Resource Tuner: Another Resource Editor Just Like Resource Hacker

We all love Resource Hacker software which is the best customization tool for Windows. It allows you to view and modify system files such as DLL, EXE. You can customize Windows UI using Resource Hacker.

Today in this topic, we are going to share another resource editing tool similar to Resource Hacker.

Resource Tuner is another resource editing software just like Resource hacker but it has some more advanced features which are not present in Resource Hacker. Resource Tuner can also show PNG files embedded in Windows Vista system files which can't be seen using Resource Hacker.

Resource Tuner is a useful tool for people who want to edit various resources present in Windows executable. Resource Tuner can also open executable files which show errors in other resource editing software. It also allows you to edit the hidden data which is not shown by other editors. It comes with wide range of resource types, UPX unpacker, and much more.


Features List:

  • Rebrand your applications by replacing icons and logos
  • Customize GUI elements of your favorite Windows programs
  • Translate third party applications
  • Extract images, icons, sounds, animations
  • Make legacy applications use the new look of Windows XP and Vista
  • Tell Vista to run your application elevated
  • UPX Unpacker

You can download it using following link:

Download Link

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