SystemTray Recycler: Put Recycle Bin in Windows System Tray aka Taskbar Notification Area

You can put Recycle Bin in My Computer window, you can even pin it to Windows 7 Taskbar but today we are going to share a very small, light-weight and portable utility which allows you to put Recycle Bin icon in System Tray aka Taskbar notification area.

"SystemTray Recycler" is an awesome app created by our friend "Solo-Dev" @ DA which sits in your SystemTray and changes its icon depending if you have items in your Recycling Bin or not.

You can access its menu by either left-click or right-click on its system tray icon. The menu allows you to Empty the Recycle Bin, open the Recycle Bin or simply Exit the app.

The app has been updated and following are some major changes:

  • Added in a Menu that tells you how many files and how much space is used in the Recycle Bin.
  • A file counter is added in now, so that you can specify after X many files to empty the Bin.
  • Added support for "Start With Windows" as an option.
  • You can now also clean out your "Temp" folder from the app.
  • You can now make and use your own Icons. Just name them FULL.ICO and EMPTY.ICO, put them in the folder with the app, and re-start the app.

It works in almost all Windows versions including XP, Vista and Windows 7.

Download Link

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  • I like it but unless you have a dark background the outline colour doesn't match up with the rest of the stock Windows 7 icons. They are more grey where as this is black.

    Other wise it is a great tool which helps keep my desktop 100% clear and still gives me access to my recycle bin.

  • I like it. Thanks!

  • Perfect VG... Nice in my XP...

  • Will I be able to remove the Recycle bin icon from my desktop ? I wonder whether the system tray recycler will inherit all the menus in the Recycle bin ?

  • Wow, another tool.
    I used Mini bin tools.
    Same functions with customized icons without reshack.

  • Like it VG!
    what means 'aka' on the title?

  • very nice, but do not start with windows

  • Doesn't work in x64

  • Thanks for the post. Nice one.


    1. Open Registry Editor as administrator
    2. Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run
    3. Create a new string Value
    4. Give it any name, for example: SysTray Recycler
    5. Right click on the Value and click Modify
    6. Type the location of the file in Value Data, for example, if you copied that file to "C:\windows", then type in the Value Data: "C:\windows\SysTray Recycler.exe". If you wanted to disable it to run at startup, delete that value.

    VG, if any info is wrong, Please correct it for me

  • Its Very Great Thanks

  • VG

    New version released with major changes. :)

  • For me the download link doesn't work, and it points to a picture instead.

    Where else can I download this tool, as it looks really good.

  • WOW! the new version is nice as it has more features! Cleaning Windows temporary files is useful but I have CCleaner to do the job.

  • Here is the latest version 1.3ba1. Has 1 button click support for skinning, amongst other things.
    Glad that yall like my app!

  • Integrates with CCleaner also!

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