[FIX] Optical Drives (CD/DVD) Icon Not Showing in My Computer Window

Many times Windows users face strange problem when they can't see the icon of optical drives (CD/DVD drives) in My Computer (also known as Windows Explorer or This PC) window. The drive icon doesn't show in Explorer but the drive works fine in other computers.

If you are also facing this problem and can't see your optical drives (CD/DVD Drives/Writers) in My Computer window, this tutorial will help you.

Simply follow the simple steps given in following methods to fix the problem:


1. Type regedit in RUN dialog box and press Enter. It'll open Registry Editor.

2. Now go to following key:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Class\ {4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}


3. Look for "UpperFilters" and "LowerFilters" strings in right-side pane. If you find them, delete them.

4. Restart the system and now you should  have access to your optical drives.


If the above method doesn't work for you or if you can't see "UpperFilters" and "LowerFilters" keys in Registry, then following steps will help you:

1. Open Registry Editor and go to following key:


2. Create a new key Controller0 under atapi key.

3. Select the new Controller0 key and in right-side pane, create new DWORD EnumDevice1 and set its value to 1

3. Close Registry Editor and restart your system.

That's it. Now you'll be able to see your CD/DVD drive in My Computer window.


If the above mentioned method doesn't work for you, you can directly add the DWORD in Registry by executing following command in Command Prompt:

reg.exe add "HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\atapi\Controller0" /f /v EnumDevice1 /t REG_DWORD /d 0x00000001

Make sure you open Command Prompt as Administrator as mentioned here.


If you don't want to modify Registry yourself, download following ZIP file, extract it and you'll get a ready-made Registry script which will modify Windows Registry automatically:

Download Registry Script to Fix CD/DVD Drive Missing in Windows


If the above mentioned methods don't work for you, try following solution given by our reader "Vishal":

1. Open Device Manager using devmgmt.msc command and enable "View -> Show hidden devices" option. Now locate the DVD/CD-ROM drives and IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers items.

2. Right-click on each entry present under both "DVD/CD-ROM drives" and "IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers" sections one bye one and select Uninstall.

3. Once all have been removed, right-click again and select Scan for hardware changes.

The drives will be rediscovered and when the drivers are loaded back, the drives will re-appear in My Computer window.

You can also try to restart your computer.

PS: You can also check out solutions for other common PC problems in following exclusive topic:

[Help & Support] Frequently Asked Problems with Solutions

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    Thank you method #1 did the trick.

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    I've spent countless hours looking for a solution.
    Thanks a lot !!!!!

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  • Thanks so much for you solutions. #1&#2 worked for one day then would disappear again until I checked "share drive". Now everything works great.

  • 7 May 2014 - Windows 8.1Pro, fresh install.

    Terrific work. Thank you. Your tips got my optical drive recognised again in no time. Dave.

  • Method 1:

    I didn't have the Lower Filters but I deleted the Upper Filters and it worked great, Thanks!

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  • #1 worked like a charm in less than 2 minutes!! I have Windows 8.1. Thanks for saving me probably hours!

  • Worked #1 on one machine, and #2 worked on second machine.
    Thank You

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    thnx for this wonderful post

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    Thanks for that, method 3 worked for me.

    Have been searching everywhere for a fix for this.



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  • For anyone having this issue of optical drives not showing up in Windows 10, this does work. I used method 4 because I prefer to not touch the registry myself.

  • Tried method 1 and could not find upper and lower filters. Tried method 2 and it worked a treat.
    Thank you

  • :-(, none of the above worked for me.

  • i have 2 drives, i applied the 2 method and it worked........ but i can just see 1 drive.... so how do i get the other one?? i tried the second method in other possible ways but that didn't help... so if u could suggest how to get it.........it would be very helpful...


  • its not worked in windows 10 enterprise, all method i tried already, i hope there's another new method to solve for windows 10.
    if yes please write me

    windows 10 Enterprise x64 Final
    ASUS x42De.
    DVD Drive - tsstcorp cddvdw sn-208ab (not recognized)

  • will this work with windows 10 64 bit?

  • Verified this worked on Windows 10 x64. I upgrade to Windows 10 and lost my CD/DVD drive for some reason.. I ran step #2 in the command prompt (as admin) and rebooted. Everything works as usual.

    Great post thank you!

  • Working great by using your zip file. Thanks a lot!!

  • Why did everyone have success but me. None of this worked on my Windows 8, not even the download of the registry script. Any other suggestions?

