Opera Mail: Lightweight and Portable Email Client for Windows

There are many free Desktop email clients available for Windows and Mac which allow you to access your email accounts right from your Desktop without opening their websites in web browsers. Some of the popular email clients are Mozilla Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, Microsoft Outlook, etc. You can read more about these email clients at following link:

Ultimate Collection of Best Free Desktop Email Clients

Today we are going to share another free email client released by popular web browser company "Opera". If you are an Opera browser fan, you might be already aware of this email client from Opera.

This new email client is called "Opera Mail" which has been released for Windows and Mac OS. Actually Opera Mail was a part of Opera web browser but Opera has removed it from the browser and has made it available as a separate product.

Opera Mail is very simple, clean and light-weight email client. People who like minimal UI in software, will definitely love this new email client program. Its also very customizable. You can customize each and every toolbar and add or remove desired buttons. You can even show or hide desired sections such as messages list, labels, attachments, etc.

Its also easy to configure and you can quickly add and setup your email accounts. It provides very limited and basic options to configure in its preferences window which makes it a very easy to use and simple program.

It also supports the popular "2-line vertical view" feature which shows email subject as well as sender information in 2 lines in message list similar to Windows Live Mail and Microsoft Outlook programs.


Opera Mail supports almost all popular email services such as Windows Live Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo!, AOL, etc. It also allows you to import existing emails from other email clients such as Thunderbird and Outlook Express. All popular email retrieval protocols such as POP3, IMAP and SMTP are supported by Opera Mail.

An interesting feature present in Opera Mail is "Low Bandwidth Mode" which tries to use as little bandwidth as possible when enabled. For example if you enable this feature, Opera Mail will not fetch more than first 100 lines of a message unless requested by you. Similarly it'll only synchronize new messages and will not fetch attachments unless requested by you. This mode might become very useful for users using slow dial-up connection or using Internet connection with bandwidth limitations.

It can also be installed as a portable program and can be carried on a USB drive. This way, Opera Mail will be installed in a single folder and then you can copy that folder to your USB drive and use it as a portable app. It'll also store your profile, email account settings and emails of course.

[Tip] Create Portable Version of Opera Mail for USB Drives

Opera Mail also comes with a built-in RSS feed reader which might be another interesting feature of it. So its a 2-in-1 program: email client as well as RSS feed reader.

Interested people can download it using following link:

Download Opera Mail

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  • sir thanks for sharing but also Opera 15 beta in line

  • Had this been released two or three years ago I would have jumped all over it. Back then, I had constant problems with Thunderbird but the bugs seem to have been worked out since then.

  • I still might give it a try, it has a nice looking UI.

  • Opera Mail sounds intresting but i think accessing the mail own site is far better than using clients.

  • @Rahul and how does that work when all you have is a POP3 server?

  • Opera Mail is perfect! Only one thing is not enough for me. For each acccount you can make only one signature. In my work I need two signatures for one account.

  • It looks like the last opera 12/presto based m2, but restyled to look like chopera.
    now on opera is Opera-Mail-1.0-1040.i386.exe 10-Jun-2013 13:26 12101952 and Opera-Mail-1.0-1040.i386.dmg 10-Jun-2013 13:27 19499503
    none for linux I guess, but opera m2 before restyling might in repositories?

  • I am very interested in using Opera Mail, but on the "thank you" download page step #3 states "3. Install Opera"
    - Why do I need "Opera" (browser) if Opera Mail is supposed to be a standalone mail client ?
    I have downloaded and extracted PortableApps.com authorised portable version.
    - but setting up an account requires settings based on a drop-down list, but the drop downs are empty ? No list to choose from !

    The web is full of account setup instructions for the old integrated Opera+Mail program
    - but I cannot find any help for stand alone Opera Mail accounts setup

    What am I missing ?

  • @bawldiggle I used Opera Mail for years, but a couple of years ago they discontinued their whole email service. Didn't even know that they distribute this separate email client, I doubt it does anything more than just imports imap and pop so you can use it with gmail and hotmail, just like Thunderbird does.

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