[Start Screen] How to Pin, Resize, Move, Close or Uninstall Metro App Tiles in Windows 8 and Later?

Microsoft's latest OS Windows 8 comes with a new Start Screen which shows live tiles of installed programs, system tools, etc to provide quick and easy access to your favorite programs.

If you have started using Windows 8 RTM or planning to install it, here are some interesting tips and tricks for you to enjoy this new Start Screen in Windows 8.

1. How to Unpin (Remove), Uninstall or Resize a Tile in Start Screen

If you don't like a tile in Start Screen and want to remove it from the screen, just right-click on it and click on "Unpin from Start" option in the bottom bar:


You can also completely uninstall a tile by clicking on "Uninstall" button. If you want to restore a built-in app later, you can follow simple steps given here.

You can also resize a rectangular tile by clicking on "Smaller" button. You can again make that tile large by clicking on "Larger" button.

You can also turn off live previews of tiles using "Turn live tile off" option.

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2. How to Pin (Add) New Tiles in Start Screen

If you accidentally removed a tile and want to pin it back to Start Screen or if you want to add a new tile to Start Screen, move your mouse cursor to the extreme top-right corner. It'll show the new Charms bar, select "Search" option from it.

Alternatively, you can press "Ctrl+Tab" keys together to access Apps screen or right-click on Start Screen and click on "All apps" option in bottom bar.

It'll open the Apps page where you'll get a long list of lots of interesting apps. Right-click on an app which you want to pin to Start Screen and click on "Pin to Start" option in bottom bar:


That's it. It'll immediately add the app tile to Start Screen.

3. How to Move Tiles in Start Screen

Did you know you can also move the tiles in Start Screen using simple drag-n-drop? Take an example of the above mentioned "Command Prompt" tile which we added manually. We just dragged-n-dropped it at the beginning of Start Screen:


Isn't it simple?

4. How to Close Apps in Start Screen

You can close a running app by pressing Alt+F4 keys together. Or you can move mouse cursor to top-middle area of screen and the cursor will change into a hand shape. Now click and hold the cursor and drag-n-drop it to the bottom and it'll immediately close the app.

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PS: If you don't like the new Start Screen, you can skip or bypass it at startup using following tutorial:

How to Skip Metro Start Screen and Boot Directly into Desktop in Windows 8?

You can also check out following exclusive video showing how to use Windows 8 Start Screen like a pro:

Do you like the new Start Screen? Please let us know your opinion about Start Screen in your comment. Also feel free to share tips-n-tricks for Start Screen if you have found any...


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  • I just love the start screen IT is just GREAT!!

  • The new start screen is AMAZING! I'm totally INLOVE with the new metro look too! Everything in the new Windows is great!

  • I would like to have: 1. my old spash screen back 2. and the start menue back, while keeping windows 8, Can anyone place help me.

  • VG

    ^^ Check following:


    What do you mean by old splash screen?

  • Do you think these old foogies will get the hang of it!

  • Looks terrible... so much wasted space.
    Metro was designed with tablets in mind not keyboard and mouse.
    Windows is used in many businesses, they won't want metro enabled.
    Microsoft is removing legacy code and other hacks to disable metro... just sticking it to the customer.

  • love new Start, just can't work out how to make a FB tile!

  • I cannot believe they removed the start menu the tiles have made navigating through programs I want to use much slower. The tiles either take up more than the screen or so small they are difficult to see. You cannot even list them, they won't move into those positions. I really hate it. The calculator is ridiculously large and if you pin it to the side of the desktop not only is it unusable but you can't get rid of it either... I suppose if you are in love with your smart phone you will love windows 8 so far I find it very unfriendly to use compared to having one start screen now you have to navigate through at least two to get going if you have it password protected. I want the tiles to have the option to list instead of spread out but so far I don't believe that is an option ... so I totally hate it. Anyone know how to unpin an app from your desktop when you don't want to use it anymore? Or how to make the calculator small enough to be useful when you pin it to the desktop?

  • I love the new lay out but im having a issue with the apps area, I cant seem to customize it like i did with the start menu. any idea on how to do this|?

  • I have the most strange problem. picz.ge/img/s2/1211/11/9/944336edec4f.png

    Cant see those icons. Can anyone help?

