How to Change Windows Update Settings When Managed or Disabled by System Administrator?

NOTE 1: I'm writing this tutorial specially for Windows 10 but this tutorial will also work in all previous Windows versions.

NOTE 2: This tutorial was written for Windows 10 preview builds but it also works in final RTM version of Windows 10.

Imagine a situation when your system administrator or a 3rd party software or a malware disabled/restricted Windows Update settings page. In such situations, you won't be able to change Windows Update settings because all available options would be grayed out.

Same thing happened in Windows 10. Microsoft has disabled customization of Windows Update settings because they want Windows to automatically download and install all preview updates. Microsoft don't want testers to modify those settings to prevent them from disabling Automatic Updates.

If you open Windows Update settings page in Windows 10, you get following screen:


You can see the message "Some settings are managed by your system administrator" at top and you can't change settings of automatically download and install Windows updates in the drop-down box.

Now the problem is that Windows will automatically download and install new updates without your knowledge and you'll have no idea when and which updates Windows installed. If you are on a limited bandwidth or slow Internet connection, you may want to change the settings to notify you before downloading and installing the updates so that you can select which updates do you want to install and when.

If you are using Windows 10 or any previous Windows version and want to be able to change Windows Update settings, this guide will help you.

Today in this article, we are going to tell you methods to remove this restriction and to be able to modify Windows Update settings as shown in following screenshot:


We can remove system Administrator restriction from Windows Update settings using following 2 methods:

  • METHOD 1: Using Group Policy Editor (gpedit.msc)
  • METHOD 2: Using Registry Editor (regedit.exe)

So without wasting time lets start the tutorial:

METHOD 1: Using Group Policy Editor (gpedit.msc)

NOTE: Windows 10 Home edition doesn't contain Group Policy Editor. If you are using Home edition, check out METHOD 2. Other edition users can follow METHOD 1.

1. Type gpedit.msc in RUN or Start search box and press Enter. It'll open Group Policy Editor.

2. Now go to:

Computer Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Windows Components -> Windows Update

3. In right-side pane, look for "Configure Automatic Updates" option.


4. The option would be set to Not Configured. Double-click on it and set it to Enabled.

Now select any of the given options according to your requirements:

  • 2 - Notify for download and notify for install
  • 3 - Auto download and notify for install
  • 4 - Auto download and schedule the install
  • 5 - Allow local admin to choose setting


PS: Select the last option "5 - Allow local admin to choose setting" to be able to choose options in drop-down box on Windows Update settings page.

That's it. Apply changes and open Windows Update settings page. Now you'll be able to change desired settings.

NOTE for Windows 10 Users:

After applying changes in Group Policy Editor, open Windows Update page in Settings app. Now click on "Check for updates" button to force Windows 10 to apply your changes. After that the new settings will be applied successfully.

Further Read: Fixing Windows 10 Automatic Updates Install Problem

METHOD 2: Using Registry Editor (regedit.exe)

If you can't use or don't want to use Group Policy Editor, you can take help of Registry Editor for the same task. Just follow these simple steps:

1. Type regedit in RUN or Start search box and press Enter. It'll open Registry Editor.

2. Now go to following key:


3. Create a new key under Windows key and set its name as WindowsUpdate

4. Create another new key under WindowsUpdate key and set its name as AU

So the final key path would be:


5. Now select AU key and in right-side pane create a new DWORD AUOptions and set its value to any of following according to your requirements:

  • 2 (To notify for download and notify for install)
  • 3 (To auto download and notify for install)
  • 4 (To auto download and schedule the install)
  • 5 (To allow local admin to choose setting)


PS: Set the value of AUOptions to 5 to be able to choose options in drop-down box on Windows Update settings page.

NOTE: If you are using 64-bit edition of Windows, you'll also need to follow steps 3-5 for following Registry key:


6. Close Registry Editor and open Windows Update settings page. Now you'll be able to change desired settings.

PS: If you are not familiar with Registry editing tasks, we are also providing ready-made Registry script to do the task automatically. Download following ZIP file, extract it and run .REG file. It'll ask for confirmation, accept it. Restart your computer and Windows will always notify you before downloading new updates:

Registry Script to Force Windows to Notify Before Downloading Updates

NOTE for Windows 10 Users:

After applying changes in Registry Editor, restart your computer. After reboot, open Windows Update page in Settings app. Now click on "Check for updates" button to force Windows 10 to apply your changes. After that the new settings will be applied successfully.

