[Tip] Change or Remove Built-in Ringtones, Notifications and System Sounds in Your Android Smartphone

Every mobile phone whether its a new touch screen smartphone or an old candy bar keypad phone, comes with some built-in (default) ringtones, notification sounds and system sounds such as the sound clip which you listen when you switch on/off your mobile phone, when you connect your mobile phone to charger, when you take a photo using mobile camera, when the battery is low, when you set the phone volume to full, etc.

Some sounds such as phone ringtone, message notification, etc can be customized and changed using mobile phone settings but there are many sounds which can't be changed or disabled unless you set your mobile phone to Silent mode.

Today in this tutorial, we are going to share an advanced method to customize any built-in ringtone, notification sound or system sound in your mobile phone. We tried this method on Samsung Galaxy S4, S5, S6 mobile phones and Note 3, Note 4, Note 5 phablets successfully but this method should work in all Google Android mobile phones. With the help of this tutorial, you'll be able to change or disable any desired sound in your mobile phone. If you want, you can replace existing default built-in ringtones and sounds in your mobile phone with any new desired ringtones and sound clip. You will also be able to remove any ringtone or sound permanently in your phone using this tutorial.

This tutorial will help you in:

  • Changing built-in ringtones, notifications and system UI sounds
  • Adding/removing/disabling built-in ringtones, notifications and system UI sounds
  • Disabling/changing phone startup (power on) and shutdown (power off) animations and sounds

So without wasting time lets start the tutorial:

DISCLAIMER: This process is very advanced and dangerous. If you are a mobile expert and comfortable in tweaking/customizing mobile phones, only then follow this guide. We'll take no responsibility if you damage your device after following this guide incorrectly, so use it at your own risk.


First of all you'll need to root your Android mobile phone to be able to change or remove built-in ringtones and sound clips. You can learn more about rooting Android phones at following links:

[FAQ] All About Rooting Android Mobile Phones and Tablets

[Guide] How to Root an Android Device?

WARNING: Rooting an Android mobile phone is a risky task and can void the warranty or damage your device. So root your mobile phone only if you are sure and know what you are going to do with your mobile phone.


Now we'll need to install a root explorer app to browse through the firmware folders in the mobile phone.

If you already have a root explorer app installed in your mobile phone, you can move to STEP3.

If you don't have this app installed in your mobile phone, you can install following app called "Root Browser" which is a free app:

Download and Install Root Browser App from Google Play Store

We also used this app in our test mobile phones and it worked flawlessly.


Now we'll need to go to the Media folder which contains all built-in ringtones and notification sounds which are played by the phone. To go to the Media folder, open Root Browser app and go to following folder:

system -> media -> audio


Under "audio" folder, you'll see following folders:

  • notifications
  • ringtones
  • ui


The "notifications" folder contains all sound clips which you see when you try to customize message notification sound in phone settings. The sound clips are stored in .ogg format. You can remove any desired sound clip or replace existing .ogg file with any new desired .ogg file. If you want, you can paste new .ogg files in this folder and that new sound will appear in phone settings when you'll try to change message notification sound.

The "ringtones" folder contains all built-in ringtones which you see when you try to customize your mobile phone ringtone using phone settings. As mentioned above, you can add, remove or replace existing .ogg files.

The "ui" folder contains all system sounds such as Camera shutter sound, low battery warning, charger connect, dialer, keypad type, power on/off, etc. You can remove any desired sound clip or replace it with any desired .ogg file.


PS: If you want to disable any particular sound such as phone startup (power on) sound or charger connect sound, instead of deleting the related .ogg file, you can simply rename the file. It'll immediately disable that sound in your mobile phone. In future if you want to re-enable that sound, you can restore the name of that .ogg fie.


In the "system -> media" folder, you'll also find files related to phone startup (power on) and shutdown (power off) animation. The extension of the files would be .qmg. You'll easily identify the files as their names will be similar to boot, shutdown, etc. If you want to disable/remove phone startup/shutdown animation images, you can delete or rename those files.


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  • I've been wanting to change the txt msg sound, i think everyone in the world is using that whistle sound for it so thank you for this. Few questions though since im new to all this. Since the phone would play .wav and .mp3 files, would they be added to the choices if i simply placed them in that folder? And what files are compatible with the animation? its my first time to see a .qmg file, and i dont know if thats a video or a gif. Thanks VG

  • VG

    ^^ Yes. As soon as you put an audio file in that folder, it'll become available in the list. Regarding .QMG file, its a kind of video file. You cant use any other format to replace it.

  • In case of boot animation(s), it will be a zip file if the user's device is not Samsung or installed AOSP-based custom ROMs. The .QMG file - which are used only by Samsung devices - is proprietary and can be only created (using Samsung's software).

  • @ VG ---- the audio files werent showing until i restarted the phone. Finally i can change the notification tone. Thanks for this tutorial VG.

    @ CodeNameBOSS --- thanks for the info. I can create the zip filed animation, i just dont know where to put it and if i should rename the .zip to .qmg. I tried placing the zip in the same folder as the qmg files but it did not work. the file is named bootanimation.zip, i did not want to simply rename the extension cos it might not boot right. any thoughts?

  • Thanks for the tips. However, I find that many of the tones that are shown in the list when prompted to pick, are not found on any of the system folders. The list seem to have many more. I did a full search with root browser for a particular name and it doesn't find it. I wonder if there are special files with multiple sounds embedded ... ?

    Using a Galaxy Note 3

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