[Tip] Remove “Search With Google” and “Visit Website” Options from Firefox Addressbar Results

Mozilla Firefox web browser's new versions come with an improved addressbar (also known as URL bar, location bar or awesome bar) which shows search suggestions in the results list. This new feature is called "Unified Complete" and apart from the visual changes, it does following 2 important things:

  • Shows search suggestions in addressbar results along with a new "Search with Google" option
  • Shows "Visit website" option as soon as you start typing a domain/website URL which is present in browser history or bookmarks

Following screenshots show both these features in action:

New "Search with Google" option in addressbar results:


New "Visit website" option in addressbar results:


Many Firefox users are finding these new features annoying and useless as these options require to press some extra keystrokes to move to the desired result entry. For example, in older versions of Firefox, the first suggested entry in the addressbar was the most visited website URL but now the first entry is "Visit website" which is quite useless as it does the same job as pressing Enter key. Now if you want to open the first suggested link in newer Firefox versions, you need to press Down key twice to go to the actual first suggestion.

Same case goes with "Search with Google" option. It now requires to press Down key twice to open the first search result.

In previous tutorial, we told you how to disable the search suggestions feature in Firefox addressbar results:

[Tip] Disable Search Suggestions in Addressbar Results of Mozilla Firefox

Today in this topic, we'll tell you how to remove "Search with Google" and "Visit website" options from Firefox addressbar results list. It'll help you in disabling the new unified complete feature of new awesome bar and will restore classic functionality and behavior of Firefox addressbar and search suggestions feature.

So without wasting time lets start the tutorial:

Both these options can be disabled together by turning off a built-in preference in Firefox advanced configuration tool "about:config".

1. Open Firefox and type about:config in addressbar and press Enter. It'll open the configuration editor.

2. Now type unified in Search filter box and it'll show a few results in the window.

3. Double-click on browser.urlbar.unifiedcomplete preference and it'll change its value to false. Alternatively, you can right-click on the preference and select Toggle option.


That's it. It'll immediately remove the extra "Search with Google" and "Visit website" options from Firefox addressbar results as shown in following images:

"Search with Google" option removed from addressbar:


Now you can directly go to the first search result. No more search with google option.

No "Visit website" option appearing:


The "Visit website name" option will also disappear and you'll be able to quickly select the first or other suggested links in results box.

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  • Thanks for this, it worked as expected. I hate when companies add useless features

  • Odd... mine starts out with the first entry already highlighted, so it still only needs one key press downward. Any idea why it would be different?

  • Thanks! The "Visit" bit was really annoying me.

  • FF43 didn't change URL bar for me.
    I was already browser.urlbar.autocomplete.enabled = False
    and was already browser.urlbar.suggest.* = False
    I didn't have to toggle browser.urlbar.unifiedcomplete
    Just me...

  • THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! That "visit" thing was such a pointless and annoying feature.

  • Thank you! The "visit website" spam was unbelievably annoying. It's pretty cute that Mozilla will throw advertisements in their software while claiming they are a nonprofit organization.

  • Thank you so much for this guide. I always go to my favorite sites by just typing the first two letters or so and pressing down enter.

  • for any who (like me) where wondering what "toolkit.telemetry.unified" is

    This controls whether unified behavior is enabled. If true:

    Telemetry is always enabled and recording base data.
    Telemetry will send additional main pings.

  • Thank you!!!! That was wasting so much time. I'm definitely NOT a fan of that feature.

  • This fix doesn't work again in Firefox 48 and changing unified complete has no effect.
    so lame that they don't listen to users.

  • This worked on FF47 but doesn't seem to be working on 50 anymore. Neither userchrome.css changes, ClassicThemeRestorer, nor about:config can get rid of this now.

    This is why I dread every firefox update. Quit changing stuff that people don't want! Bleeding edge is not for day to day users!

  • the following works on Firefox 54.0.1 (64-bit),


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