Further Read: Fixing Windows 10 Automatic Updates Install Problem

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  • Why icon in Group Policy is look too bad?

  • VG

    ^^ Seems a graphics card driver problem. Since Windows 10 is under development, the card driver might not be fully compatible with it.

  • Typo for:
    "So the final key path would be:"

    conflicts with above.

  • VG

    ^^ Thanks for the heads up. Corrected. :)

  • unrelated but important to me question...

    i was using Windows 7 without major problems... I wanted to try Windows 8 and found it better for my needs

    i had a registry file based on ShellBagView for folders settings... its job was to reset folder settings to default... unfortunately it go deleted during installation...

    can you please help me with the same?

  • VG

    ^^ Here you go:

  • both method not working ):

  • Awesome. I was using Windows 10 and I was very annoyed by this behavior. I wanted full control on Windows update because I am using USB modem connection with 2 GB limit.

    Thanks VG. Worked like a charm. :D

  • its working
    To turn on Automatic Updates yourself, follow these steps:
    1 Click Start, click Run, type wscui.cpl, and then click OK.
    2 Click Automatic Updates.
    3 The following options are available:
    -Automatic (recommended)
    This option lets you select the day and the time that updates are automatically downloaded and installed. This can be every day, or it can be on a specific day and time.
    -Download updates for me, but let me choose when to install them
    This option automatically downloads updates, but requires user interaction to install them.
    Notify me but don't automatically download or install them
    This option notifies you that there are updates available. It requires user interaction to download them and install them.
    -Turn off Automatic Updates
    This option disables Automatic Updates. It provides a link to the Windows Update Web site where you can manually select, download, and install updates.

  • As an administrator of a network at a non-profit, I am disturbed that you would give ways for users to bypass restrictions that are in place for a reason. The last thing I need is a user downloading and installing updates that we haven't tested or that have known issues. Alternatively, we need certain updates installed to protect our computers and our network.

    Shame on you!

  • VG

    ^^ Everything has its side effects. Nothing is perfect in this world. This tutorial will not allow users to disable Automatic Updates. It'll only provide them ability to decide whether they want to get notified about new updates and want to decide when to download and install them.

    Think about people who are using limited bandwidth Internet connection but they want to test Windows 10. If they dont use this trick, Windows will waste their all available bandwidth in downloading updates. If they use this trick, they can decide when to download the updates. They can use other Internet connection such as USB modem, Cyber cafe, etc to download those updates.

    One other case might be malware infection. Sometimes malware disables such kind of options and this tutorial will come handy in those situations as well.

    As they say you cant please everyone. But thanks for your comment. I always appreciate all feedback whether its positive or negative. :)

  • ^^ You are very humble VG. You always allow all kind of comments and that's what I love about you. You are always very supportive, helpful and positive towards your readers. Thanks for this awesome website and your help. :)

  • This windows update setting not available in 9860

  • thanx a lot friend

  • Worked in my 9860, thanks!

  • Thanks for your efforts Vishal... that's exactly what i wanted... i have placed that registry file in startup folder in Windows 8 Pro along with few other files that i want to auto-start... this registry file and other files DO NOT auto-start on boot... it seems to be a common problem and is quite famous on the internet... any solution?

  • Hi there!
    You're a genius buddy thanks and thanks very much, this helped a lot.

  • Thanks this is the answer.

  • Neither will work in windows 10 trial

  • Hi,
    This only worked partly for me. After using method 2, I was excited until I hit the "ok" button and it told me, "You need to provide administrator permission." I am the only user of this laptop, I thought I was the administrator! I am so frustrated with these programs! And to you Hank Arnold, I didn't buy this laptop so the computer gods could hold it hostage from afar! Let me decide what I want to do with it. Anyway, if you know how to bypass this red tape I would be greatful for your knowledge.

