[FAQ] “Get Windows 10” App and “Reserve Your Free Upgrade” Notification Icon

Recently we told you that Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users can free upgrade to Windows 10 in the first year of launch. You can check out following topic for more details:

Windows 10 Upgrade Paths and List of Deprecated Features

Now to make the upgrade process easier, Microsoft has released a new update KB3035583 for Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1 users which will help Windows users in upgrading to Windows 10 when it becomes available.

This new update installs a new application called "Get Windows 10" which shows a new White Windows Flag icon in notification area (system tray) of Taskbar. If you click on the icon, it launches "Get Windows 10" app.


The application shows 6 informative pages about Windows 10 new features and upgrade process. Each page contains a button "Reserve your free upgrade" which actually allows you to reserve your free upgrade to Windows 10 so that you don't need to remember the release date of Windows 10 and don't need to download Windows 10 setup files yourself.


Once you reserve the upgrade by clicking on the button, Windows will automatically download Windows 10 setup files when available and will show a notification to you once all the required files have been downloaded on your computer and Windows 10 is ready to install.

You can also enter your email ID so that Microsoft can send you an email notification about Windows 10 availability on your computer.


Read more: [Guide] How to Free Upgrade to Windows 10 from Windows 7 or 8.1

Now a Few Things to Note and Remember!

1. This "Get Windows 10" app is purely optional. Do not consider it as a compulsory process to get free Windows 10 upgrade. Even if you don't reserve your free Windows 10 upgrade using this app, you'll still be able to upgrade to Windows 10 for free as soon as it becomes available from July 29, 2015. This app has been created to check your computer system for compatibility issues and to help users in downloading and installing Windows 10 in their Windows 7 or 8.1 computers. That's it.

The only difference between reserving Windows 10 upgrade using this app and not reserving it is that when you reserve the upgrade, Windows will automatically download Windows 10 setup files and will notify you to install Windows 10 in your system. But if you don't reserve Windows 10 upgrade, you'll have to manually download Windows 10 setup files and install Windows 10 yourself when available.

2. If you reserve your upgrade using this app, it'll automatically start downloading Windows 10 setup files when available which will be around 3GB in size. So keep this in mind that it'll take 3GB of your Internet connection bandwidth automatically.

3. You'll get a notification only after Windows 10 setup files have been downloaded on your computer. The notification will ask you to install Windows 10 and you'll be able to select whether you want to install Windows 10 immediately or schedule a good time in future.

4. If you reserved Windows 10 upgrade but later you want to cancel the reservation, you can do it by launching the app again and clicking on small Hamburger (3 lines) icon present at the top-left corner and then selecting "View confirmation" option.


It'll show you a message that your upgrade is reserved. Just click on "Cancel reservation" link and you are done.


You can reserve Windows 10 upgrade again anytime using the same app.

5. If you don't see the "Get Windows 10" icon in system tray, there might be several reasons such as following ones:

  • The required update KB3035583 has not been installed in your system.
  • Your computer is not running genuine Windows.
  • Your computer is not compatible with Windows 10.

[Fix] "Get Windows 10" Upgrade App Icon is Missing in Taskbar

So this "Get Windows 10" app is not a new thing. Its a similar program as Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant or Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor programs which will help Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users in upgrading their computer systems to Windows 10. It has been released to automate the upgrade process as it'll automatically download Windows 10 setup files for you and will also notify you to install Windows 10 in your computer.

So its your decision whether you want to reserve Windows 10 upgrade using this app or want to download and install Windows 10 manually.

NOTE: If you want to remove "Get Windows 10" app and its icon from Taskbar notification area, check out following tutorial:

How to Disable or Remove "Get Windows 10 Upgrade" App and Icon from Taskbar?

Microsoft Offers a Way to Prevent Automatic Windows 10 Upgrade on Windows 7

Also Check:

Things You Should Know and Do Before Upgrading to Windows 10

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  • I'm not getting this notification on my fully updated Windows 8.1 while I'm getting it on my Windows 7 which is on a dual boot with Windows 8.1. So does this offer have a MAC address restriction or something? Only 1 per machine?

  • Hi VG... Hope you and all readers are doing well.:)
    Today I decided to clean install my Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit. Everything seams OK. But Microsoft Update do not show update KB3035583. I installed all important and recommended updates.
    Any idea? Seams KB3035583 disappeared from Windows Update?

  • if i cancel my windows 10 reservation can I reserve again ? please tell me

  • Yes you can reserve again at anytime.
    P.S. I also see the icon:)

  • Missing on a brand new TOSHIBA laptop with Windows7, as well as a year old HP desktop running Windows7, KB3035583 shows up as being installed...


  • Can't see the icon on my W7 SP1 machine. Have all of the required updates and control panel/system says copy is genuine.

    I received my W7 copy thru my school's participation in the microsoft student software program. Will this "version" qualify for the free upgrade??

    Thanks for any info.

  • Updated (6/1/15) with an improved script and instructions, and added troubleshooting steps if the script fails.

