How to Move or Resize an Off-Screen Window in Windows?

I'm sure you have faced this situation many times when a program window opens in a way that you can't see either its titlebar or the whole program window. Most of the times it happens when you close a full screen program like a game or movie.

I have faced this problem many times with Internet Download Manager (IDM). I think its a bug in IDM. Whenever I open IDM, each time its window automatically shifts a few pixels to the left side of screen. After many open and close operations, one moment comes when the whole program window disappears and moves off-screen. Sometimes you can only see its border as shown in following screenshot:


There is one more similar problem when a program window automatically moves a few pixels to the top of the screen which hides the window titlebar completely as shown in following screenshot:


In both situations, you can't move the program window as you need to click and hold the cursor on program titlebar and then you can move it on the screen by dragging the window.

So if you face such kind of problem in future, how will you fix it? How will you move or resize an off-screen window? Don't worry! Here is the solution.

Today in this tutorial, we'll tell you a very simple and easy to use trick to move and resize a program window which is not showing properly on screen or the window is too large and wide that you can't resize it.

There are 2 ways to move or resize an off-screen program window:

  • Using keyboard shortcut
  • Using mouse

METHOD 1: Using Keyboard Shortcut

You just need to press "ALT+SPACEBAR" keys together and it'll open the System Menu which shows minimize, maximize, restore, close, size and move options.

Once you get the menu, you can use arrow keys to go to the desired option and press Enter key.


For example, to move the window select "Move" option (or press m key to select the option) and then you can use arrow keys to move the program window to left, right, top or bottom.

Similarly, to resize a large and wide window, select "Size" option (or press s key to select the option) and then use arrow keys to resize it.

METHOD 2: Using Mouse

If you don't want to use keyboard shortcut, you can use your mouse to access system menu. Just right-click on the program button present in Taskbar. Windows 7 users will need to press SHIFT key while right-clicking on the program button otherwise it'll bring jumplist.


Right-clicking on the program button will show the same system menu and then you can click on the desired option but you'll still need to use arrow keys to move or resize the program window.

Have you faced such kind of problem in Windows? How did you fix it? Did you know this trick? Feel free to share your experience in your comment...


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  • handy, on Linux you can just press ALT (I changed it to windows-key) and drag.

  • i tried similar method. on task bar and select cascading view.

  • Sizer is a freeware utility that allows you to resize any window to an exact, predefined size.

  • Thanks for the tip, I face this problem a lot with installers and other programs.

  • Here are a couple more ways:
    • With more than 1 app open, right click on task bar and select “Cascade Windows”
    • Let Windows reset the application location. Right click on desktop / Personalize / Display Settings, to display the Display Settings dialog. Move the resolution slider to the left one or two clicks. Click on apply. The window will resize, pulling all applications onscreen and resizing them to fit. Do not accept the change, cancel it. The window will resize back to "normal", with all of the applications stacked in the upper left corner.

    I also use the shortcut. But I press and release them in sequence, one after the other. Then I can use the arrow keys to start the move. After using an arrow key, the application window "sticks" to the mouse pointer. So making large swiping moves of the mouse will tend to expose at least one corner of the app window to give you a clue which way to continue mousing to bring it on screen.

  • Thanks for this!!!!

    Had this happens at times and never could figure out a fix! Wonderful!!

  • Press Windows key plus left or right arrow key will activate the aero snap to the edge of the screen and up arrow key will maximize it.

  • It saved me from a lot of grief... Thanks for sharing.


  • I can't thank you enough. You resolved my issue in a way that was easy for me to understand.


  • Hi Thanks for your help. unfortunatley the methods on the main page didnt work for me as the "Move" was greyed out but the cascade option worked a dream. thanks Ron

  • Hi

    for me the main options didnt work as the "move" was greyed out however Ron's option of cascading worked like a dream. thanks Ron and thanks Vishal for having htis page on the net

  • Easiest way is to click on escaped program's taskbar button, and then use Win+Left or Win+Right key combo...

