NTLite: Ultimate Tool to Tweak and Customize Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 Installation

UPDATE: The first beta version of popular nLite tool for Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 has been released. It has been labeled as NTLite and available for download to public.

Do you remember the good old days of Windows XP when you used to customize Windows XP setup ISO using nLite? nLite is one of the best and most popular Windows installation customization software which allows you to remove unwanted components from Windows setup, integrate device drivers, hotfixes and service packs in Windows setup and create unattended and bootable setup ISO of Windows OS so that you don't need to enter anything while installing Windows in computers.

With the help of nLite, users were able to decrease the size of setup ISO of Windows by deleting unnecessary Windows features and drivers which indirectly used to make installed Windows faster as less services were running in background.

But nLite was only available for Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Server 2003. The developer also released a separate version of this software called "vLite" to customize Windows Vista setup ISO.

Interested readers can read more about nLite and vLite at following links:

Unfortunately the developer stopped developing nLite and it was never updated to include support for Windows 7 and later versions of Windows OS. In the meantime a few other freeware such as 7Customizer were released by some people to customize Windows 7 setup ISO which provided similar features as nLite.

Now its time to share some good news! "nuhi", the developer of nLite and vLite, has started working on a special version of nLite again. He is developing a new tool NTLite which supports Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.


With the help of this new tool, users can customize Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 setup ISO to remove unwanted components, slipstream service packs, updates and drivers, include Registry tweaks, create unattended and bootable ISO and much more.

Features list:

  • Live install modification feature to customize already running Windows setup
  • Unwanted Windows components removal
  • Enable/disable default Windows features (the same as "Turn Windows features on or off")
  • Hardware targeting to find missing drivers for your computer
  • Drivers, updates, hotfixes and language packs integration
  • Windows tweaks integration
  • Automated deployment to create unattended installation disc
  • Pending changes overview to review your changes before creating setup disc

You can download NTLite using following link:

Download NTLite for Windows 7, 8 and 8.1

Both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows editions are supported.

NTLite is available in 2 versions: Basic and Professional. Basic version is free to download and use but Professional version is not free. You can purchase Professional version for $45 which comes with some extra features such as live install modifications, full component removal, automatic filling of host machine data, etc.


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  • That Sounds Awesome VG, it is my favourite app too. since he gives as a free program we should give him a donation as we can, at lease for a cup of coffee.

  • I loved it for XP. As a blind person, this will allow thousands of us the ability to install Windows without sighted assistance, saving many the expense of paying a computer store to do something we should be able to do ourselves, if only Microsoft would allow speech from a screen reader, as is the case for the Mac, and some Linux distros like vinux, Sonar, Debian and GRML.

  • I use it to customize WinXP with my PC/laptop drivers.
    I hope can do it again for Win7/8 with the next nLite generation :D
    Such a great software!

  • That's a great news......
    My favourite WinXP customization tool. And also for Win 8/8.1 too ? waiting for that..

  • Excellent news. I used nLite all the time to create customized XP installations containing machine-specific drivers and the latest hotfixes, along with custom settings that let the installation run nearly 100% automated. I'm looking forward to doing the same with Windows 7.

  • Great nuhi!.

    Im waiting for this useful tool!.. I need this!

    Thanks! :D!

  • The XP era was epic (and customizing XP was one of my hobbies), after then MS repeatedly creates s**t. Thanks to that I finally knew how wonderful and powerful a UNIX-like system can be. Now I have been using Linux and OS X for years, and never have a desire to switch back to windows.

  • Registry tweaks including sounds great. I have never tried this program, can't wait to see what it can offer ^_^.

  • This is good news.

    One of the features business people have been asking me for is the ability to block Skydrive. I hope he can do something about that.

  • For windows 8, in the meantime u could use winreducer by josh cells.

  • Heard about "nlite" for the first time, waiting for the release of latest version.

    Anyway, VG, Today I installed Windows 8.1 Pro Preview, and spent my whole day struggling with Gestures and Start Screen. And I felt like suffocating between the Apps and all. I've some woes. Can you plzz help me solve them:
    1. Plzz tell how to 'simply' shut down the PC. ;
    2. How to permanently close Apps, coz after closing them I found them running in the Task Manager? ;
    3. Is Windows 8.1 having problem with dial-up Internet connection? As I was trying to connect my Airtel 3G Data Card to Internet it showed "Failed to create phonebook entry." ;
    4. How long can we use the preview? ;
    5. Can you plzz explain some simple, frequently used mouse gestures.

    Thanks. :-)

  • VG

    ^^ Please check following articles:

    1. http://www.askvg.com/how-to-shutdown-restart-or-hibernate-windows-8-1-pc-using-win-x-menu/
    2. http://www.askvg.com/guide-how-to-close-metro-apps-permanently-in-windows-8-1/
    3. http://www.askvg.com/fix-internet-connection-not-working-using-mobile-phones-or-usb-modems-in-windows/
    4. 16 January, 2014
    5. http://www.askvg.com/windows-8-hidden-secret-features-and-useful-hotkeys/

  • In past I've used nLite to customise Windows XP Setup, loved the simpliness of the software and always looking it for Windows 7, hope wait will over soon :)

    Thanks VG for the Info and Thanks NUHI for developing again for Windows 7, 8 and 8.1

  • Well, this is great news. As nLite was and is still one of the best freeware i've ever used.