    If you don’t see the Get Windows 10 app (the small Windows icon in your system tray), it might be because:

    *Your device isn’t up-to-date with at least Windows 7 SP1 or Windows 8.1 Update
    *Windows Update is turned off or is not set to received updates automatically
    *You’ve blocked or uninstalled the necessary Windows Update functionality.
    *Your device is not running genuine Windows
    *Your device is running Windows 7 Enterprise, Windows 8/8.1 Enterprise, or Windows RT/RT 8.1, which are excluded from this reservation offer.
    *Your device is managed as part of a school or business network. (Check with your IT administrator.)
    *PCs that we determine cannot run Windows 10 will not see the Get Windows 10 app before July 29th. After July 29th, we’ll enable the icon in the system tray. This is to help ensure that you can easily check your PC’s compatibility if you choose.

    Running Windows Update and installing any available updates will fix the first 3 issues.

    If you don’t think any of these conditions apply to you, and you’re still not seeing the icon, you can also try running the solution below, which will verify your device meets all the prerequisites and then turn on the Get Windows 10 app:

    1. Open Notepad
    2. Copy the following text and paste it into Notepad:

    REG QUERY "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\AppCompatFlags\UpgradeExperienceIndicators" /v UpgEx | findstr UpgEx
    if "%errorlevel%" == "0" GOTO RunGWX
    reg add "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\AppCompatFlags\Appraiser" /v UtcOnetimeSend /t REG_DWORD /d 1 /f
    schtasks /run /TN "\Microsoft\Windows\Application Experience\Microsoft Compatibility Appraiser"
    schtasks /query /TN "\Microsoft\Windows\Application Experience\Microsoft Compatibility Appraiser"
    schtasks /query /TN "\Microsoft\Windows\Application Experience\Microsoft Compatibility Appraiser" | findstr Ready
    if NOT "%errorlevel%" == "0" ping localhost >nul &goto :CompatCheckRunning
    schtasks /run /TN "\Microsoft\Windows\Setup\gwx\refreshgwxconfig"

    3. Click File, and then Save As
    4. In the File name box, change the file name to ReserveWin10.cmd
    5. Then click the dropdown next to Save as type, and select All files (*.*)
    6. Select the folder you would like to save the file to. For this example, let’s choose to save the file to the C:/Temp folder. Then click Save.
    7. Open an elevated command prompt. (From the Start screen or Start menu, type Command Prompt in the search box, and then in the list of results, right-click Command Prompt, and select Run as administrator.)
    8. Finally, run the file from the location you saved to in Step 6. In this example, you would type the following in the Command Prompt window and hit Enter:


    The Microsoft Compatibility Appraiser can take 10 – 30 minutes to run, during which the script will continuously provide status reports that it is running. Please be patient.

    If the script is failing in an infinite loop, then you don’t have the necessary prerequisite Windows Updates. Besides requiring Windows 7 SP1 or Windows 8.1 Update, you must also have installed:

    For Windows 7 SP1:

    For Windows 8.1 Update:

    You can manually check if you have these updates within your elevated command prompt by typing the command:

    dism /online /get-packages | findstr 3035583

    (Replace the KB number with whichever update you are looking for.) If you have the update installed, this command will show the package identity. For example, Windows 8.1 users should see this:

    C:\>dism /online /get-packages | findstr 3035583

    Package Identity : Package_for_KB3035583~31bf3856ad364e35~amd64~~
    There is a community provided tool/script that will go through several means to fix the common issues. The link to this tool/script is buried on page 90 of this forum - but the easier way to find it is the dropbox link:


    Instructions to run the tool:

    1. Go to dropbox.com/s/0u0au9xgy6ss18p/win10fix_full.zip?dl=0 and download the file.
    2. Copy the win10fix_full.bat file to anywhere else like desktop.
    3. Right click the file and click run as administrator.
    4. Follow the screen instruction until to come to main menu screen.
    5. On main menu screen do step 1 first and check if you go the updates installed and and then press any key it will take you back to main menu.
    6. Now do step 2 which only takes like 1 second and should have the icon in the task bar.

    Please note this tool is not officially from Microsoft is not sanctioned by them but it has been reviewed by me, is not malicious and certainly makes it easier to get the process done.

    Additional comments by another poster that may help explain what's going on:

    "When you run the batch file, upon clicking Selection 1, it not only checks that update KB3035583 is installed, but also KB 2952664.
    Selection 2 (Quick Method #1 [JC from answers.microsoft.com]) which updated the registry is what fixed it for me instantly.
    Selection 3 (Quick Method #2 [KevinStevens_845]) tries the GWX task, and says it could take up to 10 minutes for the icon to show up.
    Selection 4 (Long Method #1 (Yaqub K's method)] says it could take from 10 to 40 or so minutes, and will continually loop, that is normal, but you should keep seeing 'RUNNING' as it loops, and you may have to run Selection 4 (Yaqub's method) again for it to kick in.
    ALSO, when you finally get the box to enter your email address for your confirmation, you may have to wait 5-10 minutes for it to arrive. Mine said "Congratulations on reserving your free upgrade to Windows 10" in the subject line."
    Also note that you need to not have hid IE in order to receive this.
    Enable IE in Programs and Features if you have it off. Go do Windows Updates a few times. The following updates will install:
    Update for Internet Explorer 8 Compatibility View List for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems (KB2598845)
    Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems
    Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer 8 for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems (KB3049563)
    Update for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems (KB3035583)
    Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems (KB3021952)
    Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems (KB3049563)
    Note: You can uncheck IE after your reservation is complete.
    Also note that you don't have to make IE your default browser, merely not have hid it in Programs and features.
    I had a high end system that was missing kb2976978 and Windows Update was not offering it. I searched the WindowsUpdate log file on another system to find a direct link to the msu. Here is the process I used to install the missing update and get the GWX program to run successfully.
    1. Open Internet Explorer (you may need to install an ActiveX control) and go to


