[Tip] Disable Search Suggestions in Addressbar Results of Mozilla Firefox

With the release of Firefox 43.0, Mozilla has added a new feature to the web browser which is called "Search Suggestions". This feature automatically shows suggestions in the addressbar (also known as awesome bar or location bar) whenever you type some text in Firefox addressbar.


When you launch Firefox 43.0 for the first time, it asks you to enable or disable the search suggestions feature as shown in following screenshot:


You can opt-out of the feature by clicking on No button. But if you accidentally clicked on Yes button and later you want to turn off the search suggestions due to privacy reasons, this tutorial will help you.

Today in this tutorial, we'll tell you how to disable search suggestions in Mozilla Firefox addressbar results. If you also want to turn off the addressbar search suggestions, check out following simple steps:

1. Open Firefox Preferences window and go to Search tab. Alternatively, you can directly open Search settings by clicking on the search icon present in the search box or by typing something in the addressbar and then clicking on the "Change Search Settings" link given at the bottom.

2. Now uncheck "Provide search suggestions" option.


That's it. Now Mozilla Firefox will no longer send your search query to any search engine and will never show search suggestions in addressbar search results.


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  • How do I disable that "Search with" thing entirely, though? It's large and cumbersome and I've always clicked the TOP item and now it's practically asking me to click two spaces further down.

  • about:config / change browser.urlbar.unifiedcomplete to 'false' -> good !

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