[Windows Tip] Remove User Picture from Login Screen / Start Menu

UPDATE: Tutorial updated for new Windows versions.

Almost all Windows versions such as Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 show your user account picture (also known as user avatar) on Login Screen as well as on Start Screen or Start Menu. You can click on the user picture to access user account settings and options.

Many times when you use a 3rd party Windows theme or custom background on Login Screen, you may want to hide or remove this user picture from Start Menu or Login Screen as it may not match with the new theme or background and may ruin the look of Start Menu or Login Screen.

If you want to hide user picture on Login Screen as well as Start Menu in Windows, here are very easy to use and simple solutions for you.

Today in this tutorial, we are going to share 2 methods to remove user picture from Login Screen and Start Menu in Windows:

  • METHOD 1: Remove user picture manually
  • METHOD 2: Remove user picture using 3rd party software

So without wasting time lets start the tutorial:

METHOD 1: Remove User Picture Manually

With the help of this simple method, you can easily remove the user picture shown on Login Screen and Start Menu to get a clean and minimal interface.

1. Copy following text and paste it in RUN dialog box or Windows Explorer addressbar and press Enter:


It'll open "Account Pictures" folder where you'll see your customized user picture images.

2. Just delete all the images and it'll remove the user picture from Login Screen as well as Start Menu. It'll also clear recent user picture history in user account settings window.

PS: If you want to restore default user picture later, you can go to following folder:

%ProgramData%\Microsoft\User Account Pictures\

It contains all default user picture images. Now you can select any desired image as your user picture. Open Start Menu and click on your user name shown at the top of Start Menu and select "Change account settings" option. Now you can select new user picture.

METHOD 2: Remove User Picture Using 3rd Party Software

Long time back, we posted about a cool feature of our favorite tool "Classic Shell" at following link:

Enable Windows XP Style Cascading "All Programs" List in Windows Vista / 7 Start Menu

We are going to share yet another cool feature of "Classic Shell" freeware. It can also hide user picture on Windows Start Menu. Following screenshot shows Windows 7 Start Menu without user picture:


You just need to follow these simple steps to remove user picture from Windows Start Menu:

1. Download and install Classic Shell using following link:

Download Classic Shell

2. Once you install it, it'll replace Windows Start Menu with Classic Start Menu. Right-click on Start ORB and select Settings option.

3. Now click on "Windows Start Menu" radio button given in "Left Click opens" section as shown in following screenshot:


It'll re-enable Windows Start Menu for left-click. If you want, you can also follow the same steps for "Windows Key opens" section.

4. Now we need to hide user picture in Start Menu.

Go to "Windows Start Menu" tab and enable "Hide User Picture" option as shown in following screenshot:


5. That's it. It'll immediately hide user picture from Start Menu. Enjoy the minimal and clean Start Menu which you always wanted.

If you decide to restore user picture in future, just uncheck the option in settings.

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  • this is good but dont forget

    instead of this 3rd party software, u can also use the Start Menu Glitch method as mentioned in here:


    (the problem however is that it only works on windows 7)

  • I love this website.

  • Now if you could only show us how to disable that damned picture without using a third party tool!

  • VG

    ^^ Manual method also added. :)

  • Hi, VG:
    Many thanks for your input.
    I have already tried to remove the an avatar, from the login screen, using the manual method, by deleting the picture. For good measure, I also removed it from the recycle bin.
    However, the picture remains on show.
    Where else could this picture be hiding?
    I bought a second-hand Acer note book, which is virtually brand new - an unwanted gift - that had Win 8.1 on board. I upgraded to Win 10, meanwhile and I still have the option of reverting to 8.1, if necessary.
    Thanks, in advance, for your assistance.
    Kind regards,
    Roland Osborne

  • VG

    ^^ Try to change your user account picture and then delete the image file as suggested.

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