  • you absolute genius!

    I used method 4 on Windows 10 and after a reboot up popped my CD dvd drive in Device manager and it's now ripping a CD. Thank you so much.ive been working trying to fix this all day.

    Super star!


  • I have 2 DVD drives. Your method got one functional but the other is still not working.

  • You absolute genius!
    I used method 4 on Windows 10 64bit and after a reboot up popped my DVD/CD drive in Device manager and it's now playing and ripping CDs. Thank you so much. Been looking for a fix to this problem for days. Wish I had found you sooner.
    Thanks a million!

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    Muy bien!!!!

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    mike -

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    after I had downloaded windows 10 and lost access to my Blue ray drive your fix sorted me out
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  • I had the problem after installing the new Windows 10 software. I downloaded the small file and ran it and it worked a dream.

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    Going into registry made me sweat but option 3 worked brilliantly. Thanks again

  • May the force be with you!!!!! Windows10 misplaced my E: Drive but step number 2 put back the DVD/CD optical drive on my computer. Thanks!!!!!

  • Fantastic, worked on recent Windows ten upgrade, i chose to run the zip file as i don't like editing the registry at all, rebooted and hey presto both cd drives appeared instead of only one.

  • it doesn't work on me, i have asus k42de, all way i tried already for several time, unlucky.
    beside these option

    deleted upper... /lower... on registry
    added dword - EnumDevice1
    unplug and plug it back
    uninstall/reinstall in device manager
    desable/enable in device manager

    is there another way to solve??

  • Not working for me on ASUS r503u windows 10,
    tried all methods

  • I purchased a new SATA DVD drive to install on a custom built pc that was upgraded from Windows 7 to 10. I could not see the drive in the o/s even though the BIOS did. Method 2 worked for me. Thank you so much for taking time to post this fix!

  • Solution found: downloaded correct drivers for my ASUS r503 SATA DVD drive that were outdated
    Thanks to all for posting all methods and fixes.

  • work perfectly. thanks a lot for your support.

  • Tried all manual steps, failure. Then the automated, still failed. Asus K533MA windows 10-64.

  • I used the self install file and it works great could not be happier. thank you so much. FYI I am using windows 10.

  • Thank you the script worked I can now see my DVD!!!

  • Thanks for this worked great on my Gigabyte mobo running windows 10 used the automated script rebooted and there was my optical drive dont know why win 10 didnt show it but thanks a lot `

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  • Thanks a ton bro. I faced a peculiar problem. After clean install of windows 8.1, I saw my dvd-rw drive listed under hidden devices section of device manager. I could not use it. Code-45 error was shown. Astonishingly, my BIOS could detect the drive all through. I was at my wit's end to solve this UNTIL I STUMBLED ON THIS SOLUTION. IT WORKED LIKE A CHARM.

  • After updating to Windows 10 my dvd no longer worked...... some 'great' planning by Microsoft who apparently intend to release an update later in the year. The second solution worked for me on a Sony Vaio........... very impressed and happy. Many thanks, clever stuff indeed.

  • I have used Method 1 and it work great... thanks.

  • Thanks for the post. It is awesome to see my DVD Drive is working fine after all frustrated searches various experiments. I tried 1st and 4th method don't know which one helped me to get rid of it.

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  • Metod 4 working, thank you very much

  • Method 2 worked like charm!!!
    thnk u so much :D :D

  • Not working....

  • I have just received a new drive after returning an almost new drive as being faulty. Same thing happened as with the returned drive. Power was there but the drive wasn't recognized. The downloaded script worked like magic. Many, Many thanks for your help.

  • Method 2 worked for me in Windows 10. Thanks, a big help.

  • 17 Oct 2015

    Tried both methods, neither worked. DVD drive opens when I press its button but doesn't engage autoplay, nor does the "My computer" screen show the optical drive. Help ... ?

    My desktop machine (Vista Professional) has the same problem.

  • Thanks a lot :) it really worked for me.

  • work like a charm (metod 2). thank you

  • Dear friend, thank you sooo much, the trick with the ZIP file saved my HTPC. It is Windows 10, 32 bit edition. I was already about to nuke the whole damn thing and reinstall from scrath. Cheers!

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  • Thank you so much. By using the Registry Script problem solved, Method 4 is simple.

  • None of these methods are working for me, i'm afraid

  • Excellent, thanks! Method one didn't help but Method two did the trick! Greatly appreciated.

