[Guide] How to Use Built-in ClearType Text Tuner in Windows?

ClearType text is usually used on LCD monitors and Laptop screens. It provides smooth and clear display on your screen.

Windows XP was the first OS from Microsoft which provided ClearType text feature. Windows Vista and 7 also have the feature but most of the time even if you enable the option, you don't get a clear display until you tune the ClearType text settings. Microsoft provides a powertoy to tune ClearType text settings which can be found here.

But did you know Windows 7 and later OS have a built-in ClearType Text Tuner which is better than this MS powertoy? Yup, there is a built-in CT Tuner in Windows 7 and later which helps you in fine tuning ClearType text settings.

You can access it using following 2 ways:

1. Open Control Panel and click on "Display" applet. Now click on "Adjust ClearType text" link given in left side pane:


2. You can also launch "ClearType Text Tuner" directly by providing cttune command in Start Menu search box or RUN dialog box.

Once you launch it, it shows following welcome window:


Click on "Next" button and it'll set your monitor to its native resolution.

Click on "Next" button and now you'll need to follow a series of 4 easy steps which allows you to tweak various aspects of ClearType text. Simply select the sample from the list which looks best on your monitor screen.

That's it. Click on "Next" button and you have finished the tuning process.

Now the text will look more clear and smooth on your monitor screen. So enjoy ClearType text in Windows...

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