Shutdown Panel: Freeware to Provide Easy and Quick Access to Power Options in Windows

Many Windows 8 users find it difficult to restart, shutdown or hibernate their computers. Since Microsoft has removed Start Menu and Start button from Windows 8, you can't access power options like you used to do in previous Windows versions.

In Windows 8, Microsoft has moved the power options to new Charms Bar. You can also use traditional ways such as Ctrl+Alt+Del screen, Alt+F4 hotkey, etc to access power options as mentioned in following tutorial:

How to Log Off, Restart and Shut Down Windows 8 PC?

To make Windows 8 users life easier, we shared a Registry tweak in past which adds a new cascading menu in Desktop context menu (right-click menu) to provide quick access to all power options. You can read more about it following link:

Add Cascading Menu for Restart, Shutdown and Other Power Options in Desktop Context Menu of Windows 8

This method inspired our reader "5aBi" to develop a small utility "Shutdown Panel" for Windows.

"Shutdown Panel" is a free and portable software for Windows which provides easy and quick access to all power options such as restart, shut down, hibernate, lock and log off. Its portable so you don't need to install it. Just run the program and use it. You can also carry it on your USB drive.

Once launched, it shows a small panel containing big icons (similar to Windows 8 Start Screen tiles) for various power options. You can click on the desired icon to immediately perform the action.


The freeware comes in 2 versions:

  • Version developed in .NET framework 3.5 for Windows 7
  • Version developed in .NET framework 4.5 for Windows 8 and later

Both versions are absolutely same in functionality. We developed 2 different versions for your convenience because Windows 7 comes with .NET framework 3.5 preinstalled and Windows 8 and later come with .NET framework 4.5 preinstalled. You can use the version developed in .NET framework 3.5 in Windows 7 and the version developed in .NET framework 4.5 in Windows 8 and later so that you'll not need to install any extra .NET framework version in your Windows.

Although both versions will work in all Windows OS including Windows XP and Vista if the required .NET framework version is installed. You can install the required .NET framework version from here.

You can pin the app to Taskbar, Start Menu or Windows 8 Start Screen. You can also add it to Desktop context menu for easier access. It comes with ready-made batch scripts to add its shortcut to Desktop context menu. Just run the "Install (Run as Administrator).cmd" file as Administrator and it'll add the app shortcut to Desktop context menu. If you want to remove the shortcut, you can run "Uninstall (Run as Administrator).cmd" file as Administrator.


This software supports Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and later. It can be used in both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows editions. You can download this handy program using following link:

Download Shutdown Panel for Windows

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  • What's wrong with the original one? Charms Bar is easy for this

  • Excellent app. Very useful specially in Windows 8. :)

    Charms bar is difficult than this. first show charms bar, then click on settings, then click on power and then select the option. but using shutdown panel just right click on desktop and select shutdown panel and there you have all options. ;) also many people dont know that power options are burried in charms bar.

  • Hi Vishal
    I Got A Problem,
    How To Clear The Panel From Desktop Once Opened Without Shutting Down?????


  • Just Click anywhere on app screen except the buttons.

  • Hi VG, today (6-11-12) I downloaded and tried in both OSs(W-7 & W-8). Result: Excellent. That's all
    and @KANHU -doubleclick on the app. It will vanish- No problem.

  • good change the icon and make their proportions right

  • thanks a good experiment thanks once again for sharing

  • Thanks!
    But unable to place to the taskbar

  • Hello Vishal!, How are you? I hope all's well!. My name is Moses and I'd like to know if there's a
    " Shutdown_Panel" version for Windows XP? or if I could just use the win7 version for XP?
    Thanks! yours Moses.

  • VG

    ^^ It'll work in Windows XP and Vista as well as mentioned in the above article:

    Although both versions will work in all Windows OS including Windows XP and Vista if the required .NET framework version is installed. You can install the required .NET framework version from here.

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