[Did You Know] Ultimate List of Windows Live Mail Bugs and Goof-ups

I'm using Windows Live Mail (Previously known as Windows Live Mail Desktop) since many months and I'm very much impressed with it.

But when I installed the latest Windows Live Mail Beta version, I found a few BUGs in this version which I would like to share with you all:


This BUG works in laptops:

1. Open WLM and right-click on its system tray icon and select "Hide window when Inbox is minimized" option.

2. Now minimize WLM and it'll move to System Tray and there'll be no button of WLM in taskbar.

3. Now close the lid and again open it.

4. VOILLA, you'll get WLM in taskbar again even you minimized it to System tray.


1. Go to "Layout -> Folder Pane" and enable/disable "Use Compact View for Folder Pane" option.

2. Click on "Apply" button but don't close it. It'll totally disturb the left side pane.


1. Again go to "Layout -> Active Search" and enable/disable "Show Active Search pane" option.

2. Click on "Apply" button but don't close the options window.

3. It'll not show the Active Search at right side until you close the options window. As soon as you click on OK or on Close button, you'll get Active Search at right side pane.


If you click on "Change Color Scheme" button at toolbar, WLM titlebar changes to inactive state.

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