  • same problem, the OK button is disabled even though the new administrator options were changed in the HKEY

  • turn off automatic updates DOES NOT come up as an option when typing in wscui.cpl

  • Neither method worked on my Windows 7 Ultimate x64. I am still not able to check for updates.

  • Well, one negative comment there..

    But i have remapped a clients computers IP (static/router dns) and therefor the WSUS doesn't work ~(it wasn't working 100% before the change)

    Group policy naturally doesn't work since the change

    As the WSUS setting were still there and locked, i needed a simple way of changing this on all Windows 8 computers for that client - We use CentraStage so it was simple to roll this REG key out via a scheduled script

    Thanks for saving me tons of hassle :)

  • This is not working in Windows 10 9841 build.

  • second method not working first one is perfect anyway thanks

  • VG
    My son's computer was passed down from a business friend. We have been unable to disable the automatic windows update and have been searching for a solution. We could not access Group Policy using the method found on Microsoft site and other sites. Your method 2 using the registry worked great. Finally! He lost several papers he was working on when he left the computer on overnight and it automatically updated and rebooted. The same thing has happened to me losing valuable days work at my job when the computer automatically updated. Ever since then I have always changed the setting to allow me to decide when I am ready to download and install the update. This one had us baffled until we found your solution. Thank you! To the person who has a not for profit and thinks you shouldn't have provided this information, maybe they will change their mind after one of his/her employees loses valuable hours worth of work when Windows automatically reboots their computer after installing an update while they are on a break. Very frustrating.

  • I can't seem to find the Windows Update settings page in Windows 10

  • VG

    ^^ It has been moved to PC Settings -> Update and Recovery.

  • Great solution on Windows 2008 server with regedit. Thanks.

  • Worked like a charm. Thanks!

  • Hello and Hi,

    Both of this Method does not work for me. I'm using Windows 8.1 N pro.

  • Thank you. Very useful

  • Shame on you Hank Arnold for being so ignorant as to think you are smarter than your users. Think about it, if a user can do this procedure, there's a good chance they know more than you do about what they need. Common Sense 101.

    Sounds like you're the type of IT peep that likes to roadblock progress at every chance you get (faux job security?). If you continue that behavior you'll never move up.

  • @Jay:
    Save your work when you leave the computer. Seriously.
    This loss of documents shouldn't justify the change you want to apply.

    @Hank Arnold
    Knowledge's common now a day. Defense by ignorance is a thing of the past.
    If there's a way to "bypass" your policies... your users should be the least of your concerns.

    @Rick James
    Shame on you for being so arrogant.
    Even though I disagree with Hank Arnold's, users don't know what they need, they know what they want. Today it's a config to "not lose documents because the computer was restarted at night and they didn't save", tomorrow, they'll want to download the torrent they forgot to start last night. Sounds like the type of users that likes to run blind configuration for no logical reason. (lack of knowledge?) If you continue that behavior you'll get fired.

  • its not working in built 9926 win 10 pro ...and i have tried all the method mentioned here and in comment to but non are working ..please suggest any if u have more

  • Gosh vishal, thanks for your article! Windows 10 had been installing extremely buggy video card drivers on my laptop every time it did a windows update, and this would cause my pc to only display a black window. And i could not stop windows from doing it!

    But thanks to your article, now i can make sure this does not get installed again. Thanks vishal!

  • @Hank
    This isn't providing them a way to bypass what you have set by policy, IF you have secured your local workstations. If you give users local admin access, they can do whatever they want regardless of your group policies.

    So shame on YOU !

  • Both methods dont seem to work on built 10041. Anyway to fix this? Thanks!

  • Thanks alot

  • Same as AA is not working on build 10041, Is there a new registry setting on this build??

    It worked on build 9926 (It was the way I upgrade to 10041), but I will want to go to 10049 but the setting (both) are not working any ideas?

  • This no longer works in Windows 10 since build 10041, but I managed to do it with a set of PowerShell tools called Windows Update PowerShell Module

    I wrote a blog post detailing how to disable a particular update

  • Not working for either solution with Windows 10 10056
    It seems they noticed this little hole and blocked it for now.

