[Tip] Reduce Mozilla Firefox Loading Time by Disabling Hardware Acceleration Feature

Almost all modern web browsers come with "Hardware Acceleration" feature which is also known as "GPU Rendering". This new feature was introduced to improve program performance. It uses GPU acceleration to boost overall performance of the program.

Unfortunately hardware acceleration feature causes many problems to users. We have seen in past that this feature has troubled various Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox users who faced blurred and hard to read text problem while using these programs.

Now a new problem has been found in hardware acceleration feature while using Mozilla Firefox web browser. By default hardware acceleration feature comes enabled in Firefox which increases Firefox loading time. Many Firefox users including me have faced this problem. When you start Mozilla Firefox, it takes a lot of time (approx. 9-10 seconds) in startup. I tried with a clean installation of Windows as well as Mozilla Firefox but same result.

There were no add-ons, plugins or themes installed in Firefox but still it was taking lot of time in loading. Finally I tried to disable hardware acceleration feature and surprisingly it worked. Disabling hardware acceleration feature reduced Firefox loading time and it loaded instantly.

If you are also facing long loading time problem in Mozilla Firefox and if you want to speed up its startup time, you just need to disable hardware acceleration feature in Firefox.

If you don't know how to do this, check out following tutorial which tells you how to disable hardware acceleration feature in Mozilla Firefox:

How to Disable Hardware Acceleration (GPU Rendering) in Mozilla Firefox to Fix Font Problem?

You can also make Firefox load faster by disabling or uninstalling unnecessary extensions, themes and plugins. Also set Firefox homepage to about:blank.

Give it a try and let us know your feedback in your comment...


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  • wow! This is what i was looking for!
    Thank you so much VG for the info...

  • Does Any Body Know How 2 Add Our Own Search Engine In 2 The Firefox Search Engine List ?

  • VG

    Check following:


  • What the effect disable GPU Rendering besides acceleration start up loading mozilla VG?

  • VG

    ^^ Different computers will have different effects. So you should give it a try yourself to check the effect. :)

  • VG, have you filed a bug on this issue? With your specific graphics card, drivers, etc.?

    For anyone experiencing an issue of slow startup times, instead of just disabling Graphics Acceleration (which can actually cause Firefox to slow down) you visit the official Mozilla support site, support.mozilla.org for help. A Firefox Reset might be all you need to do, mzl.la/MnSTZB

  • Nightly loads faster than stable with hardware accl on.

  • Use speedyfox for Firefox crystalidea.com/speedyfox

  • Oh man, thank you so much! I've been fighting with FF all day (very slowly, as it took about 15 seconds to even register I moved the mouse over a button!), tried reseting, reinstalling, everything... same sluggish, slow, useless results. Disabled hardware acceleration and BAM, fastest browser of them all. Thank you!!

  • Nice 1, i did have it disabled but enabled and forget I'd done it and my laptop started playing up, especially watching you tube etc, now I've disabled it everything is working great, load time down to milliseconds from about 6 seconds. I also use UBLOCK instead of any other adblocks etc, it doesnt slow down firefox at all, when i used adblocks etc it took several seconds ontop of the 5 ish seconds loading so its now like new again.

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