    It was really useful, as you could the Windows Installation Process could be automatically done without human intervention, which was superb. And lots of features.


  • Vidit Agrawal, try installing classic shell. (Free)

    It has many options, & may solve your frustrations on the start screen.

    While an app is running in 8, click & hold on the page with your mouse, then drag the app to the bottom of the screen to make it close.

    Hope this helps!!!!

  • I hope it works like nlite (all inclusive lightweight install) and does not require the WAIK to be installed. RT Seven Lite is a cool application but it's slow, especially if you just want to create an unattended.xml. 7Customizer is a little rough around the edges but nothing compares to nlite for xp. It did what was needed, looked good and was fast. Can't wait for this release - please keep us posted with updates :)

  • Thank God! Now after releasing nLite for windows 7/8/8.1. My biggest tensions, like installing SP1/Latest IE Versions & Office 13 after restoring my laptop to factory mode will go away. And
    this app will also create unnattended ISOs for windows 7. So I need not to type info the windows 7 asks. All I do to complete HP setup otherwise this app will install & go to desktop after resetting my PC in about 30 minutes. Most Wanted App for windows 7.

    Windows 7 64 bit

  • The only problem is that this tool will be free only in basic edition.
    The full version will be paid and will include more removals and few extras.

  • How does it work? Found no instructions. Played around with it for half an hour, and still no clue as to what it is supposed to do. Perhaps just me. Nobody else seems to have had any difficulty. Also there is a free version and a paid one. No explanation of what the difference is?

  • Thank you so much for this update.

    WinToolkit is an another best program to customize Windows 8.1 ISO.

    I hope, NTLite final version shall work flawlessly.


  • Hello VG,

    Just hoping you make tutorials on how to use NTLite, the pros & cons of things, suggestions, recommendations, what is necessary, what should be kept untouched, & especially on the side of privacy & security.


  • well,
    IMO winreducer7 or winreducer8.1 better than this NTlite.

    you can also try winreducer VG, and write some review

  • I have Windows 7 usb installation disk & removed ei.cfg from it.
    Can I still use this tool to integrate driver software such as Intel HD graphics & Broadcomm wlan drivers which I recently downloaded after installing Home premium edition from Ultimate edition disk, and also some other software such as foxit pdf, & IE11x64 in Installation usb?
    Thanks in advance
    Windows 7 Home Premium + SP1 64 bit

  • I'll give this a try. Tried WinReducer 8.1 to reduce the size of the ISO and to slipstream Update 1 but it was a pain to get rid of, for it did a copy of the Windows folder on the ISO for some reason. I had to take ownership of that entire folder just to delete it. Thank goodness I had enough space on the disk for that folder.

    On the plus side, I have over 1GB of free disk space now. Unmodified Windows 8.1 just barely fits in a 20GB disk.

  • There is a BUG in this app : Don't create ISO file from installation media of windows7/8.
    If created, then it will not burn to DVD/CD & cannot be used to make a boot-able pen-drive.
    When I created the ISO image of Windows 7 & opened it in 7-zip, I saw the names of folders missing First letter, for eg : there is a folder named "boot" & in NTLite created ISO, the name will be "oot", missing first letter, thus making an iso corrupt!
    Since NTLite is in beta, I think this bug will be removed in coming updates.

  • NTLite is a joke. The basic version is totally useless. You can only remove a handful of things. The good stuff like "Speech Support" or the languages can only be removed in paid version.

  • "NTLite is a joke. The basic version is totally useless. You can only remove a handful of things. The good stuff like "Speech Support" or the languages can only be removed in paid version."

    That's what happens when you get greedy!

  • how to create a hidden recovery partition in Windows 7

  • Looks good but $45.00 for a license. Looks like I'll stick with WinToolKit.

  • That $45 license is actually the removal fee.

  • Just bought Ntlite, its a nice tool but is seriously lacking in the components removal area. Yes you can remove useless components but the really annoying ones like paint, notepad, windows update etc.. There's just no point. On the other hand it has a nice swyg interface that is easy to understand. While you can't remove all components it does allow you to disable many of the annoying features built into windows. The flak this utility is receiving though is undeserved, the community has been around since the Vlite era the fact they have combined all os editing into one package is quite the feat. Anything that Nlite cannot do can be easily picked up in the free Winreducer version. Winreducer can help exploit the changes you made in Nlite and take it a step further, the actual removal of components you despise. On the negative side Winreducer is slow and sluggish and it crashes allot so it helps to have backups, despite all the helpful guides built into the software, you still struggle to find details on what to remove. Also Winreducer kind of falls under the same category as Nlite, there just aren't enough components/removal options. The paid version of Winreducer is not for the weekend warrior, it is just too pricy compared to something like Nlite. Anyway both these tools have negatives and positives at least they are better than the totally free options out there by large.

  • in free edition we can only remove few things and for free it it's not a basic, may be some kind of demo because "basic" stuff we have in pay versions... lie advertisement... shame!

  • doesn't work it's crashing at the start

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