List of Free Tools to Get Classic Start Menu Back in Windows 7

We all know that Microsoft has removed Classic start menu from Windows 7 and you are forced to use the new Vista like start menu. Although the new start menu is much better than the classic one, lots of people still prefer the Classic one.

We have shared several free tools to get Classic Start Menu back in Windows 7. Today in this topic, we are going to put them together so that you don't miss any of them and can find the best for you.


Following is a list of all freeware to get Classic start menu back in Windows 7:

If you want to use some cool manual methods to get classic start menu back in Windows 7, check following tutorials:

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  • You forgot MenuApp, IMO the best free tool to get the classic start menu back in W7, but it does a lot more. MenuApp can be configured to show the content of any folder, including of course the All Programs folders.

    Unlike the two methods that do not require a third party application, MenuApp can display the content of several folders at the same time, and that's required to show the All Programs menu for both all users and the current user mixed together, exactly like under XP.

    It doesn't have fancy skins or aero support, but it is lite. And of course, it is free.

  • WHY? is what i ask.

  • Thanks Vg, But why we need it?

  • thanx vg.......... Classic Shell is the best app out there to replace the default start menu of windows 7!:)

  • WHY? WHY NOT?!

  • he he he he win7 ka ????????????????? kar diya

  • WHY NOT? Cause the Win 7 Start Menu is waaaaay better.

  • Very nice list. Thanks. Classic shell is the best

  • @DEATH They have change Windows 7 Start Menu to Classic Style. ;-)

    Best Regards,

  • And by that logic, if chocolate is deemed to be "better" than vanilla, everyone who prefers vanilla and doesn't like chocolate should be forced to give up vanilla in favor of chocolate. So much for choice and personal preference! Illogical and stupid, but I expect no less from those with a cult-like mentality (be it Microsoft, Apple, religion, politics, or anything else).

  • wasn't the classic menu option available for vista? i didn't notice until i saw this one, maybe, like, there's a mod or sumthin?

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