TClock: Show Windows 7 Look-like Date & Time in System Tray in Windows XP and Vista

As we all know "Windows 7" comes with new Superbar (redesigned Taskbar) which shows Date along with Time in system tray. Earlier we mentioned that you can even customize the date and time format and can show AM/PM symbols, Day and Month names:


How to Show AM / PM Symbols in System Tray Clock in Windows 7

How to Show Day and Month Names in System Tray Date in Windows 7

But it was only applicable in Windows 7, then what about Windows XP and Vista users?

No need to worry. "TClock" is a very small and portable utility which can be customized to show the Windows 7 look-a-like Date and Time in Windows XP and Vista.

Actually its an application to customize system tray clock format. You can show whatever you want. You can customize AM/PM symbols, date and time format.

Following are some screenshots taken from Windows XP, Vista and 7 showing TClock in action:

Windows XP:


Windows Vista:


Windows 7:


As you can see, we can show both Date and Time (even Day and Month names) using TClock. You can customize its properties by right-click on system tray clock and select "TClock Properties".


As you can see in above screenshot, you can even access "Task Manager" and "Taskbar Properties" from its context menu.

Once you enter TClock Properties, you can change various options like:

  • Changing clock font and color
  • Its size and position
  • Date and Time format
  • You can even set alarms


To show date and time, just use the string shown in the above screenshot. You can get more information about the format from following topic:

How to Show Day and Month Names in System Tray Date in Windows 7

"TClock" also allows Windows XP users to hide Start button, rename Start button, opening Start Menu from system tray.

You can also set Transparency for Start Menu and Taskbar and it works even in Windows 7.

So its a small but highly customizable application for Windows users.

Download TClock


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