  • VG

    ^^ Make sure the current system language is correct in your Windows. It seems a different locale is selected in your system.

  • my tiles have all disappeared and I don't seem to have any apps any more either please can someone help

  • Hi...you seem the one to write after a week of asking:
    Why am I unable to Drop & Drag my tiles...on my new HP windows8 computer?
    ...I drag & drop...and it snaps back to it's original place...I have spent a week...searching for this answer.

    Are you, my saint?


  • l accidentally removed picture tile and l did add it again but it is not showing same icon and when l click the any of tiles on start screen after 5 second its coming back the start screen. this is happining with evry tiles l have in start screen only tile is workin thats Desktop.l can not use any tiles on my start screen. could you please help me about it. Thank you.

  • VG

    ^^ You should try to use Reset PC option.

  • hello, i miss desktop icon in start . How to restore it ,plz any me

  • hello, i miss the destop icon in the start, how to restore it, help me

  • My pin button has disappeared and now I cannot pin websites to the Start screen. I've used this feature for a few weeks and now it is gone. I must have inadvertently removed it, but can't figure out how to put it back. Also, when in IE or Chrome from Start screen, now my web searches occur in the desktop area instead of in Start. What have I done?

  • This thing is driving me crazy........today's issue is how to get a clock on screen when you hit the windows key. I know I can hit win-c, but everything else takes extra keystrokes, I'm hoping one damn thing will work well in this crazy UI. MS needs to hire a UI specialist!

  • The windows 8 home screen is a joke. Seriously, who designs this c**p and doesn't add a button to turn it off?! I've been sitting here for two hours trying to find out how to turn this s**t off and I'm about ready to chuck the computer out the window and buy a Mac. Common PC. I've been using your products since Windows 98 and this is the ugliest, slowest, most useless piece of s**t you've ever produced.

  • Your directions are flawed. NO "ALL APPS" doesn't appear as a selection under
    2. How to Pin (Add) New Tiles in Start Screen

  • Thanks for helpful info. However, I don't HAVE a bottom bar and cannot pin an app. ???? Thanks

  • I have just invested in a upmarket windows 8 pro lap top. It is a complete marketing disaster. I expected to be able to use it to some useful office work - not a chance, the desk top is hidden, the tiles open applications that it is almost impossible to close without unplugging the machine - not in the least intuitive, no easy tutorials, does Microsoft really expect all its users to forget everthing that they have learned and just be inspired by this weird screen layout geared to allow easy surfing, music listening or watching videos - great for the pre school kids, but absolutely useless for anyone trying to do real work!

    They really must try harder to make this usable, the only decent thing about the windows 8 pro version is that I can set up a virtual machine and reload XP.

    If I had realised that it was going to be as peculiar as this I would have bought a Mac

  • How I agree with Peter. Bought a new laptop for work. Unfortunately Windows 8 preinstalled. Nightmare if you want to work on your PC rather chat on Facebook or watch videos. Where are the instructions? How do you turn this stuff off? This may feel intuitive on a touch screen phone or tablet phone but it certainly doesn't on a laptop. Have spent half the morning trying to work out how to get rid of these apps which I do not want. Seems the Internet is full of people just trying to get rid of this. What a complete joke.

  • All W8 Haters are idiots who cannot learn something new and deal with it.

  • once I moved the tiles too much there is now a space between them that doesn't go away...wtf mad lame dudes fix fix

  • Hi, unfortunately I uninstalled mail option from start pin, is it possible to get back the option.

  • VG

    ^^ You can restore it from all apps page. If you uninstalled Mail app, you can restore it:


  • There was an electronic manual that came with my new Asus laptop. But some of the instructions were plain wrong. And the Asus support people didn't know much about Windows 8. The most important thing I have learned is how to close apps with alt + f4. Microsoft certainly has opened the door for another David Pogue missing manual.

  • Hi. I needed a PC for engineering at my college and my only option was windows 8. I hated windows 8 at first but I've started getting the hang of it. I still have one problem though. I can't get the apps to delete. I tried dragging them to the bottom of the screen with the touch pad like the instructions an the tutorials say, but this magic bar everyone keeps mentioning simply won't appear. Am I missing something? Please help.

