PlacesBar Editor: Customize Default Places Bar in Common File Dialog Box in Windows and Office

Recently I blogged about how to customize default places bar in common file dialog box in Windows as well as Microsoft Office applications manually:


Now I'm sharing a small and very useful tool "PlacesBar Editor" which can do the whole job quickly and easily.

PlacesBar Editor is a software program that fills a need Microsoft left behind. Windows 2000/ME/XP/Vista and Office dialogs have 5 buttons on the left hand Outlook-style bar known as the PlacesBar. This utility allows you to change them to be any folder you want.

The interface is very simple and easy to use. It has 2 tabs: Windows and Office which helps in customizing the default places.



Just change their values according to your requirement and click on "Save" button in toolbar. You can even test the customization by clicking on "Test" button in toolbar.

If you want to restore default places, click on "Defaults" button in the toolbar.

Download Link


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  • The windows part worked a dream but the office dialogue box
    1) did not work for me at all perhaps because my office is in the Japanese language
    2) Only adds extra places and does not remove the libraries and homegroup both of which I hate.

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