Download Windows Essentials 2012 (Wave 5) Full Standalone Offline Installers

Recently Microsoft released Windows Essentials 2012 (Wave 5) (formerly known as Windows Live Essentials) suite to public.

Windows Essentials 2012 requires Windows 7, Windows 8 or later and is available in 48 languages including English, French, Dutch, Japanese, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, or Spanish. Windows XP and Windows Vista are not supported.

Wave 5 can be downloaded in form of an online installer which downloads the required setup files during installation so you need a working Internet connection to install it.

Imagine a situation when you need to install it in 10 or more systems. You'll need to run the setup in each machine and then need to download the required setup files from Internet. It'll take lot of time and Internet bandwidth.

Wouldn't it be great to have a full standalone offline installer which doesn't need Internet connection at installation time?

Today we are sharing official download links for full offline installers of Windows Essentials 2012 (Wave 5) (version 16.0) in all available languages. These installers contain full setup packages of all Windows Essentials programs such as Windows Live Mail, Messenger, Writer, Movie Maker, Photo Gallery, etc and you can select your desired programs at installation time.

So download the offline installer of your desired language from following direct download links:


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  • The link for Spanish is incorrect. It should be

  • VG

    ^^ Thanks. Corrected.

    Yes. Windows 8 is supported.

  • Thanks VG, but I have a question.

    To begin with, I've downloaded and installed Windows Live Mail only. but I wanted it to run at startup to the system tray..

    After some internet searches, I was able to make it minimize to system tray by making it run as if I was running Windows Vista SP2.

    but I was wondering how to make Windows Live Mail start with windows automatically/directly to the system tray.

    I tried to make a shortcut in Startup folder and Choose [Run= minimized], but it still shows up as Normal Window.

    I also tried to add some command parameters, like; -background & -hide , but no use.

    I'm surprised and disappointed of Microsoft, this has to be one of the basics and they still couldn't figure it out, even in latest version!

    OS: Windows 7 SP1 x86. App: Windows Live Mail 2012

    Thanks in advance


  • Dear Murad,

    to make any software start with windows
    just copy its shortcut in Start ---> Programs ---> Startup

    or just grad & drop the shortcut in above location.


  • VG

    ^^ Did some investigation on Windows Live Essentials official website. ;)

  • Thanks for the very handy and usefull links !

  • Thank you. Thank you.
    For posting the full standalone installers for Windows Live. As I'm sure you know full well, Microsoft is stopping support for Windows Live soon (sometime Jan, 2017, I believe). At that point, the stub 1.2 MB installer *very likely* will not work.

    Help me here - the link for the download goes to the domain, which I believe is a Microsoft site.

    Is it possible to download these install files (for different languages) and post them on askvg??

    I'm asking in advance for others. I've got my download of the full install, thanks to you, but I'm thinking others will likely want it after Jan, 2017, and there will be no Microsoft option, stub or full install, available for them.

    I hope you have the resources to do this.

  • VG

    ^^ If I do that, Microsoft will immediately ask me to remove the files from AskVG server. ;)

  • Thank you very much. I hope this wil make people happy in 2017 :). I have red the comments and still remain corious how you managed to download. But mainly thank you.

  • Someone will just upload it to the Internet Archive, probably.

  • This information is wrong. These downloaders are NOT available.

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