  • Hi VJ
    My technical understanding is really limited - I just know I wanted to play my usual games - solitaire etc and I've come to my computer this morning to find the whole folder of the basic Windows games has magically deleted without me doing anything. It says Windows Features has been disabled by the systems administrator - but I'm the only person who ever has and ever will had access to this laptop. When I've tried to follow your advice, both for gpedit.msc and regedit.msc it tells me that's been disabled too. What can I do? I have Windows 7 - I think.

  • Great,work win TP 10074,BIG THANKS.

  • Thanks, very useful

  • @Zeljko, are you sure its working on 10074....Prove it..

  • Hi,
    This only worked partly for me. After using method 2, I was excited until I hit the "ok" button and it told me, "You need to provide administrator permission."

  • Thanks alot for your help! Method 2 works! People like you make internet great!

  • It was very usful and work good, thank's

  • thanks for the tip

  • I can't manually check for updates, when I try it says that I can't because settings are controlled by the system administrator. I am the only one who uses this PC and I only have one account. I noticed this earlier today but I think it may have started on the 14th (two days ago) when the last update was installed. I have windows 8.1.

  • thanks for help...

  • Thank you very much for the TIP and help.

  • Hello! Your article is great, but it doesn't work to me (there are some things that you say that doesn't exist in my computer. For example in Method 2 you say to create a key under the Windows key, but there's no Windows key in mine). I'm clearly doing something wrong, I just can't understand what :P Also, there's a key called HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE but I'm not sure if the rest of it exists (\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows). I know it sounds pretty stupid (I sound stupid too, I know) but why doesn't the Windows key exist?

    Help me if you understood what I said, I tried to explain the situation as simpler as I could :P

  • Mine is windows 8.1 and I have the problem that the windows update is disabled, what should I do?

  • And I tried the second method as the group policy doesn't exist apparently. But it still doesn't work for me.

  • Why both method didn't work on my PC? I use Windows 8.1. Please any new suggestion? I've already followed the instructions but it didn't work out, so I can't update the windows defender and any kind of windows update.

  • I have windows 7 and it can't find group policy editor. So i tried registry editor. It worked, but when i try to make a new key under windows, it says I don't have permission. I'm guessing this is just a vicious cycle of admin rights for windows 7 users. Or did I do something wrong?

  • neither of these worked on my computer i am trying to check for updates and it not let me because it is saying that it is run by system administrator

  • Hi !

    I tried both of your methods but this didn't work : I've got 8024402C CODE so I can't update my win7 :'(
    Could you help me ? thanks a lot and I stay connected to answer if someone has a clue :)

  • Hi,

    I made a minimal windows start and I repeat operation and it worked :)

  • i am using windows 8.1.i have kept my windows update as "never check for updates" now im struck with it.what should i do to update now?

  • Since Windows 10 Home does not come with Group Policy Editor does anyone know if the trick to enable gpedit.msc works in Windows 10 Home?

  • I don't even get the update page in the first picture.
    I get some app like limited iptions page.

    I hate how they force apps instead of programmes these days.
    Apps are fine for mobile phones but on a powerful PC they are lazy

  • HELP ME!!!!PLEASE!!!!

    I tried using method one but when I typed gpedit.msc in RUN it says that, "windows cannot find 'gpedit.msc'. " so i tried using regedit and followed the steps but it didn't work...please help me guys. Thank you in advance.

  • Thanks, it works - your are the best :-)

  • Thank you and thanks google leading me here =) you saved me a lot of time and hassle! Keep up the good job! /b

  • Thanks for this great help. I can only assume a malware program changed the windows update settings so that it no longer checked for windows updates at all. As the only user and even with administrative rights, I was not able to change this setting, until I followed these steps.
    Worked perfectly fine for me, so thank you.

  • I followed these steps. but it changed NOTHING....
    I still cannot check for updates manually because it says updates on this computer are controlled by system administrator, which is supposed to be me. :*(
    I have tried EVERYTHING, turning Windows Update off by stopping the service, removing registry entries, gpedit.msc (which doesn't even work in Windows 7 Home Premium), and your proposed method, but I am not allowed to change ANYTHING here!!

