Download Genuine Microsoft Office Setup Media for Offline Installation

If you have a valid license or product key of Microsoft Office 2013, Office 2010 or Office 2007 versions and want to download genuine Office setup media officially from Microsoft website, here is something interesting for you.

Many times we have the original product key of a software with us but we don't have the required installation media. Either the setup media (such as disc or USB drive) is corrupted or we don't have the setup ISO files in our computers. In such cases, we can't install our desired software program in our computer.

In past we have shared lots of similar useful tutorials to grab genuine setup media of various Windows versions from Microsoft which can be found at following links:

Today in this topic, we are going to do the same for Microsoft Office suite. Microsoft also allows users to download setup media of various Office versions in form of installation disc as well as offline ISO or IMG files. They provide the setup files of Office to help users manage and restore Office products in their computers in case they have lost the original setup disc.

Currently Microsoft is providing setup media of following Office versions:

  • Office 2007
  • Office 2010
  • Office 2013

If you want to download the genuine copy of any of the above mentioned Microsoft Office suites, you can grab it from following links: (Thanks to Amit for sharing the links)

Download Microsoft Office 2007 Setup Files

Download Microsoft Office 2010 Setup Files

Download Microsoft Office 2013 Setup Files (Link 1)

Download Microsoft Office 2013 Setup Files (Link 2)

Remember, you'll need a valid product key to be able to download the setup media of Office suite from above mentioned links. I was able to download the setup media using my TechNet and MSDN license keys. I'm not sure whether all types of license keys will work or not.

If you want to download Office 2010 setup media but don't have the product key with you, you can get the product key from Microsoft by providing the 27 character alpha-numeric PIN code which was printed inside the card containing product key:

Get Microsoft Office 2010 Product Key

You can also order a physical setup disc of Microsoft Office suite at Microsoft Store from following link:

Order Microsoft Office Install Media

By the way, you can always manage and download your Microsoft Office suite setup files from your Office Account page:

Manage Microsoft Office Using Office Account Page

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