[Tip] Stop WhatsApp Sharing Your Account Information With Facebook

Recently you might have heard about WhatsApp (popular IM client for mobile phones) sharing your personal data, account information, mobile phone number and other details with its parent company Facebook. Actually WhatsApp has updated its privacy policy and now it'll start sharing some of your account information with Facebook to improve Facebook advertisements and overall product experience.

Although WhatsApp claims that it'll never share your phone number and chats with Facebook but people are worried about their privacy.

Thankfully WhatsApp is providing an option to opt-out/disable this new data sharing feature which can be accessed using WhatsApp settings as well as while accepting new privacy agreement.

WhatsApp has started showing a new privacy terms and conditions page to WhatsApp users which shows a big "Agree" button to accept the terms. But the page also contains a small "Read more about the key updates to our terms and privacy policy" link. If you click on it, you'll get a checkbox "Share my account info". Simply uncheck/deselect the option and then click on agree button. This will disable the data sharing feature.

Please remember this new privacy agreement has started rolling out since a few days so only a few WhatsApp users have received it. If you have not received it yet, wait for some time and you'll also get the updated privacy policy page to accept.

If you have not received the privacy agreement page or if you didn't uncheck "Share my account info" option in hurry, there is still another option to disable data sharing feature which can be accessed using following steps:

1. Open WhatsApp on your mobile phone and select Settings -> Account option.

2. Now you'll see a new option "Share my account info" which is enabled by default.


Uncheck the option and it'll show you a confirmation box that if you tap on "Don't Share" button, you won't be able to change this in future. Simply click on "DON'T SHARE" button.


It'll permanently remove the "Share my account info" option from Account page.


That's it. Now WhatsApp will stop sending your account information and any other personal data to Facebook. Now you can enjoy WhatsApp without worries.

Some reports say that if you accepted new updated terms and conditions, you'll have only 30 days to revoke the permission using this "Share my account info" option. So check your settings now...


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  • Thanks for sharing, my friend. This might help others to secure their personal account even more.

  • I don't have that options in my settings and I just downloaded and installed the app yesterday, having never used it prior. Any suggestions?

  • VG

    ^^ Wait for some days and the option will appear.

  • How can I stop whatsapp sharing data with Facebook now? Is it too late as the " share my account" tab is no longer under account setting.

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