[Tip] Enable or Disable Windows Update Notifications in ESET NOD32 Antivirus

"Windows Update" is one of the most important and most useful components of Windows OS. It allows you to download and install latest security updates, fixes and performance and reliability updates which are regularly released by Microsoft to keep Windows OS up to date.

In previous Windows versions "Windows Update" used to show alerts about new updates in Taskbar notification area but Microsoft removed this feature from the new Windows 8 OS. Now it shows these alerts at login screen. You can read more information about this issue at following link:

How to Show "New Windows Updates Available" Notification Icon in Windows 8 Taskbar?

Today in this topic we are going to share a tip which might be very useful for people who are using Windows 8 along with ESET NOD32 antivirus. This tip will help Windows 8 users in getting immediate alerts from NOD32 antivirus about new Windows updates available.

One the other hand, this topic will also help people who do not want NOD32 antivirus to show alerts about new Windows updates.

Actually NOD32 antivirus comes with an interesting feature which alerts you about new Windows updates. If you are using NOD32 antivirus in Windows, this topic will allow you to:

  • Disable NOD32 antivirus alerts about Windows updates
  • Customize Windows updates alerts from NOD32 antivirus

Without wasting time, lets start the tutorial:

1. Double-click on NOD32 icon present in system tray or Taskbar notification area. It'll open NOD32 main window. Now click on Setup tab and then click on "Enter advanced setup" link given in right-side pane as shown in following screenshot:


Alternatively, you can directly open it by right-click on NOD32 system tray icon and select "Advanced setup" option from context menu.

2. Now go to "Tools -> System updates" section in NOD32 settings and in right-side pane, you'll see a drop-down box given to adjust system updates notification settings.


3. If you don't want NOD32 to alert about new Windows updates, simply set the option to "No updates". Now NOD32 will no longer show alert messages about new Windows updates.

4. If you want to customize NOD32 alerts, you can set the alert type to any of the given options:

  • Optional updates
  • Recommended updates
  • Important updates
  • Critical updates

5. Once you finish adjusting the options, click on OK button.

Now whenever there are new Windows updates available, NOD32 will show you alert as shown in following screenshot:


When you click on "click here" link, it'll open a new window listing all available updates:


You'll need to click on "Run system update" button to launch Windows Update program and then you can download and install the desired updates.

This feature of NOD32 will definitely come handy for Windows 8 users who are missing the notification alerts about Windows updates in their OS.

What do you think about this feature of NOD32 antivirus? Do you use NOD32? Did you know about this feature? Feel free to share your comment...

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