  • I HATE WINDOWS for the record, and for the rest of my life, I will NEVER buy another PC....

  • Does anyone know if this works for the official Windows 10 release (not the Tech Preview)? I'm holding off updating to Win10 until I know I can choose which/when updates happen. Thanks!

  • VG

    ^^ Yes. It'll work. Check following for detailed info:

  • I did the settings in gpedit.msc but it is not working. I am still not getting the options how the updates get installed. I am on w10 Pro RTM. Any ideas?

  • VG

    ^^ Please check the "NOTE for Windows 10".

  • This doesnt exist HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows when i go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE it just says default...

  • I did the settings in gpedit.msc and checked the registry, it is already updated probably because of the gp updates. But it is really not working.
    I am still not getting the options how the updates get installed. I am on w10 Pro RTM. Any ideas?

    I checked the Note as you suggested. But the changes are really not reflecting in the WU settings. I have admin rights as it is a personal laptop.

  • The first option goes no where for me - I get a msg saying it doesn't exist.

    I went through the 2nd option easily and I still can't change the updates from the auto update. I live in the Aleutian Islands and have very limited bandwidth and need to stop Windows from eating up my bandwidth!

    My system is running build 10240. Any idea if the 2nd method will work with this build?


  • Thank you! it acually worked

  • I would like to turn off automatic updates permanently on windows 7 as updating has slowed down my PC no end. Any experience of long term 'never update' option on windows 7 home basic?

  • I went through the options above but it has not changed the settings and I still see that windows update has been disabled by your systems administrator. Any other help or solutions would be grateful.

  • Thanks for the help.It was very very useful to fix the problem.Thanks again!!!!!!!!

  • VG

    I have added ready-made Registry script. Please use the script and restart your computer. After that click on "Check for updates" button in Windows Update and it'll set the download settings to "Notify before download" without any problem.

  • I am an experienced computer configuring person, and have this problem. I have tried all the details given here and nothing changes. I am working on my own computer at home, not on a network, and I am the administrator, but cannot change anything and no computer updates are being downloaded or installed.
    Any help would be appreciated!

  • I am using Windows 10 (version 10240). I have downloaded your Registry Editor file(Method 2) & RUN it. But I could not find the Download & Installation options (as in Win 8.1) under Windows Update.

  • thanks, it is really helpful

  • Thanks for the tips!

    @Hank Arnold:

    The fact that you are bashing the poster for providing information says more about you than him. It says to me you do not have a full grasp on administering windows computers if you think this information prevents you from properly controlling what happens on your network. I'm a a computer programmer and network engineer and have worked at places where administrators go way overboard with the policy restrictions they place on workstations. The end up hampering productivity instead of increasing it. Seems to me you would fall in that category.

    Remember, your situation is not the same as others. I currently collect futures data from the CME exchange. It starts trading at 1800 EST on Sunday and trades 23.15 hours a day Monday through Friday. I upgraded to Windows 10 and woke up one morning only to find it updated and restarted causing me to lose valuable data needed for analysis (it costs hundreds of dollars to get this data from third parties and I can't now sell my data because of these gaps). If I had been live trading (automated), this could have caused me to lose a lot of money since the program wouldn't have been able to exit any trades it had placed and would have missed trading opportunities. Are you saying I shouldn't be able to schedule updates and restarts for when the markets are closed? Are you saying Microsoft and you know better than me about my situation?

  • for 64 bit type operating system should i choose reg_dword or reg_qword

  • VG

    ^^ DWORD.

  • thank you makes alot of sense kind regards

  • When I open the Windows Update settings page (start > settings > update & security > windows update) I didn't see the Change Settings screen that you show in your first two screenshots, even if I follow the advanced options link..........I guess that this's because I've got the Home version...?

    Does anyone know if it's possible to do this in W10 Home & how?


  • OK, I reread the article properly this time & realised I needed to use the regedit method.

