Remix OS: Android Based Free and Portable Operating System for Computers

Did you ever want to install and use Google Android operating system in your Desktop PC or laptop? We know that Android is an OS specifically made for mobile phones and tablets but its very lightweight and if we could install and use it on our computers, it would have been an awesome thing as we could download and install our favorite apps from Google Play Store and could use this free and lightweight OS as the primary OS on our computers.

Installing Android on computers is not a new thing. We have told you long time back about Android-x86 project which allows you to enjoy Google Android OS on your computer:

[Tip] How to Install or Test Drive Google Android OS in Your Computer?

But the user interface of Android OS designed for mobile phones doesn't quite work on computers. It lacks many features and functionality which is required for an ideal OS for computers.

That's why today in this article, we are going to share a new operating system for computers which is based on Android-x86 project but works like Windows, Linux and Mac OS.

"Remix OS" is a free, lightweight and portable operating system developed by Jide which can be installed on a USB drive and can be used as a live operating system on PCs and laptops. Its based on Android 5.1 Lollipop version but has been enhanced and tweaked to provide Windows OS style UI to users. It comes with Start Menu, Taskbar and proper program windows with titlebar and caption buttons (minimize, maximize and close).


Remix OS is very lightweight and can be used on any computer. If you have an old PC, you can try Remix OS on it as well and it'll work without any problem. The user interface is very clean and minimal and provides a nice feeling of stock Android OS.

It comes preinstalled with many useful apps such as Microsoft Office apps, Google Chrome, email program, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Evernote and many more. It also comes with Google Play Store so you can always install your favorite apps or games on this OS using Play Store.

You can use your mouse similar to Windows, Linux and Mac OS. You can left-click, double-click or right-click to perform operations, you can check notifications using built-in Notification Center similar to Windows 10 OS.


All apps and settings have been perfectly organized in form of a Start Menu which can be accessed by clicking on the Jide logo (aka Start button) present on the bottom-left corner of the Taskbar. You'll get all installed program shortcuts as well as power options to restart or shut down your computer.


It also comes with an advanced and clean File Manager program which works similar to Windows or File Explorer in Windows. The UI is very neat and clean and it works flawlessly and smoothly. File Manager also contains left-side Navigation pane to access useful shortcuts and folders.


You can run multiple programs at the same time so multitasking is not an issue. Since all program windows contain titlebar and caption buttons, you'll get an awesome feeling while using this OS.

The Taskbar works very well. It contains Notification area (or system tray) which shows icons such as volume, network, clock, etc similar to Windows and other OS.

It comes with all traditional keyboard shortcuts such as Ctrl+N to create new document, Ctrl+S to save document, Alt+F4 to close window, Alt+Tab to switch between running programs, etc.

The company also claims that they'll keep releasing update for the OS regularly to provide security updates, bug fixes and to upgrade Android version.

The most awesome thing about this OS is the portability. You can put it on a USB drive and then boot any computer using the USB drive (you'll need to change BIOS settings to allow your computer to boot using USB drives under legacy boot mode). Now it'll work as a live and portable operating system.

It comes with 2 modes:

  • Guest Mode
  • Resident Mode


Guest Mode works as a live OS and no data or customized settings are saved. Every time you start Guest Mode, you'll get a fresh clean OS. You can select this mode to test the OS.

Resident Mode works like the persistent OS (similar to persistent Linux Live USB) in which all data and settings are saved. So you can use this mode to use Remix OS as your primary OS.

Once started, you can use Remix OS just like any other OS like Windows, Mac or Linux distros. While using Remix OS, it gives a feeling like using Chrome OS. Just give this new OS a try and you'll love it.

How to Download Remix OS?

Remix OS is available for free download. It provides the full offline ISO file of the OS as well as the USB creation tool which will help you in installing Remix OS on your USB drive.

Download Remix OS for PC

On the Remix OS website, click on "Free download" or "Download Now" button and then select the "I am a developer and have read the above message" checkbox and then click on "Download" button. It'll start downloading a ZIP file containing ISO file and USB creation tool.

How to Install Remix OS on USB Flash Drive to Use as Live Portable OS?

After downloading, you can extract the ZIP file using any file archive utility such as 7-Zip and then run the "Remix OS USB Tool" program. It'll automatically detect your attached USB drive. Just select Remix OS .ISO file using Browse button and click on OK button.


It'll take a few minutes in installing the OS on the USB flash drive. Once the process finishes, you can boot your computer using USB flash drive (press F12 key at startup to choose USB storage device as boot option) and enjoy Remix OS.

Just make sure your computer BIOS settings are set to allow legacy boot options and you have at least 8GB USB 3.0 flash drive.

