for new builds. Otherwise you can click on "Check for updates" button.

4. Click on "Download now" button to start downloading the new update build of Windows 10.

After downloading the build, your computer will automatically restart to install the new update.

The download size will be around 2 or 3 GB depending upon the computer architecture (32-bit or 64-bit) and system language.

PS: If you can't find the new build on Windows Update, following tutorial will help you:

[Fix] New Insider Preview Builds of Windows 10 Not Showing on Windows Update

If you want to download standalone offline ISO file of this new build for clean installation, you'll need to wait. In the meantime, you can download offline ISO files of build 16251 from following topic:

Download Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 16251 Offline ISO Files

Windows 10 users who are using the Insider Preview build, must install this new update build to experience the new features and more stability...

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  • VG,
    Which one is the most stable public build since the v1607 rolled out !

  • VG

    ^^ All builds have been stable for me. Bugs and issues depend upon customized settings, installed software and hardware drivers. ;)

  • I installed this version and now i can't go past the log in screen. it accepts my PIN, and it just loads the long in screen again. I've tried with my PIN, my MS pass, nothing.
    anybody has this problem?

  • Ever since preview build 14901 the ability to search for files in explorer has been broken. Also the slide show mode in Photo Viewer no longer works. Is this something they plan to fix? I'm currently running 14393 and it's still not working.

  • No network after installing, back to 14936 once again .........................................

  • Hey VG, Seams Microsoft removed Desktop icon settings Link from Settings>Personalization>Themes? So there's no way to add missing icons to the desktop? No!:(

  • VG

    ^^ Try following shortcuts:

    You can add them in Desktop context menu as well:

  • Why release a new build with so many problems? still problems with network ..back to 14931 :))

  • Why not spend 1 second and check for an updated driver for your network adapter? Yes. Insider builds are not issue-free, but you need to be tech-sappy enough to deal with issues.

  • Anyone ever wonder MS just didn't get it right in the first place? Oh, yeah, "This build contains improvements, fixes and many new features which will be a part of the upcoming Windows 10 Creators Update build." I suggest, then, to wait, until year 2020, when they may just figure it out.

  • My modem still is not working (ZTE)..not from 14393 ...i still get : Connection Failed or Error 633 . I've tried everything still nothing. I think i will go back to 14393.

  • the worst windows ever, full of junks and bugs Microsoft is Drunk

  • After two insider builds that incorrectly claimed to fix the "colored boxes" bug (that makes most of the texts in Windows 10 completely illegible on a netbook with an older graphics chipset as soon as it goes online and finds a native resolution graphics driver) I am really worried now that this breakage will end up in an official build.

  • When a Windows 10 insider build just displays colored boxes instead of texts you need a standalone ISO to replace it, because you can't read the texts to navigate through the update feature. You can only submit your feedback in forums like this, because the feedback app texts are illegible.

  • new build 15042 is a nightmare. and wont even install. it just freezes on my pc. went back to 10025.

  • got 15042 working with 4 registry entries deleted. the instructions are all over the net. seems like a solid build so far. and NEVER have your avast or other antivirus enabled when updating. it doesnt play well.

  • got a blue screen today. something to do with my audio. this is not good.

  • the windows 10 pro insider preview update 15048 rs2 went really smooth here on my laptop and my desktop great job it is a big download takes a little while it does its thing but i like it ...

  • Hey VG,
    Awesome job Bro....Thumbs up...

    I have installed the Aniv build(14393) first and the offline downloaded the build 15031.rs2_release.170204-1546.
    After reboot - windows is showing following message
    "Windows isn't activated.Activate Windows now..."
    So what should I do?
    Please provide the key if having,,,

    Best regards,

  • VG

    ^^ Sign in using your Microsoft Account which you used to register for Insider Preview program and Windows will activate.

  • Pls help ; in build 14393 my modem ZTE worked just fine , after that build the app sees the network but when i pressthe connect button i get this error : Connection Failed or Error 633 . I've tried all metods to get the modem to work but still the same error. What to do?

