[Firefox Tip] How to Move Bookmarks and History Sidebars from Left to Right

In older versions of Mozilla Firefox, it was not possible to move sidebars such as Bookmarks, History and Synced tabs to the right-side unless we modify userChrome.css file as mentioned in Tip 6 of this tutorial. Many Firefox users wanted to move these sidebars from left to right but Mozilla didn't provide any built-in option to change location of these sidebars.

Now there is a good news! The newer versions of Firefox such as Firefox 55.0 and later come with built-in functionality to move sidebars. Now you can move the sidebars to the left or right with the help of a few mouse clicks.

If you also want to move Bookmarks and History sidebar to the right-side in Mozilla Firefox, following steps will help you:

First of all turn on the sidebars! Press Ctrl+B keys together to show Bookmarks sidebar or press Ctrl+H keys together to show History sidebar. Alternatively, you can enable these sidebars using View -> Sidebar menu.


Once you enable a sidebar, click on the sidebar header or the down arrow icon and a menu will appear. Select "Move Sidebar to Right" option from the menu.


It'll immediately move the sidebar to the right-side of Firefox window as shown in following screenshot:


If you want to restore the sidebar at left-side, again click on the sidebar header or the down arrow icon and select "Move Sidebar to Left" option and it'll move the sidebar to left again.


Remember the location setting is applied to all sidebars and you can have any single sidebar on screen at a time.

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