  • Figured it out! 2-finger click with the touch pad! Hope that helps anybody else.

  • I get the IDEA of the new tile system, but Microsoft always seems to forget that not everyone needs or wants everything hidden and phone like. There are applications (not apps, which MS seems to insist now covers everything) which I use once and a while, and I could just go to the all programs and find them. Now, I'm not even sure how to close some of this stuff, much less find it. I have installed MS Office 2003, and have yet to even FIND it. Yes, I could spend time to learn yet another way of doing things, but better would be to make things actually intuitive, not what MS THINKS looks cool or modern or Mac like or phone like. Computers should be easy to use, not the other way around. I go on my computer to USE it, not LEARN how to use it. See the "SONY box thing" on YouTube, and just substitute Windows, and you will get the idea of what I mean. "Pumping out impossible to use, useless piece of s***. Ay Carumba.

  • Though it is a good idea to simplify our work with Tiles,but I have found extremly poor perfomance of Windows 8,due to the following reasons:-
    1.My necessary Tiles like Mail etc.. have been removed and blocked,due to repeated entries of my 100% correct Password and I am unable to install them again with the entry of my correct Password,though I am operating my Yahoo Mail Account with the same Password.What to say about Windows 8 performance,when it is unable to recognise a correct Password,creating problems wih my other Accounts also.
    2.A lot of simple operations like 'Copy' and 'Paste' in yor previous versions have been made complicated (Two Playlists are the examples),creating a lot difficulties to your costumers.
    3.I am not a new comer, and have been operating all of your 'Windows' Since 'Windows 95' and never experienced difficulties in operation of in any of your Windows advancements,but since then I have purchased 'Windows 8',I am wasting a lot of my time in understanding and even in various operations after understandig,due to which I find it as a 'Complete failure'.
    4.If you are unable to help us in this regard,better to rename your 'Windows 8',which it deserves.Otherwise it needs immediate issue of a 'Service Pack' to remove its faults.

  • ok so i can make my tiles smaller but none of the tiles will become bigger. i know how to do it but there is no option for me to make any tiles bigger... so any tips? ideas? please help! :/

  • VG

    ^^ Some sizes are available only for selected tiles. You cant have all 4 size options for all tiles.

  • I click on my email tile and it brings up folder options. In the bottom left corner I have 2 different email accounts that I can click on. I would like to get rid of one. Can anyone explain to me how to do this?

  • I really HATE the new start screen and the tiles! Why can't I have the option of using this or the traditional desktop layout!?

  • Whether or not Microsoft has the BALLS to issue a USER customizable OS instead of FORCEFEEDING this "tile" crap to us has yet to be seen. I just recently got a new laptop and im SERIOUSLY considering wiping the whole damn thing and reverting back to XP in spite of a lack of any further support for it BECAUSE this OS (8.1) is SO hard to navigate, customize to MY preferences, being told i "can't" do something, not being able to find what i need, being to FORCED to sign up for something that I DONT WANT, and on and on and on..... I HATE the tiles, and that should be reserved for phones or tablets and NOT PC's! To hell with this crap, I'm going to LINUX!

  • Agree with all the haters. Maybe there is a way to figure this out, but I would like a tiny calculator so that I can do little calculations while still being able to work in and see other programs, but all I get is a full-screen calculator with no x button to get rid of it. I thought the idea behind Windows was so you could have, well, windows. Right now I've got a window the size of the rose window in Notre Dame, but at least that one looks nice.

  • HATED IT!! Thumbs down This 8.1 crap is crap. If I wanted my screen to look like this I would've bought an ipad! Great probably for touch screen navigation; but why take away our options to adjust. The sart screen is bloatware and ridiculous to navigate the entire sysem is ridiculous to navigate. I burnt out my hdd in win7 laptop, bought new hard drive and 8.1 since no Friggin win7 os anywhere...smdh! I think this is a bunch of crap! Had to end up purchasing new laptops for me and hubby since his hdd burnout too. I have an old copy of xp I am thinking abou wiping everything out as well, but afraid I will fry my os system again. I am so frustrated with all this, and bad part is the win81 is missing so much compatibility and drivers, wifi is lost on my old pc.office wants to forcefeed account setu and "track'ware. What is the world coming to.

