[Solution] Control Panel, Welcome Center or Games are not Opening in Windows Vista

If you are a Windows Vista user and you can't access Control Panel or Welcome Center or can't start Games, this tutorial will help you.

Many times Windows Vista users face a very strange problem. Whenever they open Control Panel, Welcome Center or start a game, a "Windows Explorer" window pops up and disappears automatically. You have no idea why is this weird thing happening as you don't get any error message.

Don't worry. If you are one of them who are facing this problem then follow these simple steps:

1. Open Service Manager by giving "services.msc" command in RUN or Start Menu Search box.

2. In right-side pane, look for a service "Software Licensing". Double-click on it and make sure its Startup type is set to "Automatic". If its not, then change it to "Automatic" and click on "Start" button to start the service.


3. If its already set to "Automatic", then stop the service and again start it.

4. That's it. It should solve the problem and you should be able to access Control Panel, Welcome Center without any problem. Now you'll also be able to play games in Windows.

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  • Thanks! this happened recently to friend's vista install and then, oddly, happened to mine. Your fix saved me much time and frustration. Will recommend your site!

    All else fails - try system restore before a re-install for the above comments.

    Dave Coleman

  • Nice bro....

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