  • or if you don't want to waste time with the move command and cascade as they don't always work change res drag it so the title bar is low on screen and change res back.
    those other solutions don't always work and are posted everywhere by idiots -.-

  • omg thank u so much u dont no how long ive been trying!!!!!!

  • Thank you Ron, your answer worked for me while many others had not. It was simple and easy to understand, worked for me on Windows 8 when I tried to move over a Word document to the edge of the screen, thought it was gone for good. Had no option to "move" or "size" so thank you.

  • Or just hit Windows Key + Right. Or simply resize it by dragging on the visible border. How could this ever be an issue?

  • omg. thank you so much!! why the hell can this even happen in the first place? step up your game windows 8...

  • This worked for me...

    I edit video on a PC and the title bar of the audio tool got stuck under the menu bar.
    It became quite annoying because while I could resize it, I couldn't free the audio tool window to place it in some other emptier/freer area of either of my monitor screens.

    And since the Avid audio tool sits atop any other window whenever it's open, I had to constantly move the windows that I could move around to be able to read the titles and info in the bin (if it was blocked by the audio bar).

    MY SOLUTION: all bins so that you don't lose any work.

    If you're working with two monitors, open Control Panel, click on Display and choose the monitor which has this problem. Simply adjust the resolution down to a smaller size (you'll be readjusting it back to the size you need in just a few moments). After picking the smaller resolution, click apply. Don't panic when you see your newly adjusted screen after that jarring hit of black. Everything is probably going to look magnified.

    Go back to Control Panel and follow the previous instructions to adjust the resolution back to where you had it set before. Hit apply again. You get the same jarring hit of black as before, then Avid will send up a dialogue box saying you need to restart it to make the settings stick. Hit OK, exit Avid, then go back into Avid.

    Open your desired project and you'll notice that many settings on the interface have returned to their defaults. But alas, there will likely sit your newly freed Audio Tool.

    OK, so you lose a few settings. You're smart, just go into Avid's settings and put them back to what you want. It was worth it for me just to finally free that Audio Tool.

  • I am using cubasis vst 5.0 and it worked perfectly for many years. it has now decided it does not want to resize. its either minimise or maimise, themove or resize dont want to work. restore does the same as minimise ??? even using your method. it goes straigt down to the task bar, and i need to shink it so i cans ee progammes in the background to drag and drop in... any ideas as to what may be causing this ???



  • VG

    ^^ It might be happening due to some 3rd party program running in background. Make sure you are not using a software which changes window titlebar settings, context menus, etc.

  • I have tried all the suggestions and when I get the program window to move, it just snaps back into place again. Help please?

  • The tips don't work with WinAmp. The arrows with four directions appear, but the app window does not move. Any help?

  • VG

    ^^ Winamp uses an overlay UI for window borders and buttons which might be causing this issue.

  • Thanks so much for this - it was a great help when my Word doc disappeared to the far right. I followed your instructions blind (b/c the menu appeared with the window) but it worked nonetheless and you give the forum for people to post other options.
    Thanks heaps!

  • Permanent fix for Win 7 - windows open partially off screen
    Click each:
    control panel
    adjust resolution
    advanced settings
    select TAB - Intel HD graphics control panel
    SCALING - choose - CUSTOMIZE
    Horizontal and vertical sliders appear
    slide each and watch your window shrink and grow.
    Adjust each till window fits your screen.
    Done forever!!!

  • Thank you. I ve been trying for weeks to cure this.

  • Thanks very much...cant believe i didnt know this

  • thank you very much was looking for a half hour trying to figure out how to resize my browser thank you for the information I was looking for!

  • Prefect! thanks, did the suggested first one. Would great. Makes me feel smart. LOL

  • This is a big issue when you have two screens and your primary monitor can't be turned on for whatever reason.

    The only thing I've found to work is open resolution settings (the window opens on the switched off primary monitor) Shift+Right click the window in the taskbar then blindly left click + drag the window over to the working secondary monitor. From here you can switch the settings to duplicate.

  • Cool, thanks, used the short cut method successfully. No more frustration

  • You're a lifesaver!!! I'm almost finished with a 120 page report for my Hematology class and the cat walked on my keyboard. I had already spent about 20mins trying to figure it out and was about to give up and just close the program.

