Taskbar Drop Shadow: Add Cool Drop Shadow Effect to Windows Taskbar

If you use Windows and love to customize its look or add extra eye candy features, here is an interesting utility for you.

"Taskbar Drop Shadow" is a small portable tool developed by "sweatyfish" @ DA which adds a drop shadow effect to Windows Taskbar:


Its very simple to use. Download the ZIP file and extract it. You'll get 2 EXE files:

  • Top TB Shadow.exe
  • Bottom TB Shadow.exe

If you have Taskbar on Top, run "Top TB Shadow.exe" and if you have it at bottom, run "Bottom TB Shadow.exe" file.

Download Link

You can customize its settings by right-click on the Taskbar shadow and select "Preferences". Sometimes it might close if you change some settings, you'll need to re-run the EXE file in that case.

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  • Ummm.... I have read your articles for a long time Vishal, and i was wondering, what do i use for a bar on the right side?

  • VG

    ^^ You can drag-n-drop a toolbar from Taskbar to the right-side of screen to make a bar or you can use any dock utility like RocketDock, RK Launcher, etc.

  • I tried this program for a while but it was quite buggy on my Windows 7 Home Premium setup!

    Eventually I uninstalled it and applied my own drop shadow to all my desktops using Photoshop!

    My tasbar shadow method does not use any system resources or involve installing any extra utility. However it looks exactly the same. Simples! :)

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