  • I've tried: windows fresh install, network reset, delete all networks, tried regedit, services , Phone and Modem settings, ports, dev. manager....

  • should i delete windows.old after updating

  • VG

    ^^ Check following:

  • i used 15055 all i can say its an ABOMINATION of ADS, can any1 tell me/guide me how to
    REMOVE the following
    -metro(the whole shabang)
    -All the telemetry
    -ALL the DRIVERS which i dont need/use

    you may ask why dont i use windows 7 then?, trust me buddy i do, & it takes a system(C drive) size of 2.5GB.
    i use everything to, form adobe to office on another partition
    no software that said system corrupt.
    imagine that windows 7 x64 installed size 2.5GB without Virtual paging file.

  • VG

    ^^ Check following links:

  • Help! Stuck on 14986. Settings screen is bricked.

  • Still sticked on public release 1607. Now I will take a look into change logs and maybe upgrade to latest preview build
    Thanks VG

  • как да увелича шрифта на иконите и прозорците

  • 16176 refuses to install on Dell Inspiron 15. No errors downloading or installing content via WU. After restart, it goes thru it's cycle and then rolls back. No workarounds that actually work. Have tried disabling SEP, but to no avail.

  • same here 16176 downloads and appears to start to install at around 7-10% it freezes shuts off and the begins roll back.

  • Somethings going of today, my PC is completely locked out, unless I change my BIOS date to January 5th 2017.......these updates will not install properly for me, and I'm locked out of the preview apparently.....

    my winver.exe states Version 1607 OS Build 14931.1002

    Even states it will Expire 5/1/2017.......

    BUT no updates are showing in Windows Update is my winver window and is the image of my Windows Update screen.....?

    Is there a way to turn off and revert back to my old Windows?

  • VG

    ^^ The copy has expired. Download and install the latest build.

  • When installing Windows 1703 for the first time after the installation and start the basic settings and choose Egypt and then choose the language of the device can not find the Arabic language

  • will the next insiders preview have any updates for ryzen chips. im running 16999 now-. which is ok. but a not smooth. it stutters.

  • I usually use slow ring but wanted to try the new features so I switched to the fast ring and installed 16215. However, my Dlink wireless adapter (DWA 125 A3) doesn`t work on the new build so I had to go back to 15063.

  • 16215 won't install. Rollback broke a few things however. This upgrade has been by far the worst Win10 upgrade. One would think after so many builds and installs the installation alone would have been flawless. Sad to see thats not the case.

  • You do readers a disservice by not only listing what's fixed but what's broken. If I had read that list, I wouldn't have installed 16215. It broke my WiFi on one machine and causes constant reboots during install on another. I now see (on another site) that these are common problems with this build and MS did distribute a list of current issues as well as a list of fixes.

  • VG

    ^^ Sorry for the inconvenience. I generally put official Microsoft page link in the main topic so that readers can read the full post. But now I have added the list of known issues. Thanks for your feedback.

  • unable to install , i keep getting to log in screen however it resets every 3-4 seconds. and i roll back to 16232.
    Windows 10 Insider Preview 16251.0 (rs3_release) (2)
    error Last failed install attempt on ‎7/‎28/‎2017 - 0x80070643

  • same with the latest build , i removed norton and tried ran sfc/scannow. the build installs but at the log on screen it flickers constantly not allowing me to login completeing the setup.

  • Can you make a page called "How To Save Paint In Windows 10 Fall Creators Update"

  • VG

    ^^ Its here:

    I'll also post a new article for it once Fall Creators Update releases to public.

  • Build 16257 failed to install 0x80070643 on Surface Pro 4.. same as 16251..

  • Can't get this build to install properly, I get a black screen and am forced to do a revert to previous build. Info from installed update history:

    Windows 10 Insider Preview 16251.0 (rs3_release)
    Failed to install on ‎2017-‎08-‎17 - 0x80070643

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