    I created the first key & DWORD but then wasn't able to do anything in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Policies\Microsoft\Windows...........I just got an error message telling me that I couldn't name a new key as WindowsUpdate as it already existed, though I couldn't see it in that folder.

    I deleted the first key & tried again using QWORD (I've got 64bit).....same again, so I again deleted the first key, rebooted & ran the "Force-Windows-to-Notify-Before-Downloading-Updates" patch, but it didn't seem to make any difference, even after I'd rebooted again (just in case!).

    Do you have any other suggestions please VG?


  • i have done all steps but still have same problem it doesn't resolve

  • hi, i've got a problem with my updates and i can't put them on again.
    i am using win8.1and i stopped my aut.updates with a command in cmd and now i cannot undo that,on screen shows me that some settings are managed by sys admin,and i am the admin so i should be able to change that.

  • When trying to add the second key under method 2, I'm also getting the error "The Registry Editor cannot rename New Key #1. The specified key name already exists. Type another name and try again."

  • ^^ scratch that - it's there now... it seems the problem is because there are linked - updating one automatically updates the other. But they don't seem to have worked, after reboots and forced updates, and trying different settings :-(

  • hi
    I'm using windows 8.1 , it's seem like I don't have the group policy editor on my PC so I used the registry editor and it's not working. Need help

  • Thanks for the help I followed the directions having a little problem entering the 5 choice in the AU folder. Now all is working great
    Thanks again

  • thanks by me a lot . i am really happy with ur help after i followed ur instructions i have just fixed my problem , u are friendly , now i can updates my updates , it made me so upset i thought my windows 8 laptop is going have big problem.
    again thanks

  • I've been looking solution for the same problem and found this bam! nice. it works on my win 8.1 using method 2. thanks!

  • thank you boss...!

  • The whole thing worked except I had to delete a key in windows update named"disablewindowsupdate" for it to work.

  • To everyone saying they cannot press the "OK" button after changing their settings try logging out of windows and back in. I had the same issue and restarted my computer and it corrected the issue. I now have full control over my windows update processes including disabling them entirely.

  • Hi. I am using Windows 10 (build 10240). I have tried both methods to set automatic updates to option 5 (allow local admin to choose settings), but all that results in doing is greying out the windows update setting at automatic, and showing the message that some settings are managed by my organization. Using option 2 (notify for download and notify for install) works, but I would like to use option 5 on my computer. Any tips for getting this done?

  • Thank you so much. A malware of some sort changed my registry and disabled my windows update.I have found and deleted it and everything's fine.

  • Thank you so much for this! you saved my day!
    This helped me while installing .NET Framework 3.5 in windows 8.1
    You are my hero!

  • Nothing is working in windows 10 home.
    Still I see
    Available updates will be downloaded and installed automaticaly

  • THANK YOU!!!!!! this info was amazing for someone who's never opened registry editor before. Took many hours of troubleshooting to reach this page. live n learn :)

  • Any updates to this article since this seems not to work anymore. At least it didn't work for me using Regedit method on build 10586. One other article I saw said only works in Win10 Pro not Home version. I can't find any recent articles to get this to work anymore. :(

  • I'm running Windows 10 Home, v1511, build 10586.218 This is a recent new PC.

    I've followed the steps in the tutorial to edit the registry. Creating the keys under Windows also seemed to create them manually under the WOW6432Node entry.
    Having set them both to 5, I restarted, checked for updates, but no change to the control function. I still cannot change from auto. No new options have appeared.
    PlanB, I ran the script file. This changed the values to 2, but made no difference to the result. Still cannot see any other options than Microsoft placed there originally.

    So despite your efforts with this lovely instruction, no result for me. Have Microsoft built in something to prevent your editing from working perhaps?

    I see your comment entries aren't dated so I can't tell if Nigel Cox's entry immediately prior to mine is recent or not. For the benefit of any later readers, it's now May 19 2016 and I'm here to post the fact that the gpedit option no longer works.

    I have since confirmed that on all W10 machines which have been updated in the past 2 months, the options described above are no longer available.

