[Fix] No Sound Coming from Headphones or External Speakers Connected to Your Mobile Phone

Today I faced so weird and annoying problem in my mobile phone which I have never heard of. I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone and it was working absolutely fine without any problem.


Today I tried to connect my PC speakers to this mobile phone to play some songs but I was shocked to see that no sound was coming from the speakers. I tried to connect the same speakers with another mobile phone and it worked fine. That was quite annoying. Then I tried to connect my headphones (or earphone, headset or whatever you guys call them) to my mobile phone but same problem. The sound output was not coming from the headphones as well.

First I thought that it might be a hardware problem. It might be possible that the audiojack part of my phone is damaged and that's why its not providing sound output to headphones as well as external speakers. But the mobile phone was successfully detecting my headphones and speakers because the mobile phone light was turning on as soon as I was connecting headphones or speakers to it.

I applied so many techniques on the mobile phone such as restarting the phone, resetting it to factory settings, etc but no success. Then I started searching on Internet to find some solutions and I got a few suggestions at online forums. After trying various solutions, one fix did the trick and the sound started coming from headphones as well as speakers.

Today in this topic, I'm going to list all possible solutions to fix this irritating problem. I'm not sure whether this problem is specific to Samsung cell phones or Android smartphones. It might happen to any mobile phone owner. So if you also face such kind of problem in future, you can try following fixes one by one:

Solution 1: Restart Your Mobile Phone

First of all try to restart your mobile phone. Its the best fix for any kind of problem. Most of the times this trick fixes many problems. Although it didn't work for me.

Solution 2: Restart Your Mobile Phone with Headphone or Speakers Connected

I came to know about this trick from a few online forums. Some people suggested to restart the phone with headphone or speakers connected to the audiojack. Again this trick didn't work for me.

Solution 3: Reset Your Mobile Phone

You can also try to reset your phone i.e. restore your mobile phone to factory settings. It'll remove all your personalized settings and downloaded apps. You'll find the option to reset the phone in settings page. I also tried to reset the phone but it didn't work as well.

Solution 4: Reset Your Mobile Phone with Headphone or Speakers Connected

You can again try to reset your phone with headphone or speakers connected to it. Again it didn't work for me.

Solution 5: Remove SD Card from Mobile Phone and Reinsert it

That was the solution which worked for me. First remove the SD card or memory card from your mobile phone and restart your phone. After restart try to connect your headphones or speakers to mobile phone. Now the sound will start coming from headphones or speakers without any problem. Now you can reinsert the SD card in mobile phone. It'll work.

Solution 6: Restart Your Mobile Phone in Safe Mode

If you have an Android mobile phone, you can try to restart the mobile phone in safe mode to troubleshoot the problem as mentioned in following article:

Hidden Secret Trick to Reboot Google Android Mobile Phones into Safe Mode

Solution 7: If You Have Sandisk SD Card, Replace it

Our reader "ManinderSV" told us that Sandisk brand SD cards have some problems with Samsung Galaxy mobile phones. So if you are using Sandisk memory card, replace it with a different brand memory card and it should fix the problem.

Solution 8: First Play Songs from Mobile Phone Speakers Then Connect Headphones

Our reader "ViditM14" shared another solution for this problem. According to him, first try to play songs using your mobile phone's speakers and then connect your headphones. It may fix the problem.

=== === === === === === === === ===

That was quite strange issue and I can't understand how removing and re-attaching the SD card fixed such weird issue in my mobile phone? Anyway if you face similar sound related problems in your mobile phone ever, please follow the above mentioned solutions and don't forget to share your feedback in your comment...

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  • I had a similar problem with my Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos phone. I was going to reset the phone. I removed the SD card to prevent any data loss. After removing the SD card I don't know why but I tried to play the songs again and the sound started coming from my headset. So there is definitely some problem in either Samsung Galaxy phones or whole Android phone series.

  • This problem occurs with Sandisk Memory Cards.Their is some hardware issue with sandisk flash and samsung controller.I faced this problem with my Note3, but now its fixed.Hope samsung will release a patch or something.

  • This is Quite a Simple Problem and is a Genuine Bug from Google. The Solution is to First Play the Song from the Phone's Speakers and then Connect the EarPhones. This Same Problem Occured on my Note 3 LTE (SM-900).

