How to Move Scrollbar from Right to Left in Mozilla Firefox?

By default Mozilla Firefox shows the scrollbar on the right of screen. But sometimes many people mostly left-handers want to show the scrollbar on right of screen.

Today in this tutorial, we'll show you a way to move the scrollbar from Right to Left in Mozilla Firefox as shown in following screenshot:


So following is a step-by-step tutorial:

1. Open firefox and type about:config in the addressbar and press Enter. It'll confirm, click on I'll be careful, I promise! button.

2. Now type side in Filter box. It'll show a single entry "layout.scrollbar.side" in the results window.

3. Either double-click on this entry or right-click on it and select "Modify". Now change its value to 3


4. That's it. Now Firefox will always show the scrollbar on left of the screen.

PS: If your OS language is viewed right to left, then the scrollbar will be shown on left of screen. So if you want to show it on right of screen, then change value to 2 instead of 3 in Step 3.

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  • Awesome for Lefties to have the scroll bar on the left side. THANK YOU!!!

  • I notice that the scroll bar doesn't move to the left for Gmail. Is that right? Or is Google a law unto themselves? :)
    Thanks for the tip though for the other websites it worked.

  • I have two monitors. If the scrollbar is on the side that is in the middle it is difficult to use because I move my mouse over it into the other monitor. So I would like the scrollbar on the left in the left hand monitor and on the right with the right hand monitor. But a bookmarklet can't do it apparently.

  • I moved it back because it is a pain to have the scroll bar on the left in my right hand monitor. If anyone works out a way to have the scroll bar on the outer edges of a two monitor system please let me know.

  • how to go fiist step? open firefox type page?

  • Hard to grasp how easy this is - if you're Vishal. Thank you!

  • Awesome, I'm right-handed but it makes a lot more sense to have the scrollbar close to most of the websites menus anyways! Works like a charm. Thank you!

  • Is it possible to remove the scrollbar frome my touchscreen

  • Thanks so much for this! I'd been wishing for a while I could do this with my web browser -- I already do it for Emacs, and now my Firefox can do it too.

    This is not just about handedness or which screen the window is in, or how far your mouse must travel. Xerox knew what they were doing when they had scrollbars on the left of windows in LISA and Smalltalk -- it makes so much more sense to have the scrollbars on the left, where the text is, especially for left-to-right languages like English.

  • Dear All,

    I want to override 'layout.scrollbar.side' configuration value using client side code(jQuery, Javascript) as per my website language selection.

    E.g :- When i select in my website Arabic language ''layout.scrollbar.side = 3' and when i select 'English', ''layout.scrollbar.side = 0'.

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