Show/Hide Hidden Files & Folders on the fly in Windows

Most of you might be aware of our "Hide files & folders without using 3rd party application" guide which shows you how to hide your private data from others without using any 3rd party software. Its easy to follow and absolutely free.


The above guide requires you to disable "Folder Options" menu in Explorer. So if you want to enable "Show Hidden Files" option, you'll need to re-enable Folder Options using Registry Editor or gpedit.msc.

Wouldn't it  be easier if we can get a shortcut to enable/disable "Show Hidden Files" option easily and quickly? Double-click on a shortcut and it'll start showing Hidden files in Explorer and double-click on another shortcut to stop showing hidden files. Sounds interesting?

Here we are sharing 2 registry scripts. One enables "Show Hidden Files"option and the other disables it. You just need to run the script and that's it.

You can download the script using following link:

Download Link

You can store them in a safe place so that no one else can use them. Simply place them in root of a drive like D: and rename them to a short names like h.reg and u.reg and hide them. Now whenever you need to use them, type their name in the addressbar and press Enter. It'll run the scripts.

PS: You'll need to Refresh the Explorer window to see the changes. Press "F5" or right-click in empty area and select "Refresh" option.

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