  • VG

    Thanks guys for your inputs. I have added them to the main topic.

  • Hey VG , is your phone a Samsung Galaxy S4 - Google Play Edition . If yes , solution 2 worked for me.

    I inserted the S4 headphones into Nokia Asha 502 , reinserted back to S4 , headphones didn't work . But your solution did work

  • VG

    ^^ For me only the memory card solution worked.

  • Hello bhai, i have a problem that i had gone in properties of a folder then in advanced permissions i selected all unknowlingly and applied. Then from that time this is not opening. Says that it need admin permission. But it block my activity and says that try again. It is neither opening nor deleting. Pls help it is a imp folder. One thing more that when i go to properties again it dont changes my setting.

  • VG

    ^^ Try to take ownership of that folder:


  • Solution 8 -
    Accept that android and Samsung devices always are very rough compared to nexus and lumias and can't match that standard despite the difference in user count
    Sell the droid/Samsung and buy a nexus or a lumia

  • Hello Great VG solute u.
    Now again i m here with a problem that can i create a package of installed app in windows 8.1 so that it can be used in other pc with windows 8.1 . i want to create *.appx package.

  • Bhai ek problem h.. lappy open ni ho rha h..f8 bhi nhi kam kr rha.
    Usme blank screen aa rhi h.. only one option is press F2 for setup nd F12 aa rha h

  • VG

    ^^ Please ask your question in English to better understand it. :)
    Regarding your problem, it seems some problem in Windows and you'll need to reinstall or repair it.

  • --above
    It says that:

    Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller Series v2.39 (01/24/11)
    PXE-E61: Media test failure,check cable

    PXE-MOF:Exiting PXE ROM

    Reboot and select proper boot device
    or insert a boot media in selected Boot device and press a key.

    Give me a solution. I will be highly grateful to u.

  • VG

    ^^ It seems a hardware problem to me. Better to ask a technician to check your computer. In the meantime you can try to reset BIOS settings.

  • Thanks,i restarted with earphone.Then sound came back and worked fine for 10 minutes and everything gone.What should i do for a permanent sound.I don't use memory card.

  • Why remove and re-insert SD card fix your problem?
    In the phone's booting, there's an file indexing process (in Windows known as CHKDSK).
    Sometmies the file indexing process interrupted so remove and re-insert SD card will start the process again and your files will be back.

  • Hi
    There is a low buzzing sound (like if there is any disturbance in power) from 2 or 3 days. This sound comes when i make volume full in media player and is not affected if i change the volume from speakers. As i low down the volume from media player buzzing sound stops.
    Please help. I will be very grateful to you!

  • VG

    ^^ Sounds like a problem in your speakers. Try to attach some other speakers to your system and check the sound.

  • I have a voice problem but differently as yous. My Samsung Galaxy S4's speaker and vibrate don't work, can't listen to music and no phone ring. However, the earphone is working. I reset phone to manufacture setting and I have no SD card installed. Try many things, so far, there seems nothing help. I would appreciate if you guy can give me some suggestion!

  • VG

    ^^ Your problem seems related to the hardware. Better ask a mobile technician to check the mobile.

  • no sound is coming from my idea 3g smartfone , by mistake put my speaker in reverse port ( input to speaker and output to mobile ) from that time my mobile sound is not working .... neither with earphone or without it... plz... HELP

  • Hi. It's been 3 days now, I insert my headphones (earphones), to my Nokia Lumia 520 (windows 8.1 with the recent update), and it only plays the sound on one ear (the left).
    When I insert my headphones on my laptop or other devices, the headphones work perfectly.
    When I reboot my cellphone, sound works fine again. Then if I remove them, and re-insert them, sound from same ear is gone again.
    This happens only with music. I mean, I have no problems with the sound from speakers in general.

    I can't keep fixing the problem by rebooting my cellphone every time. Any help?

  • I have tried all the ideas to get sound from my headset but no sound..i am using nokia c5-00.2.

  • Restarting my phone with earbuds plugged in worked for me!

  • Restarting with the earphones in worked for me.

  • Wow, Thanks a million! Method 5&6 worked like a charm. I happened to have a Sandisk memory card in my S4. This issue was driving me crazy. It's so odd a memory card can do this.
    Big THX!!!

