[Tip] Disable Hardware Acceleration in Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird to Fix Font and Crashing Problems

"Hardware Acceleration" (GPU Rendering) is one of the newly introduced features in Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird. It was introduced to increase performance but some Firefox and Thunderbird users may want to disable it as the text might not look well on their screens. Also this new feature might cause random browser crashing problems on some computer systems.

If you also want to disable Hardware Acceleration feature in Firefox or Thunderbird, you can try any of following 2 methods:

Disable Hardware Acceleration in Mozilla Firefox Using Options Window

1. Open Mozilla Firefox, click on Firefox Menu button and select "Options".

2. Go to "Advanced" tab and disable "Use hardware acceleration when available" option.

3. Click on OK button and restart the browser to take effects.

Disable Hardware Acceleration in Firefox and Thunderbird Using about:config

If you can't follow above mentioned steps, try following alternative method:

1. Open Mozilla Firefox and type about:config in the addressbar and press Enter.

Thunderbird users will need to go to Tools -> Options -> Advanced menu and then click on "Config Editor" button.

It'll ask for confirmation, click on I'll be careful, I promise! button.

2. Now look for following 2 preferences:


3. Both preferences would be set to false. Double-click on both of them and it'll change their values to true.

That's it. Restart the program and it'll turn hardware acceleration feature off.


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  • GPU rendering is great unless you're hosing your card by mining coins, then firefox artifacts into uselessness.

  • Just a little improvement in my case, thanks for remind me

  • Sorry for double asking, how to disable it in the latest Mozilla Thunderbird 31? Any idea?

  • VG

    ^^ I have added method for Thunderbird. Please try it.

  • HW acceleration causes missing texts in many of my views so I had to recommend my customers temporarily not to use FireFox. Is any option to disable HW acceleration programmaticaly in HTML?
    It's not a good idea to teach all users how to turn it off manually in their browsers.

  • Disabling hardware acceleration degraded the performance of an app

  • I found a different option that fixes this issue. Now my software works with HW acceleration and also doesn't crash and stuff. To fix this, you have to disable

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