  • I've seen this fix for CD/DVD drives before, but what about USB external drives? I have an external drive dock (with it's own power supply) and when I plug it in to my Win10 PC I hear the acknowledgement tone, then a few seconds later I get that tone that signifies the USB device has been disconnected. I cannot get the drive to stay connected to either USB 2.0 or 3.0 ports. My PC is a Lenovo X315. When I plug the external drive into my HP (also Win10) I get the tone and the drive is up and running - I can read/write, do backups, etc. I have scoured the internet and no one has a definite fix. Please advise ...
    Ron S. Cullen

  • VG

    ^^ Open Device Manager and try to find the device there. If you find it, uninstall the device and then try to attach the device again in your computer.

  • I faced same issue with my windows 7. I will try this solution today. Please keep providing such easy to understand solutions to common pc problems and let us make our life easy.

  • Thank you very much! the method no. 4 has worked and now i am using my CD Drive. Thank you again.

  • Windows 10 pro (x64) upgraded from W7
    Tried all key reg fixes - reboot - uninstall DVD bluray - still NO DVD detected by windows...
    DVD device still hidden... and properties: Currently, this hardware device is not connected to the computer. (Code 45) !!

  • When I delete the "UpperFilters" and "LowerFilters" keys, after reboot, they reappear back with the values "portdhutCDRO" and "portshutCD"

  • Would you happen top have any other suggestions? I went through all the fixes that you posted and my CD came back up in the devices section and worked again for a couple of re-boots and then it disappeared again. Sometimes the drive door will open but won't show up in the list and other times nothing works. At this point, it may be easier to go back to Windows 7. I went through the Windows on-line help and they said it was Dell's problem and Dell has no new drivers. Hopefully you have another idea or two.

  • hey thanks a lot!! it worked!!:)

  • METHOD 2 part 2 worked for me Thank you so much!!!!!!

  • Method #2 worked great for me. Thank you very much. My problem was that my Blu-Ray drive was missing after updating to Windows 10 Pro but my other DVD drive was there. After trying your fix my Blu-Ray drive is now visible and available.

  • Resolved the problem ("Jon" above). The FUJISTSU Portshutter program was causing the problem.

    My drive wasn't recognized because it was being blocked by a security program called Portshutter (that comes with FUJITSU machines). Deleting the registry keys as suggested only worked until the reboot, when Portshutter reinserted them. I had to remove Portshutter (couldn't be done with Add/Remove programs - had to delete all the files in SAFE mode), then by deleting all the registries related to it. (I did a search on "portshut", then deleted the many entries it found -- WARNING - THIS IS RISKY since I didn't really now what I was deleting. I could delete every relevant entry EXCEPT the one associated with my DVD drive. So I uninstalled the driver. Then upon reboot, the driver was reinstalled and none of the registry keys reverted back to Portshutter entries. Voila! The drive is working again.

  • Excellent guys !

    Second method worked perfect for me.
    Thanks for posting this.

  • Method 2 worked as advertised. But my system has 2 drives and the above instructions only fixed one.

    So I added another Key: Controller1 with DWORD EnumDevice2 = 1

    This fixed the second drive.

    My problems started with the upgrade to Windows 10

  • what if non of the technique works

  • Wow you script worked perfectly, both my DVD's are back and working, no longer hidden in Device Manage. I'm running WIN10 as a upgrade from Win7 Pro 64 Bit. I was ready to revert back to Win7 but with you help will stick out Win10 awhile longer. LOL

  • Does not work. Still having problems on Windows 10

  • I found a solution of the problem with missing DVD.
    In Device Manager I selected View->Show Hidden Devices. DVD was shown and I uninstalled it.
    After reboot the DVD was not detected, so I uninstalled all IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers:
    ATA Channel 0,
    ATA Channel 1,
    Intel (R).... Serial ATA Storage Controller)
    and after reboot the DVD was recognized and installed.
    I hope this can help you with the detection of DVD of Windows 10.

  • Sorry to rain on the parade of praise but I have done your methods and still have the problem approximately a third of the time. I have 2 drives and one is being skipped. This is an INTERMITTENT problem, not something that you can duplicate at will or provide with a surefire fix. Making the reg changes or doing the uninstall/reinstall will appear to work but if you check on later boots you will find that about one in three boots will still skip a drive. I'm guessing that the commenters are not checking their systems every time or that they are leaving it running for days at a time. Or maybe this works if you only have one drive. (I did add a Controller 1/ EnumDevice 2 to be sure both were covered). And NO, there are no issues with my hardware. It is a new build, fully tested, and there are no hardware or port issues. Both drives use the generic Windows driver; no third party drivers apply. These are known good drives (used in my previous build and it is only one that is being skipped; why that one who knows? It is the one I installed Windows from and BIOS ALWAYS loads it. Win 10 is the flakiest OS I have ever encountered and there numerous issues like this out there. MS really screwed up this time and THEY need to fix this as well as the other quirks. I appreciate your efforts but this is beyond your or my control.