  • I had this exact problem on Samsung Galaxy S4. Had always worked fine but then stopped playing music or radio through any app to the headphones. Would play through the speaker, but not headphones. Stranger still because I could have calls and heard sound effects through headphones, just no Tune In, Google Music, Pandora, etc.

    Restarting didn't help. Took the microSD out and then restarted and that seems to have done the trick. Thanks much for the help here. Glad I didn't need do a full factory reset.

  • Had problems with my jack could of either done myself or when I had lcd changed when I say myself I mean phone got abit wet anyway to the point my phone kept the earphone icon on all the time even when it wasn't connected so I couldn't make or receive calls without the speaker so I tried most of what people were saying to do didnt work so I had ago what I did wait on utube to see how to take phone apart/jact skt repair and basically cleaned underneath the jack being careful put phone back together and all good back to normal hope this can help

  • i do have the same problem with my note 3..there is no sounds coming from the speaker of the phone.. no rings but it vibrates.. can someone help me out.. been having this problem for almost a week... hope ya'll guys could help me out.. thanks..

  • No5 works for me.. Thank you sooo much ( ^∇^)

  • I have the same problem and the phone is brand new. I've tried removing the SD-card and restarting the phone both with the earphones connected and not. All these works for about 10 minutes then it stops working. Help!

  • None of the others worked but this did.

    (1) Lower the volume all the way down
    (2) Plug in the headphone/speakers
    (3) Raise the volume

  • Thanks for the support ! I had a problem of sound in my Galaxy Note 3 on the very day of purchase and after removing the scandisk card the problem resolved.

  • Thank you so much!!!
    solution 7 worked for me.

  • Removing ... and replacing the SD card solved the problem of no sound through the headphones... thank you so much...

  • I just wanted to post my experience: After searching the web for several days because my Sprint SGS 4 didn't have any audio coming out of the external speaker, during calls, or when headphones were plugged in. I'm still not 100% sure what the fix was but here goes:

    Initially my phone was rooted with Philz Recovery, and C-ROM. I decided to switch to SOKP and the .zip didn't complete as expected. I ran my nandroid recovery and reverted back to C-ROM only to find that I had absolutely no audio. I tried all of the suggestions above, but ultimately when I was preparing to take the phone in for service the audio began working.

    Here is what I did:

    I used Odin 3.07 to revert to the NAE stock rom.
    Rooted the device.
    Downloaded triangle away.
    Used Odin 3.07 to revert to the NAE stock rom, and to my surprise after the reboot was completed I had full audio!

    Doesn't seem as though this experience is typical for many users, but I figure if this can help out at least one person then it was all worth it!

    Thank you,


  • I guess I should add that I ran triangle away during step 3, and followed the on-screen prompts.

  • hi, don't start music first ..... plug in to music player and then select music on s4 and play ,,,,, if you have music already playing on s4 and then plugging in it wont pick it up ,,,,, worked for me

  • thank you so much, it, makes weeks I'm looking for a solution with my GS4 , I took off my SD card and restart the phone, played a song, put the jack in and put back my SD card and everythings works fine. thanks a thousand times !!!!

  • Hi, I have a galaxy s4 and the same thing is happening to me! When I first got my phone everything worked perfectly but a few weeks ago my speakers stopped working! Ive tried doing all the things you said but it doesn't work. Sometimes when I do restart it, it will work but after I let's say leave my phone to charge and then I come back the speakers won't work! And it's a pain always having to restart it and everything because sometimes the speaker doesn't even work! I don't know if its just my phone or if its the samsung company... help please

  • Hi, I've always had this problem of no sound coming through my earphones and I have been on tech support to try to fix it. Well my problem was solved by the tech, and it might sound stupid but here is what was happening. When I would plug in the earphones it would automatically turn the sound completely down. All I had to do to fix it was turn the sound back up (side buttons on my phone) after I plugged in the earphones. Unreal. I never figured it out because whenever I would unplug the earphones, the sound was just fine, so I never thought to mess with the volume when the earphones were plugged in. Crazy.


  • suddenly faced this problem yesterday night and i tried to reboot my phone with my earpiece as you suggested and now it's working fine. thank you!

  • Removing sd card trick worked in my GT -S7562........thanks for help

  • hey thanks vidit..
    yr solution worked for me in no time.. :-)

  • I put in my friend's headphones and my music started to glitch. It wouldn't play my music or videos with audio. I put the headphone that came with the phone and then did the the system update which took forever but that fixed it.