  • I'm so over this crappy new os! How the BLEEP can I make my desktop my main opening screen and minimize this stupid start menu like it was in Windows 7. I don't want to see all that crap when I logon, I just want to get to my target files automatically not jump through hoops to access my own damn property and files.

  • ^^on the Desktop, right-click the Taskbar and select Properties>Navigation>Go to desktop instead of start when i sign in.

    or get classic shell. problem solved.


  • I must say im so disappointed in microsoft, this is their worst ever i really hate windows 8, its just not user convenient total bulls**t!!!! including their windows phone!!!!!!

  • have a new laptop with windows 8. doesn't seem to be working correctly. try to move, resize tiles; wont let me, can not copy and paste pictures, fresh paint doesn't open, please help me, try to save on wordpad wont let me aswell.

  • VG

    ^^ You should try to reset the laptop to factory settings using Reset or Refresh PC options:


  • Accidentally unpinned the shut down tab on my desktop, how do I get it back

  • VG

    ^^ What do you mean by shutdown tab? Please provide more details.

  • what happened to the re-sizing? now you can only go larger and smaller. i remember when you had three options. large, small and extra small

  • this system is exceptionally unintuitive and not well thought out. clicking an X closed an application, not my 90 year old arthritic mother is supposed to drag down the tile pause, wait for it to flip. she actually can't do this. SO alt + f4 right, well, this is small keyboard style with no F keys! Microsoft, you really blew it on this one!

  • Windows 8/8.1 is a bit on the style of a computer game where u spend hours trying to to find something that's hidden from view.

    Tries to look clean n pretty, but then so does an induction cooking Hob .. albeit a nightmare to do any serious cooking on.

  • Windows 8. Was deleting history but laptop stopped workin so I pressed x. Said I needed restart laptop so I did now start screen had no tiles and pressed on all apps to put dem back but only got blue screen. Google is gone along wit everything else. Tried restoring bit won't

  • my newly created tiles that worked no longer will open a website? Screen says page can not be displayed? All of the rest of the tiles work fine.

  • I, too, am not pleased with 8.1. It often doesn't work the way the tutorials say. And when it does, it's still more cumbersome than previous Windows. I especially am insulted by the screen-filling calculator, much preferring the user-friendly one we've had for years. I have to go to Task Manager to turn it off, even when I don't really want it OFF, but just to be able to move it around so I can see other windows on the screen. Playful, juvenile extras have been put front and center, and useful software is hidden. The so-called Charms bar that floats in and out obscuring the work I am doing is also annoying. I have other specific gripes, but this is enough to give the picture. So, Microsoft, WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT THIS MESS? AND THE FIX HAD BETTER BE FREE!!!

  • When my notebook automatically turns itself on, as it does with no help from me, when I flip it open, there's a very nice picture of rocks, ocean, islands etc. Is this a Windows [8] screen, or Google, or what? But more to the point: I'm not bothered by tiles, as many users seem to be--but there is a small rectangular picture center screen; beneath it I must enter a password to begin doing anything.

    How to dump [ie, delete] this annoying nuisance, and just get going? It is NOT necessary;I'm the sole user and in fact the sole occupant of the apartment.

  • I dislike the windows 8 start screen INTENSELY. If I wanted an Apple experience I would have purchased an Apple product. Now I might as well buy and switch to Apple.

  • I love my new red HP Special Edition computer compete with 8.1. I think the new start screen is great and would not go back to any of the old Windows now. I am 76 years old and have been able to figure out how to use it. Love it, love it.

  • Your first instruction for unpinning a tile doesn't make sense. How do I "right click" with a Surface Pro 3. If I can't get a drop down menu you give me no options to delete the tile.

  • VG

    ^^ On touch devices, tap and hold on a tile to get the options.

  • And finally even MS recognise its a bad design, crazy UI made for phones and tablets.
    Now they offer free upgrade to their new spying OS (they call it make my internet time more personal)
    The final(?) answer, THE ULTIMATE WINDOWS 10.

  • I have the same problem as Mist - right-clicking does not bring up the bottom pop-up menu. This occurs whenever I use my keyboard; however, I am able to move icons when I use the touch screen. It wasn't like this before. How can I make the changes so I can customize start screen with my mouse?

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