How to Disable Annoying Caps Lock Key in Windows?

So what was the last time when you used "Caps Lock" key in your keyboard? Can't remember? Actually Caps Lock key is one of the most unused keys in the keyboard. Its also one of the most annoying keys.

Tell us honestly how many times did you face that annoying situation when you pressed this key accidentally and typed a line or full paragraph without even knowing that Caps Lock is ON? Your answer would be many times.

So here is a simple solution for this annoying problem. You can either permanently disable "Caps Lock" key or change it to some other useful keys like "Shift" or "Control" using the built-in "Keyboard Scancode Mapping" feature of Windows.

To use this keyboard scancode mapping feature, we'll need to edit Windows registry and add a new Binary value "Scancode Map" in following key:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Keyboard Layout


Then we'll need to set the value of "Scancode Map" to disable Caps Lock key or change it to some other key.

Doing this task manually will be a bit complicated, that's why we have created a ZIP file which contains ready-made registry scripts for:

  • Disable Caps Lock key
  • Change Caps Lock to Control
  • Change Caps Lock to Shift
  • Restore Caps Lock key

So download following ZIP file, extract it and run the desired REG file. It'll ask for confirmation, accept it and restart your system to take affect.

Download Registry Script

You can also use "Sharp Keys" freeware to disable any desired key or change action of a key:

How to Disable or Change a Key Action in Your Keyboard Using Sharp Keys?

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  • Worked like a charm for me :)

  • I taught myself how to type back in the third grade. And until this day, I've always used the CAPS LOCK key instead of SHIFT. I just can't hit the SHIFT key and maintain my speed. Maybe I'm just weird, haha.

  • That worked great. Thank you for your help.

  • here is a low-tech way to do this (in-case you do not have admin rights to change the registry). Pop the caps lock key off of the key board and cut about 1/8" off of the shaft .... pop it back onto the key board and you are in business.

  • I tried all this and NONE of it worked to me! Method 2 is a total joke. I followed your directions to the letter and let tell you that when I got to where you have a chart it only read HKEY_CURRENT_USER and that was it. I managed to get Softwate and Microsoft in there. That was it. I didn't get to put inthe rest of it. So here I wasted all my time I still have these dam key shortcuts. I can't even send a damn email.

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