  • My speaker stopped working also (out of the blue) - it appears the reason was the installation a software called Xposed.

    After uninstalling this software, the sound came back on.

    Perhaps I could only remove one module of Xposed and it would be enough, I'm not sure.

  • Restart worked for me. Generally works :) Thank you guys.

  • Thank you. Solved speaker problem by removing card, re-starting, and installing card again.

  • For me.. Memory Card option worked... Thanks

  • so cool thank you ,it worked :)!!!! Solution 2; worked just fine for me,thanks a lot!!!

  • I have nokia lumia 820 and lexar class 10 sd Card. This issue appeared and I was going to give take my phone to service. I tried this solution (removing and reinstering SD card, which looks irrelevant) and fixed.

    Thanks a billon time saved my life.

  • Tried restarting with headphones in. Worked perfectly. Thank you soo much. I feel stupid for not thinking about it at first. I had restarted it multiple times without the headphones in and had no luck

  • I have a Galaxy Ace 2, i have tried to plug in an external loud speaker when i drive but there is no sound, i think that there are some settings somewhere that you have to 'select' when connecting an external sound source ie bluetooth, speaker etc. Can anyone help me find these settings

  • I have Hand-phone HTC butterfly... the problem is NO SOUND on speaker when i play my music and also NO SOUND when people calling me... i can't hear my ringtone... can anyone help me to fix this problem please help me... tq

  • Hi none of these solutions worked for me on my S4...is it hardware problem? its new never used before...Any help..thanks

  • on note 3 all the voices comes out unclear from both phone's speaker and headphones

  • rooted note 3 and the sound comes unclear from one side headphone

  • Solution 8; my S4 earphone jack has 4 discreet metal contacts. The normal DIN plug I put into the phone only has 3 discreet metal contacts. I believe this mismatch has something to do with it.

  • My Samsung galaxy S4 is not working properly. My memory card is not appearing if I insert it. What should I do??

  • Really thanks man , what ever you say was correct to 100 percent. i was nearly searching option too reboot my samsung bada os phone because it was not even ringing and vibrating when someone call me and then i tried your idea and BAngg... it works. today i am going to take a relief from all the missed call that i was getting due to non ringing THAnks again

  • Solution 2 worked.....So happy.......From many days i was searching for this problem..... Mine is xperia E.....Got relaxed to fix problem from ur tip...........Thank u very much

  • I have S4 but nothing worked for me yet sound starts coming and going from the phone but when I use bluetooth everything is going good

  • I have Parasonic P11, it has similar issue...tried all methos and none worked...even customer care changed the speakers (no seen..but they said) twice, but after few days again its stopped working...any solution for Parasonic P11...help!

  • The information didn't help with my problem

  • I have try to resolve my headset..and i follow ur idea tat u gave in website .i try to shutdown d phone with earphone attach..and i can hear d sound..thank you so.much..

  • [Fix] I recently started having the problem (3 weeks ago) - Every time I plugin my headphones music resumed on speaker after a half second flash on headphones. Restarting the phone with headphones plugged in worked but was most annoying. I thought it's the headphones, tried other set, same thing. This was on S3. Got a Note 4 the other day and same issue - wth!

    Turns out, I had an old app called SoundAbout that seems to have messed up after a recent update. Removed and presto!

  • The only thing that has ever worked for me (and only after trying it 100 times) is turning the volume down, turning it back up combo. I seem to have this problem every time tmobile releases a new software update...UGH!

    Galaxy S4.

  • I had a problem with the sound being muted on my Samsung Galaxy S5 phone. I checked settings in every location I could think of, and nothing was set on mute, all were set for sound to be on. Vibration was working, but not the speaker. No ringtone, key touch sound, or audio playback could be heard. I called T-Mobile tech support and they went over all the same things I had already done, checking settings, turning phone off and on. They then connected me to Samsung tech support. The tech has me take the battery out, put it back in, and then power the phone on again. Still no sound. She had me record a video and play it back. No sound, though my mic monitor showed the mic was used in the video. She then had me check the sound button in the pull-down notification panel. Sound was turned on there, but still no speaker sound. She said she could write a repair ticket for me and I could send my phone in for repair. I said not yet, let me back up all my data first, and we hung up on the call. When the notification panel waa open, I noticed that an auto-update of Netflix that had started yesterday was still downloading. The phone was not set for WiFi on, so the update was using the 3G network and taking a very long time. I switched on WiFi and restarted the download, and suddenly my sound came back on! I don't have an explanation, but just wanted to throw my serendipitous fix into the discussion!