How to Install Remix OS on Your Hard Disk for Dual Booting? (Experts Only!)

Our reader "Abby" suggested that you can also install Remix OS on your hard disk partition to make a dual boot system. In this way you'll not need to use the USB flash drive each time you want to start Remix OS. It'll be permanently installed on your hard disk drive just like Windows operating system and you'll be able to dual-boot between Remix OS and Windows OS.

!!! WARNING !!! Be very careful while using this method! If you are unsure about managing hard disk partitions, do not install Remix OS on your hard disk using this method otherwise it may delete or format existing data on an important partition.

To install Remix OS on your hard disk, boot using the USB flash drive and when you get the boot mode selection screen (Guest and Resident mode), press Tab key to modify boot parameters and replace existing parameters with following:

/kernel initrd=/initrd.img root=/dev/ram0 androidboot.hardware=android_x86 INSTALL=1 DEBUG=


Press Enter to execute the boot command and now you'll be able to select an existing partition of your hard disk drive to install Remix OS. You can create/modify existing partitions using the partition manager as shown in following screenshot:


PS: The safest way to use Remix OS is to install it on your USB drive and use it as a portable OS.


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  • Wow! Great concept -> mobile OS integrated into a desktop environment. I'll be looking forward to this!

  • Sounds great, definitely will be trying this out when its available, got usb stick ready &

  • Still not available, can't wait more for this ^_^

  • wow! i Waiting for the download link! :-)

  • Official link for Remix OS for PC

  • It's only Alpha release.
    Wait for final Release...!

  • Download link is available now but it is a Developer version just like Console os.

  • Look at the Release Date of this OS in their site, it is : 2015-01-12 ! ^_^

  • You can install it into hard disk for dual booting. During boot, use the tab key to change the boot parameter to following:

    /kernel initrd=/initrd.img root=/dev/ram0 androidboot.hardware=android_x86 INSTALL=1 DEBUG=

    Press enter and you will have option to install it on your hard disk drive.

  • Seems Interesting. Very usefull if live version capable of transfer data between partition as mini xp.

  • So, is just a console version? I am not getting the OS up and running like described in the pictures above. I wonder when the full version will be released. After reading this article, it sounded like it was the full OS, guess we'll have to wait.
    When I boot from the USB drive, it makes all it's checks and just does nothing.
    The last line printed on the screen is ANDROID_ with a blinking cursor and nothing else happens.

  • VG

    ^^ No. Its a fully functional OS with GUI. It might be possible that your graphics card or some other hardware is not compatible. Try to add VGA=791 at the end of the boot parameter of Guest Mode command. You'll need to press TAB key to edit the parameter.

  • I too was stuck on the ANDROID logo. Left it going overnight actually.

    The fix? (for me, at least)

    If you have a nVidia PCI-E card AND an integrated graphics controller like Intel, disable the nVidia card and switch to the Intel.

    Once I did that, it booted immediately. Could only use 1 screen, but no big deal.

    I am disappointed that this is an alpha release for developers when they made it seem like it was a final release. It was very buggy for me.

  • how to access hard drive files in remix os when dual booted

  • I have downloaded the EFI version of the OS and burned successfully on a USB 3.0 16 GB drive, but i am getting a boot error message. The OS is not booting (i am not getting the guest mode option screen). Any help would be great.

  • How can I boot an installed copy from a USB in VMware?

  • There is an alternative for Remix OS called "PHOENIX OS".

  • This syntax says "no kernel" for me.
    /kernel initrd=/initrd.img root=/dev/ram0 androidboot.hardware=android_x86 INSTALL=1 DEBUG=

    When I left the other commands, it loads but "suddenly" it reboots and starts the first hard disk...

  • Bro,Can't use wifi on remix have a fix for that??
    dual booted successfully btw you can use bcd editor(something like it ) too for the purpose of installing it on hdd ..its much easier that way ..regards!

  • After trying several Android emulators (Remix OS included) I found Nox App Player to be more intuitive, easier to install (installs as an .exe file), the ability to access windows files from the app & vice versa, Play Store already pre-loaded & functioning (no errors or special apk services required) & no messing with HDD partitions (accidental or otherwise). Sideloading of apks is as simple as dragging the apk from your desktop to the open Nox player, uses the same network as your pc (again, easy access to windows files), no virtualization application needed etc. etc.

    So far I'm pleased.

  • Excellent !!! tested on 2 notebooks with Guest boot up from USB drive, work very well, still exploring. But couldn't find the shutdown button, su - root, "init 0" & "shutdown -i" didn't work either.

    Still searching for the shutdown button on the desktop. It does work on the physical Power button though, just like mobile device.

  • will it act like a primary os or it need windows os in the back end to boot?

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