ZeuAPP: Download and Install 160+ Free Software Within Few Clicks

We have blogged about "Ninite" in past which allows you to create an unattended single installer for lots of popular software programs. You can choose the programs from a given list and it'll create the installer for you.

Today we are going to share a similar tool "ZeuAPP". It shows various freeware in different categories. You can install the desired software by clicking on the Download button.

It shows a little description for each software so that you can get an idea about the software. If you want, you can also visit the software website to get more information about it.

Its very useful for system administrators.

You can download it using following link:

Download Link (No longer available...)

Thanks to "NickS" (One of ZeuAPP developers) for sharing it with us. NickS also wants you to nominate the freeware or open source programs that you want included in this app. So go ahead and let us know your favorite programs names.

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  • Wow Very Very Very Cool Program Tnxx

  • Hi, I'd like to see in this program the Virtual CD's mounter like MagicDisc (favorite) and Daemon Tools . thanks!

    And also FTP aplications like Fillezilla and registry cleaner ( Wise Registry )


  • Nice App...

  • Its just like Sonata Super Fibre.. "Unke liye jo wait nahi kar sakte" hahaha

  • It is a nice program.

    Requested Feature: Add another tab (New Updates) which will notify what new updates are available.

    Requested Softwares: FlashGet, VMPlayer, Sandboxie & Gary Utilities

  • This would be an enormous help in regards to searching and downloading etc. A definite time saver for sure ! Would like to see CCleaner and Avast 6 free antivirus to name a few ! That is however if they are not already listed ? Cheers mates !

  • Please move jetAudio from Audio section to video. JAD can play most of the common video formats. Though its name suggest it can play audio but it is much more than that.

  • Programs isn't up to date.

  • Thanks for review, and comments guys! Updates are automatic, you don't need to redownload anything. As soon as new version is published we edit the links and the version and it's ready for download. CCleaner and Avast 6 are already included. We have a little problem with Flashget, mainly because of different versions of their tools, and some of their servers not working. We'll however work on restoring them in ZeuAPP. VMplayer,Sandboxie, Glary Utilities, Magic Disc have been added. Daemon Tools Lite will be added, however Wise Cleaner will be added tomorrow after we sort all registry cleaners that people may suggest to us.

  • I like this application alot except i really hate the fact that it doesn't have trial software. There are really good applications that can help you try out all the different software and then decide if you wanna buy it...

  • @NickS I was saying that add tab which will notify recent changes in software version or which new softwares has been added to the program. You will get better idea about my request if you will visit filehippo.com or majorgeeks.com.

  • Thanks Nicks! I will surely use this application everytime I need to install some software!

    What about the FilleZilla or Smart FTP?

  • @marquezs It's already there. SmartFTP shall be added. Also @Bangre changelogs will be included. Basically all changelog files will go to the "Wall" option and then you can see by clicking on each program changes from previous version.

  • Is there any app which make same type of installer but add apps from our harddisk which are predownloaded.
    Please find it.thanxx

  • Nice Program! Include these two suites also please

    Freemake Video converter, freemake.com
    Dvdvideosoft video converter + downloader, dvdvideosoft.com

  • This shouldn't need to be installed. This should really be a portable app or a webpage.

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