  • I spoke too soon... Sound is off again... Updates are continuing... I will try some of your suggestions!

  • thanks guys removing sd card worked and i finally can use my new sennheiser head set thanks a lot

  • It happen on my samsung galaxy ACE/GT-S5830 i've tried all of the suggestion...but it can't fix the problem,until i think a way to fix it.If u ROOT the phone and u install an app called Build Prob Editor by the way you change the phone setting on the app.Now u have to reset all the setting on that app and reset/reboot the your phone.It completely fixed the sound problems on my phone.I hope this can help u guyz....

  • Solution 5 worked for me! Tried It before I reset my phone because that's an absolute mission and it worked a charm, thanks heaps!

  • all i did was restart the song and it worked, but it still does it. is there any permanent fix other than changing the sd card?

  • Thanks a lot :) solution 2 worked out for me!!!

  • Bizarre. SD Card removal worked for me too. Thanks.

  • I hv the same problem abt my sound not coming out from my Samsung galaxy win. Bt the thing z it doesn't even detect headsets

  • The simple restarting my phone thing worked, I couldn't here sound from my apps, only from my music on phone, but I restarted it and its back to normal , thanks .

  • I had the same problem. Shut your blue tooth off it'll work instantly. I tried every thing else first but that did the trick.

  • I have a problem. My handset is Hitech s800, Android smartphone. External speakers are working well but through headphone the sound is very very low. Headphones has no fault.

  • I have problem in samsung s4 that after certain time the all sound of system got off. Like music, screen on off sound, i mean to say all sound. But device usually works fine. But some times it hangs also. But after restarting all sound again comes, but sometimes it will not work, i have to make phone off for long time.
    I have put new softwre on phone but it not works.
    I check headphone jack but it is fine.
    Then where is the priblem

  • Solution 7: First Play Songs from Mobile Phone Speakers Then Connect Headphones
    This worked for me.Thank you.

  • I don't have a SD card, but when i restarted my S3 the audio worked, but only on the left ear. I used some foil to cover the whole plug and popped it in. Now the foil is stuck on the bottom, but i can hear on both sides, but the right side is slighly higher volume than the left side, but this will work untill i get my other phone fixed. Thanks.

  • Thanks vg. I tried solution #5 and it works.

  • it did"t worked for me neither of ur suggetions please help

  • For me too that sd card worked I was thinking to sell my phone for that thanks :)

  • Guys when restarting with ur headphones on dont press restart if there is a restart option.. press power off then on it again with ur headphone :D tried pressing restart did not work but pressimg shutdown and on again work for me

  • I definitely suffer from "Solution 7..." thing on my SG S4 mini. It started lately with new android update. Its so annoying! Damn you Google!

  • my fix was , to first play the media/music like first put a song or first open a game , when the sound is playing plug in the headphones, earphones if this was help let me know :)

  • Sol 5 worked for me. Thanks a lot. I decided to comment here. Because, i was so upset with the sound problem of my phone. I am feeling excited now.. Thanks a lot, you saved my time..

  • Hello. I got a problem with the sound on the videos i take. i took several videos today, but just noticed i cant hear a sound. did i press something wrong? i tried to take a video again to check the sound and it was ok now. Even if i covered the mic, i could still hear smth, but the first ones had nothing at all like a mute button was pressed. Please help!! I have a Galaxy note 3. Might the problem had been because the battery was 10%?

  • thankyou so much!!!!!! it really helped alot !!!

  • first solution worked with my GS5 thank you

  • I can not get sounds from videos on my phone. How do I restore the sound. The volume is tuned up and I never muted the sounds?

  • Thank you very much - solution 2 worked instantly on NOTE II. Cheers @wellminted

  • Thanks a lot man. Solution 5 worked for my galaxy grand.

  • Having tired the whole trotting tiring routine and even after a factory eat and service station reset the speaker of my android wouldn't spell out any vowel...

  • I have a tehno P9 n was experiencing same problem. it worked for me. thanx a lot guys

  • I tried every step individually but nothing worked still shows headphone connected but no sound in it.. my model is samsung GT-S7582 anyone provide me a solution...