  • Replace the battery of your motherboard !!

  • Thank you so much. Method 2 works well for me. Thank you so much.

  • Thanks so much method 4 worked for me !!!

  • W8.1, Tried them all with no luck... was worth a go, thanks anyway

  • not working, like any poor stuff from micro$chrot

  • Method 4 worked for me. Thanks a million. (Wish I found this site earlier...I even bought a new DVD player, thinking my drive was faulty).

  • Yes !! Method 4 worked for me also. You saved me a headache trying to fix this.

  • Thanks mate. I just hacked this for one of my bosses machines using method 4.

  • none of these fixes worked.

  • nothing worked for me.

  • der's no lower and upper filters on my registry editors T.T i still cant fix it. nothing worked for me.

  • Life saver. Worked like a charm.
    Thank you

  • did every one of these things n blastid drive still is not showing

  • method 5 works for me. thanks a lot

  • Very well written. Very complete as it wasn't until Method #3 that my DVD player was returned to service (after a reboot). Awesome. I only wish Microsoft would invest the time necessary to ensure this didn't occur in the first place. While registry fixes are not a new thing, MS shouldn't rely on good people like you writing detailed workarounds which necessitate editing registry keys. I don't think the "average" user would be able to accomplish even the cut and paste into a command prompt as it does require opening an administrator command prompt. Regardless, THANK YOU !!!!

  • all the metods not working for me why??????

  • My CD/DVD drivers seemed to have disappeared after I was forced onto Windows 10. I tried all your methods. None worked unfortunately. Thanks though

  • Thanks a lot! Method 1 worked on my win 10.

  • Thanks a lot! Method #2 did the job for my Windows 10.

  • Thank you very much since I have fixed my PC by using your METHOD 5.

  • Did not work for me,
    should I have used the Qword for 62 bit, or the Dword for 32 bit, ? - I am running 64 bit win7.
    After reboot, I did confirm numDevice1 and its value of 1 was still present.
    Showing hidden files, DVD did not show up - ? Do see the IDE and associated show up though..

    What else can be done?


  • Thank you very Much. It Works like a charm. I wish I go through this page since last year & I am seeking for help. Thanks to allot.

    I L0ve You :)

  • I had tried all method but i still have the problem!!!........
    PLZ SOMEONE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!

    THANKS in Advanced..............

  • Thanks lot.i had above problem and contacted few friends but no one had answere. Then I just type my problem in google. Thanks to you I did what you ask to do and I resolve my problem. Once again thank you millions of time

  • Fantastic, method 2 worked for me,

    Many thanks

  • Thank you. Method 2 worked for Win 10

  • Thank you very much! Method 5 saved me. Finally, a method that WORKS!!! :)

  • None of these worked for me. I still have the problem on Windows 10

  • Thank you so much. My problem has been solved. Great work guys. Keep it up.

  • STEP 6!!!!

    I tried all solutions and the drive would not stick, on one or two occasions I was able to make the drive show but upon a restart it would promptly disappear again.

    The extra step that worked for me-

    Following method 2, I noticed there were two different atapi folders in the registry. They were in the location stated, ...CurrentControlSet\services.
    One was "atapi" and the other was "-atapi"...

    "atapi" had a number of string values, roughly 10, while "-atapi" only had the "(default)" string value.

    I deleted the entire "-atapi" folder and everything has worked smoothly ever since.

    I don't expect this is common or it would've been mentioned already, but if you've tried everything else, check for the extra -atapi folder!

  • Thanx!

  • tried everything, nothing's working so far =(

  • still didn't work out by any of the methods given above !!! p.s

  • sir I want to know if I use this features then my program Will be delete or not?

  • VG

    ^^ Which program? It'll not delete any installed program.

  • Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU. I had a Latitude E6320 where the optical drive was seen in BIOS but not in My Computer. After a Google search I found this link and number 4 did it for me - brilliant. I love that people share their knowledge and am very grateful that they do! Thanks again :D ~ Beannie

  • Thank you very much dear. Work like a charm. You are a life saver. Method 2 work for me. God bless you.

