How to Create Portable Version of “RocketDock” for USB Drives?

There are many docking utilities available for Windows like RocketDock, RK Launcher, ObjectDock, etc but personally I love RocketDock. You can take a look at all such docking utilities in our dock collection topic.

RocketDock is very light on system resources and highly customizable. At the same time it doesn't provide unnecessary shadow like features and advance customizable options to confuse you. It provides all basic and required features which you need in a perfect dock utility for Windows.

I'm using RocketDock since many years to organize my essential program shortcuts. I never put shortcuts on Desktop and use RocketDock for them because its quite easy and comfortable to launch the required programs via dock compared to Desktop. I don't need to minimize running programs to access Desktop to launch the shortcut. I just hover the mouse cursor at bottom-center of screen and RocketDock appears and then I can click on the desired shortcut to launch the program. Although you can use Quick Launch toolbar or pin items to Windows 7 Taskbar but it takes lots of space of Taskbar when you want to put lots of items, so dock is a better option for it.

Interesting thing is, I always use portable version of RocketDock which I created when I started using it but I never realized that I have not shared the method to make RocketDock portable here which is quite surprising for me.

So today in this tutorial, I'm going to tell you how to make RocketDock portable so that you don't need to install it. You can carry it on your USB drive or store it in any hard disk partition. Now whenever you install Windows, you can simply run RocketDock EXE file from the stored folder and it'll launch with all pre-defined settings and program shortcuts.

So without wasting time, lets start the tutorial:

1. First of all if you have not downloaded RocketDock yet, download it using following topic:

Download RocketDock for Windows

2. After downloading the setup, install RocketDock in your system.

3. Once you install it, run RocketDock and customize it according to your requirements like changing its settings, adding/removing program shortcuts, etc.

4. Once you have finished customizing it, click on the Dock Settings icon present in RocketDock or right-click on empty area in RocketDock and select "Dock Settings" option.


5. It'll open RocketDock Settings window. In first tab, enable the option "Store Settings in a Portable INI (single-user)" as shown in following screenshot:


Click on OK button. This option will store all your customized settings and program shortcuts in a file "Settings.ini" present in RocketDock's application folder.

6. You have set RocketDock to save your settings in INI file instead of Windows Registry which has made it almost 90% portable.

Now you can copy its folder from "C:\Program Files\" or "C:\Program Files (x86)\" (for 64-bit Windows) to your desired location like any other drive or USB stick.


If you want, you can now uninstall RocketDock from your system as you have already copied it at another location.

7. That's it. Congratulations, you have successfully created portable version of RocketDock. Now you can open the copied folder and can delete following files if you want:


These files are unnecessary and can be deleted to save space. Although you can keep these files without any worries. It'll not hurt you.

8. Now you can run RocketDock.exe file from the folder and it'll launch RocketDock with all your saved settings and program shortcuts.

Its really very helpful, when you install new Windows in your system. If you have portable version of RocketDock, you don't need to install it again and again and don't need to apply all your desired settings each time. It'll remember all your settings and shortcuts as its storing them in INI file and not registry.

9. One thing to keep in mind! When you'll run RocketDock for the first time in a new system, you'll need to enable "Run at Startup" option present in first tab of RocketDock Settings window to make it start automatically with Windows. As this setting is stored in Windows registry, you can't set it in INI file. But you'll need to do this only one time.

So guys! That's the whole procedure to create portable version of one of the best Windows dock utility "RocketDock". If you have any doubt or suggestion in mind, please feel free to share it in your comment...

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