  • Thanks man I had the same error too! I restarted the phone and i was relieved when the sound of my phone when i unlocked my phone...thanks man

  • sir, I am also facing the same issue in Samsung galaxy grand prime. I bought it two days back but dint check the head phones. now I checked and am gloomy. I tried all methods but they dint work except the mem card one. I have no memory card inserted. what should I do then? it has 8 gb built in memory and by default no memory card comes with it. but it do have a slot for inserting memory card. as it has not initially then what should I do.

  • For the Galaxy S4, you may have the sound balance wrong. To check it, (1) open settings, (2) click on "My Device", then (3) scroll down to "Accessibility", after that, (4) scroll down to the sub-header "Hearing", (5) right below it is the button "Sound Balance". (6) Click on it. The white dot representing where the balance is should be in the center, marked by the vertical bar. By placing the dot in the center, your device will now make sure the both the left and right earbuds/headphones are recieving an equal amount of sound.
    I hope this helped. :)

  • Hey this is fantastic.. I just tried the solution that worked for you and it worked for me also.

    Thanks much..

  • I am having a very weird issue with the galaxy s4 headphone jack. It doesn't recognize headphones when I plug them in and the audio will continue to come out of the speakers on the phone. I have replaced the headphone jack with one from another s4 that works great and tested the old one in another s4 and that works fine (both jacks verified working). So is there a setting or something causing it not to function? Is there possibly an issue with its connection to the circuitry or where it touches the back of the digitizer and if so, how can it be fixed? I am at a loss right now and everyone just keeps saying replace the headphone jack or clean it out and it should work, not in this case..:(

  • [Fixed] Hi there, I've got a Samsung S4 Mini and this might sound weird by a solution that worked for me: Just remove the back cover and press firmly on the speaker. Have a sound or a song playing meanwhile while you do this to test it. Press firmly but not too hard. In my case, the sound came back. Seems a faulty connector in general on S4 minis.

    I'll keep an eye on it on how it keeps working. Guess sooner or later this mean tech support.

  • Thanks. Removing the SD card (and restarting) worked for me.

  • Thanks a lot. After weeks of struggle with getting the audio to work on calls, You tube, Viber calls, whatsapp calls, removing the SD card, re-inserting it and restarting the phone, fixed the problem.
    Not sure how long this is fixed for a I have tried factory reset in the past that fixed a problem for only a few minutes. Fingers Crossed, but I think I can blame the SD card and get a new one to fix the issue permanently

  • Thanks a lot.. I had also faced same issue... like from earhones only songs are not coming but when I attented calls using earphones it was woked fine..
    For this first I connected earphones and restarted mobile..

  • After I did the #1, #2, #3, #5 and #7 solutions shown above and nothing better happened to my Samsung G S4, I decided to unmount the speaker place behind, down and in the left corner; I used a conventional hair heater and heated the speaker for a while, later, when it was cool again I re-installed in the phone. and nothing good happened; however next day at noon the speaker started to work properly again. Ha,ha.
    That means the speaker was wet.

  • press power button +home button +volum up then vibreatphone

    enter to booting mode ener button press
    then wipe data fatory reset hit enter
    then yes hit enter
    next reboot hit the enter

    this is the solution

  • I got my phone wet while using the speaker and about 30 mintues later the sound stpped working. Nothing with sound worked. You tube would just keep loading. When i tried using the music player app my phone would freeze up. I restarted it and still nothing and my phone was really laggy. Eventually I did a reset and while the lag got better it didnt help. I lef it in rice overnight and now when i turn the phone on the opening music plays and the keyboard makes sound but 2 minutes later it goes back to no sound. i tried all of the solutions above and still nothing. Any feedback/ suggestions would be very appreciated. Thanks

  • Thank you so much for this information. Solution number 5 works for me.

  • Thank you so much!
    The memory card solution worked for me, too.
    Never would have thought about that :D
    Best regards

  • Thanks For the Solution that solution 6 worked for me too. removing SD card worked for me
    my SD card has a virus i formatted and inserted its working now.

    The problem is only with Audio but not call, i can hear a voice call but no music or video.

    This is strange..!!!