  • Sir, Please help me I am trying all methods not worked for me please help

  • unfortunately,
    in method 5 i have removed each section under DVD/CD-ROM drives and IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers items and u hv written dat again right click and select scan hardware changes..., but after removing each section of those then the DVD/CD-ROM drives and IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers are also removed....now how can i fix dat....

    please help me...

  • thank u so much. method 1 worked so perfect. God bless

  • Uninstalling the drivers worked, thanks!

  • Please help! I tried each and every step listed above, but nothing seems to help. I even tried the Vishal method (viewing hidden devices), at which point the CD/DVD device was shown; but after I deleted the drivers, it did NOT rediscover the device. Now even when I turn on the 'show hidden devices' feature, the CD/DVD device is NOT seen!

    PLease help. I suspect that a rollback from WIn11 (which I did after the system misbehaved a few months ago after installation of Win11) may be at the root of the problem. The problem is that I cannot be certain, since I don't often use the CD/DVD drive. I discovered it only today and have already spent 6 hours debugging the damned thing.

    Any help will be gratefully acknowledged. TIA.

  • All the methods not work !!

    Give some other Methods

  • Hi there. None of these methods worked for me. The problem is that my dvd drive Matshita UJ8E2Q still shows up as a cd-rom drive only and will not recognize dvd disks. Can someone PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE suggest a solution. Thanks :-)

  • I tried all the ,methods u have given in the upper methods but non of them works in my pc??
    WINDOWS 7 32BIT...
    Is that the drive problem or my device is damaged?????

  • Hi there,
    In my Windows 10 x64 10586.545
    does -not- have these "UpperFilters" and "LowerFilters" entries.

    In the device manager the CD-ROM shows up alright, the properties says it is working fine.
    It will show up in Explorer once I insert a CD or DVD.
    Once I remove the media, the CD ROM drive will disappear from the folder tree. I know in the past it was listed alright, but it disappeared.
    In "Disk Management" the CD ROM is also listed ('No Media')

    So, I guess, Windows decides 'when you don't use it then we won't show it either'


  • thaks so much, I have tryied all the things above, but it don't seem that its my problem, I jus wonder what is this...

    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\CD Burning\stangingInfo\



    there are this volume carpets... is that normal...?
    the only one who is in the carpet Drives is the first one... :

    should I remove the rest?

  • I tried all method and non of them worked. The device manager did not showed any cd/dvd drive in the computer.

    However here is my solution:

    1) Find out the cd/dvd drive name
    1a) remove cd/dvd drive from the computer
    1b) placed in an ODD box and connected with USB (windows 8 recognized it)
    1c) marked up the name of the cd/dvd drive
    2) download the right driver from the internet (cdrom.sys)
    3) backup the C:\Windows\System32\drivers\cdrom.sys file
    4) replace the C:\Windows\System32\drivers\cdrom.sys file with the downloaded one.
    5) reboot computer

    Hopefully it will help someone with the same issue. Good luck!

  • Method 5 worked for me! After trying the 4 above, plus others I found elsewhere.

    Dhanyavaad Vishal!

  • After i uninstall cd rom as per u say now i unable to see the the cd rom hidden option

  • Well,well done the method number 4 worked perfectly, so much thanks for massive help....

  • thanks

  • I used method one but win 8 is not starting please help me soon

  • This helped. Hope it doesn't disappear again

  • Took longer to work up the courage to use these steps than the actual execution. Method 5 worked after I used the first two. That 'reg.exe, etc.' was a little over my head, but the script you provided worked just fine. I had to reboot the computer several times, but the DVD/CD drive finally showed up, and it worked. Could ask for no more, a big thanks!

  • Nothing worked for me... :(

  • wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its works........ :) thank you so much..

  • Thanks for all the time and effort you went to. I had no luck with getting rid of BD rom nor getting my dvd/cd rom working . but thanks to you i was able to give it a real good try
    thanks again.

  • thanks for your time and your works, but i have tried all of your methods and they didn't work, how can you help?
    when i did the method 5
    The drives haven't rediscovered, how can i know if the drives loaded back?

  • Thank you.. 2nd Method worked.

  • Thanks you so much :)))) the 2nd method worked for me

  • Thank you so much, Method 1 worked straight away for me.....Whooo-hoooo "I Don't Beeeee-lieve It. Very grateful to you.

  • Thank you, method 1 worked perfectly.

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