Things I Don’t Like in Mozilla Firefox 4.0

We all know that Mozilla Firefox 4.0 is under beta testing and the final version will be released soon.

We are keeping our eyes on the whole development very closely. We have a dedicated topic for it:

[Mozilla Firefox Nightly Update]

The overall UI of Firefox 4.0 is almost complete. Everyone is loving the new changes and enhancements but there are a few things which I don't like about it.

NOTE: All the things which we'll talk about in this topic are related to the latest Mozilla Firefox Beta 7 build.


New Mini Progressbar in Addressbar:

Mozilla has replaced the good old progressbar which was used to show in Statusbar with a new Mini progressbar which is now shown in addressbar.

IMO its very hard to notice and doesn't show the actual ratio of loading which the old progressbar used to show.

What Mozilla can do? They can replace the mini progressbar with Apple Safari like full progressbar in addressbar which is easy to notice and shows the actual ratio of loading a web page.

No Progress Activity Icon in Tabs:

The most irritating thing in new UI is the removal of progress activity icon from tabs. Now if a tab is loading, it shows the blank tab icon and once the favicon is displayed, it always shows the favicon whenever you try to navigate that website.

In previous versions, the tab used to show a small animated circle which let us know that the tab is loading. Now we can't know whether the page has completed loading or not unless we take a look at the mini progressbar in addressbar.

Removal of Statusbar:

Another thing is the removal of Statusbar. As the Menubar is still there but is disabled by default, the same thing could be done with Statusbar. There are several people who like Statusbar because it shows everything about page loading. We can see which image, script, etc is currently loading by the tab. Also we can see the progressbar in it.

But now Mozilla has completely removed Statusbar and there is no way to re-enable it.

No RSS Feed icon in Addressbar:

Only God knows why the addressbar doesn't show RSS feed icon for any website? It was very easy to subscribe to RSS feed of any website by just clicking on RSS feed icon in addressbar.

Being a Mozilla Firefox lover and long time user, I hope Mozilla will listen to us and will implement the above mentioned points in coming builds. :)

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  • Have you seen the latest download manager from Firefox Nightlies? It's awful...

    I don't understand why these people don't take their customer's opinions/wants/needs/desires into consideration when they make all these goofy changes. How about the status bar disappearance? There's a whole bug with lots of comments on it's removal.

  • VG

    ^^ Agree. Regarding new download manager, you can disable it. Check out Update 35:

  • I don't like the reload page icon over at the right hand side and would like the option to move it back.. Also, I want to be able to put the tabs on the bottom, like I could before. To me this looks so much like Google Chrome.. I hate Google Chrome.. I really like Firefox but I don't want it to become another Chrome. I also miss the status bar.

  • Downloaded latest version of Firefox, and now all of my bookmarks are gone. Any advice of getting them back?

  • VG

    ^^ If you are using Sync feature, you can get them back. Otherwise you can check backup of your bookmarks in "bookmarkbackups" folder in your Firefox profile folder.

  • Has anybody noticed that the Firefox app for Android pushes Facebook open without notifying you? Kept wondering why my cell phone battery was draining so fast until I looked at the list of opened apps. Yes, I use Facebook but "I" should choose when it's open! My battery lasts longer now.

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