  • I use Pandora on my work(S4 mini) vs. my personal phone because it has unlimited data. A few months ago it suddenly stopped working and I thought that maybe the company added some software or app that prevented Pandora from playing on my phone. Oddly, sites like Youtube, Slacker Radio, Amazon Radio and other sites worked just fine. Today I decided to search and search and search and I came across this site...............................well, Solution 4 works for me on the first try!!!

    Thanks a gazillion to whoever came up with this fix!!!

  • None of the solutions work I still can't anything when I plug in my headphones but when I unplug them I can hear perfectly......any other methods? #HELP

  • My sister is having the same problem with her Galaxy S4 and her plug-in external speaker unit. She didn't have an SD card in her galaxy, so we ordered her one- and your fix worked- ONCE. But then as soon as you unplug the speaker... if you plug in back in, it ceases to work, and only works again after the whole removal of the SD card process is repeated. It has to be done every single time or the fix is useless. She has no trouble with headphones in her Galaxy S4, and the external speaker unit works fine plugged into 2-3 other devices I tried (my own cell phone, laptop). Well... at least now she has an SD card. She won't let me reset the phone right now, so that was the only fix i didn't try (which means it is probably what it needs lol). Oh well.

  • many many thanks for the suggestion it worked for me and i am happy now

  • Hi,

    Thanks for posting everyone.

    I had a similar problem with my S4. The only difference being that I could receive phonecalls through the earphones but not listen to music as the volume seemed to disappear. When I removed the earphones, the music played through the speakers no problem.

    In the course of investigating what was wrong I happened across this site here. What I discovered was that there is a separate volume for the earphones - as distinct from the volume for calls and speakers. Stupid or simple I'm not sure, but solved my problem. I had obviously inadvertently lowered the volume of the headphone jack without knowing it.!

    Cheers !

  • I tried everything but nothing worked! Not until I turned off my phone, took the sim card out and gave it a wipe, put the sim card back in and turned it back on

  • Thank you so so much! My problem is solved!!! Finaalllyyyy

  • same problem with moto g 2014, removed sd card, restart, fixed!!
    thx :)

  • thank you so much! taking out the sim card and putting it back in worked for me! you saved my life! ive only had my samsung s4 for less than a year. i thought i had to buy another phone. thanks again! :-)you saved me so much money!

  • i have galaxy j100h
    it was working good, but reacently i got one problem that is speaker and ringer not working and headset is auto connecting, by head phone i can listen songs and els, by external speaker nothing,
    i tried to make restart and make software and make factory date reset but still same problem, solution please.
    Thank you.

  • You can also put your phone into safe mode to check for software issues. It works just like windows safe mode it only loads the necessary files to get running. To do this shut phone off and then when you start the phone hold down the Down Volume button and the power button. Continue to hold until start screen. Some phones you just need to push the power while holding Down Volume and only hold the Down Volume til start screen. Bottom of screen should say SAFE MODE

    It helps with troubleshooting many things.

  • I have a same problem... I can hear songs by using headphone on my samsung galaxy core prime... but cant hear phone calls .... plz suggest me some solution

  • I found that my problem with the S4 no sound was the "do not disturb" option was selected. I had no sound from anywhere.

  • :( :( :( Recently I changed my SD card (sandisk) to my Lenovo K3 Note and after few days this problem started. I applied all the given solution but none of them worked for me. Although I am not using any memory card now but the problem still persists.

  • Thanks. I restarted and issue got resolved.

  • i have a problem. my earphones dont work with my phone even though they have worked for the past year or so. the weird thing is, it just suddenly stopped. when i plug them in, no headphone icon shows up (the sound still comes out of the speakers). my earphones work with everything else, other headphones work with my phone, but the two just suddenly dont go together. can someone help?

  • My phone has exactly the same problem. i cannot hear music/ radio using my earphones and i have tried all the above and it seems no change.can someone advise.

  • My phone is quite different. The sound from external and headphone is coming but it is not the sound of music, it just came the sound like searching some Chanel radio. Not only that, when I call to someone also, I cannot hear anything. But my phone is working fine to do anything. But it does not work only the sound system. So, can someone gave me some solution, Please..

  • I have tried the above solution but it does not work for my android.

  • I,s Working... when I restart my phone with headphone it start working again..

  • Solution 5: Worked for Me!!! Remove SD Card from Mobile Phone and Reinsert it

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