    Thank you!!!!!! :)

  • Haven't used Windows for about twelve years, so was a bit lost about how to move the window about when the top of the window isn't showing. In Xfce in Linux, it's Alt+left mouse button within the window to move it about, so naturally I first tried that out of habit. Didn't work. So, off I search and found this page, and now I know how it works on Windows 8.1.

    Thanks a lot.

  • Absolutely no help at all. Thanks for wasting my time.

  • Useless. There's no need to do all this to get the same useless result. You can usually move a window without doing all the al+ delete thing. Chrome is stuck hard and fast to the left side of my screen and will NOT be moved this way. What a waste of time trying this useless method

  • For me _only_ worked (Windows 7) was to Shift+Right-Click Taskbar symbol, then use cursor keys only.

  • Thank you , Thank you!! I've been working on this for an hour trying to figure out what the problem was. And you fixed it.

  • These tips worked for me nicely on my Windows 8.1 laptop. Now that Microsoft Windows 8.1 is running on 7-inch tablets without keyboards, is there a trick to move a Window around without a keyboard? Some windows do not have a scroll bar, and on the tiny screen often the bottom of the window will be off the screen. So the "Apply" or "Next" buttons are not visible.

  • Thank you, while the "move" option didn't work, I was able to find a solution in the comments. Thanks for fostering this discussion!

  • Thanks man, you help me, was very strange.

  • doesn't work. doesn't work. doesn't work. it's the program i am using, i know, but it is very frustrating, and this isn't working

  • This same solution also applies to Windows 10.
    Had the same problem with PowerPoint - it decided to go off screen.
    Your posting saved the day!

  • So I've tried the above suggestions, including those in the comments and nothing yet seems to help. My problem is the Control Panel opening off screen to the right. So I can't access any of the Control Panel options for adjusting resolution etc. The suggestions people made were all very helpful, just didn't solve whatever problem I seem to have. Was not a waste of time as might have helped...Any more suggestions?

  • Thank you very much!
    Shift+Right click mouse was help me a lot to maximize hidden window!

  • Thanks. Just spent a fraught hour trying to resize and got nowhere until I found your site. Thanks again.

  • This happens to me when running Avid MC all the time. I have to save my work and close the program and restart it to retrieve the full window again. This article saved me that hassle so I can get the Avid window from the boondocks without closing it. I knew there was a shortcut, I just couldn't find what it was. This always happens when I need to access my desktop while in full screen with Avid. It comes back to Avid with only the bottom half of the window hanging down from the stratosphere. Very annoying. Those who didn't like this article are obviously searching for answers on a different problem. They didn't pay attention to the question you were answering. Oh well. This saved me, that's what I'm grateful for.

  • This did not help, there is a game i want to play but the game's configuration screen is too big, and when i press alt+spacebar the only options in the menu that come up are "move" and "close", any time I try to move the window it automatically shifts to where I cannot confirm my custom configuration settings. Please me out with this!!!

  • Regarding only non-movement of the Settings window in Windows 10:
    I could move most windows fine across desktops on dual monitors, but not the Settings window.
    One day I noticed a smaller subtle redundant title "Settings" way up in upper-most left-most corner.
    Voila, if you grab it close to or on that smaller title, the Settings window moves fine, otherwise no.

  • I was unable to use the "ALT" "SPACEBAR" method for a program that opened too high on the screen.

    RON's method worked: With more than 1 app open, right click on task bar and select “Cascade Windows”

    I often read through other peoples comments for tips and hints. RON's was a smash hit!
    Thank you.

  • If nothing works, try CTRL ALT and the left or right buttons. that flips the too big window on its side, you will then be able to see the accept/decline button. to get it back, CTRL ALT and the top button.

  • Chrome was stuck on the left side of my window. Your instructions fixed the problem.

    Thanks you!!!

  • Alt + Space bar -then Maximise = YES !!!!! Many thanks

  • Very useful! Thanks!

  • thanks! help me finish a much-needed download

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