    However, I can also confirm that if you had already implemented them, they continue to work. Which means if someone can be arsed to research which registry settings do the trick, then we can probably create our own registry hack to regain control from the control freaks at microsoft.

  • VG

    ^^ The group policy method still works in Windows 10 latest builds. I have the latest public build 10586.318 and the latest Insider Preview builds on my machines and all machines contain the key in Group Policy Editor.

    Regarding corresponding Registry key, the key mentioned in METHOD 2 is the same.

  • Unfortunately did not work for me either. Set to option 2 and it still wants to do an automatic update. Does ask for the time to do it but outside of that no change. The HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Policies\Microsoft\Windows registry was already there and if you set the new registry key to 2 it sets the WOW registry key also to 2. It follows what ever option you set for the new key.

  • VG,
    W10pro, tried both metods, version 1607 build 14393.187, and its not working anymore.

  • Hi, VG. I hav done everything the toutorial told me, and i can now change the updater however i want but if i search for updates it's failing and this fail code comes ''8024002E''. Can you help me with this? :)

  • Hi Vg, When i go to "change settings" in the windows update window i see a red x next to my dropdown box (also i cant change it). I tried these steps but its still the red x and a greyed out "Check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install them"

    I can give you a picture i did using a screen region capture device:

  • I am a 6 year retired Network Engineer, and while I have forgotten quite a bit, the more I work on this problem it is coming back slowly... I strongly prefer Windows 7 PRO 64-bit to the new Windows 10, and recently have bought 3 brand new HP ProBook 470 G3 laptops that came pre-loaded with Windows 7 PRO 64-bit, along with upgrade disks to Windows 10. On the first one I worked on I did not realize that Windows was not updating, as I was setting it up for an inexperienced user and just wanted updates delivered automatically anyway. But on the second one, which I had bought for my wife, and which I would be administering, I had set it up to notify me but not download or install updates. When I tried to run "updates" it ran forever (even overnight) but never achieved success. It took two calls (and about 3.5 hours to HP tech support (in India) to correct the problem (remotely), which they WERE aware of, but were very professional in correcting my laptop, and guiding me through the process, as I still build systems on the side. They showed me where to download the offline update files and guided me through the process. (I watched, and took notes).
    However, on this third laptop I am working on, (same identical machine: HP Probook 470 G3) I downloaded and ran the identical files, and ran into no problems. However, Windows would still not run Updates. It just sits there for hours with the "Checking for updates" gif running, but nothing happens. I followed the directions above meticulously for BOTH methods, with no errors, and rebooted in between each effort, and Windows still does not update.
    I am running Windows 7 PRO 64-bit, (6.1.7601 Service Pack 1 build 7601), and it is activated. I am trying NOT to have to call HP Tech Support again if I can figure this out, but now I need some help. Any suggestions, VG, will be appreciated.

  • I have Win10 Home, so I did the regedit version. But where is the Windows Update screen you show in your first two screenshots? The Windows Update stuff seems to be in Settings -> "Update & security", but it looks nothing like your screenshots and there is no drop-down. The "Update settings" section contains "Change active hours", "Restart options", and "Advanced options" (which doesn't lead to anything relevant). Your screenshot looks completely different (more like Win7). Can you share the steps to finding it?

  • THX a lot :)

  • Not seeing any difference after using the Registry script edit for Win10 Home version 1607. Restarted after running the reg edit and clicked "Check for updates," but it seemed the same. Not sure if it's supposed to changed the UI to add more options or what, but my OS is up to date so I couldn't exactly test it.

    Oh well, I guess I'll just keep Windows Updater set to manual under Services in Computer Management for now. Thanks for the help though VG!

  • VG

    ^^ Microsoft has changed Windows Update UI in newer Windows 10 versions but the method still works.

  • PS - meant to ask previously whether it's ok to leave the reg edit in place if it doesn't work or if I should restore it to default. Most your other scripts come with an uninstaller, but this one didn't and I'm not entirely comfortable doing it myself.

  • VG

    ^^ You can leave it. It'll not cause any problem.

  • Thank you...
    It works and help me to get my option back.

  • Not working with Windows 10 Anniversary Update. My version is 1607 build 14393.726

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