RegFileMerger: Merge Multiple Registry Files into a Single One

Many times we download registry scripts to enable/disable Windows features or to add extra functionality. Here on AskVG, we also provide lots of registry scripts. Wouldn't be it great if we can combine all those scripts into a single one so that we don't need to run each script separately?

Although we can combine all scripts manually by copying all the data in a single file but it'll require lots of time. So what should we do?

"RegFileMerger" is an excellent portable utility which can combine registry scripts. You can add your desired registry scripts and merge them by clicking on the "Merge" button.


It seems the official download page is no longer available so we have uploaded the utility at our server for your convenience. You can download it using following link:

Download Link

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  • This is the way coolest program I've seen in a long time. It'll help with my organization with deployment of computers

  • Reg File Merger doesn't work.

    The "Merge" button isn't active.

    (Win XP with all updates)

  • If you right-click on a .reg file the first
    item on the pop-up menu is "Merge".

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