    2. Add the 32 bit or 64 bit Updates to your basket (the 6/4/2015 versions) and then go to View Basket. Follow the Prompts to download to your computer. A folder will be created with two files inside, an .exe and a .msu
    3. Run the msu and reboot when prompted
    4. Download the dropbox batch file above in Susan's instructions, run as admin and go through each of the steps in order. Do not skip any
    5. The icon should appear nearly immediately. Note that you may have to hit the hamburg menu a few times before you see the results, but you should get the ready/reserve if you want it. And eventually be able to view the report.

  • I have install genuine windows 8.1.1 64bit and have KB3035583 but can't see this icon for Win 10 in system tray?

  • Be sure you have IE11 installed. I could not get the little icon to show up on my Windows 7 SP1 computer either. I never updated my IE10 to IE11 back in 2013. So today (6-09-15), I installed IE11 and then the option to reinstall KB3035583 was offered by Windows Update. After I reinstalled KB3035583, the little "Reserve Windows 10" icon came right on!!

  • option 3 on that drop box batch files worked! ty ty!

  • my windows 7 is showing the windows app in the notification area but wont open for me to reserve, what should i do????

  • my windows 8.1 S L is updata KB 3035583 BUT can't see this icon for win10 in system. please tell me what to do???????

  • i reserved my free upgrade but since then i got a virus that required a fatory reset of my computer so the icon is no longer there...will this effect my free upgrade? do i need to somehow get the app back to get my upgrade?

  • VG

    ^^ Yes. Make sure you have installed all available Windows updates.

  • Hi, I have had the windows 10 upgrade icon visable for quite some time and have agreed to upgrade my windows 7 to windows 10. However since the release date the icon seems to have vanished and I can't see how to begin the download??

  • this morning ive reserved win10 and still no notif any ideas how long it takes???

  • I submit my reserve for windows 10 and hope to got coming near future

  • hey I have installed kb2952664 and KB3035583 but dotn see win 10 app in system tray ... how can i fix it ... please help me...

  • I have registered my upgrade, but there is problem in opening the GET WINDOWS 10 APP. As soon as I click on the icon, the small window opens and closes in just few seconds. So I am not able to recognize the problem. Please help me out anyone.

  • i want to update window 7 to Window 10. kindly tell me can i and please show me easy path so i can update

  • i have reserved my windows 10 but i was not asked to write email id .. So how can i be notified ??

  • I installed the trial version of Windows 10 but I have not had the upgrade yet.

    If this is not already being dealt with please can I reserve a free copy now. I bought my Lenovo with Windows 8 pre installed.

  • VG

    ^^ Yes. You can use following:


  • Can i resume downloading window 10 after restart my pc using "get window 10 app"

  • I had the windows 10 icon but then i reset my laptop with all updates required but then now the icon has disappeared. what do i do to get it back.!?

  • after getting reserved windows 10 . i have installed it in my PC from windows 7 to 10 but due to some reason i again go back to my previous version windows 7. If I again like to get windows 10 . may i get it or not?

  • VG

    ^^ Yes. You can.

    Try following:


    It should resume automatically. Better to download offline ISO file:


  • I have not seen reserve your windows 10 app. Could you please sent it?

    Varney Dolo Sr.

  • To whom it may concern, I have followed all of the instructions, but upgrading to Windows 10 simply does not work. I is quite clear that the microsoft brand is not user friendly and creates more problems than it solves.. Attempting to download office home and student 2007 continues to be quite impossible in München, Germany was unfriendly, disinterested, and spoke so fast in German that I simply could not understand the German technical terms that I needed to understand to solve my problems. This is another example of a world corporation, which cares little for its customers. I do not believe that Microsoft cares one bit about this message and I'm quite sure that this commemt will be ignored.

  • I have problem with the update of my windows 10. i cannot update the O.S. I'm receiving the following error code build... my computer restart every few hours. then my License is expire, but i install i genuine windows 7 then i update it to windows 10. I cannot update my windows 10

  • I have Windows 10 on my DELL Inspiron 15 can I still get an upgrade
    no icon on my tray

  • when i click on get upgrade the application is get's closed, why?

  • Dealing with Win 10 is becoming a very large pain. The automatic update blows the system up and the MediaCreationTool is useless unless you reload some version so you came run Setup which usually fails, and it not a clean install.

  • ive done every sinle step that was given on this site, Downloaded 50% and the download screen dissapeares. no luck using media creation tool, also every time i start up the media creation tool 9/10 times it gives me a error of startup failure

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