New and Easy Way to Program Your Tata Sky DTH Universal Remote

If you are living in India and using Tata Sky DTH (Direct-To-Home) service on your TV, this article might be useful for you. Tata Sky is one of the best and most popular DTH services in India and almost all STB (Set Top Box) provided by Tata Sky come with Universal Remote which allows you to operate both the STB as well as your TV set so you don't need to use two remotes to control STB and TV set. You can control both of them using a single universal remote.


But to be able to control your TV with Tata Sky universal remote, you need to first pair and program the remote which was a little bit complicated in past. We have told you how to program and use Tata Sky and other DTH universal remotes in following article:

How to Program and Use Your DTH Universal Remote with your TV Set?

Now today in this article, we are going to share a new and very easy way to program your Tata Sky universal remote to control your TV set. Thanks to our anonymous reader for sharing this new method.

Before learning more about this new method, please keep following things in mind:

1. This new method to program Tata Sky universal remote only works for new models. This method will not work on old STBs and universal remotes.

2. This method works on selected popular TV brands only which we'll mention later in this tutorial.

So if you got a new Tata Sky connection or got a new Tata Sky Set Top Box which came with universal remote, you can try following easy to use method to pair and program the remote with your TV set so that you can control your TV using a single remote:


First of all turn ON your TV set and make sure Tata Sky remote is in STB mode i.e. the red LED light on the remote is OFF.


Now press and hold Power and Univ buttons simultaneously on your Tata Sky universal remote for a few seconds. The LED on your remote will blink twice and then it'll be kept ON which means the remote is in learning mode now.



Now the last and important step! You need to aim Tata Sky remote at your TV set and then press and hold a particular digit no. button assigned for your TV set on your universal remote as mentioned in following list:

Digit Button

TV Brand























For example, if your TV set is of Sony brand, after pressing Power and Univ buttons together for a few seconds, press and hold number 3 button on Tata Sky remote.

Once your press and hold the correct digit button, the TV set will automatically turn OFF. Now release the digit button of Tata Sky remote.

That's it. You have successfully programmed Tata Sky universal remote to control your TV set. Now you can control following functions of your TV set using corresponding buttons present on Tata Sky remote after pressing Univ button:

  • Power (TV On/Off)
  • Volume Up
  • Volume Down
  • Mute
  • TV Source (AV, HDMI, etc)

NOTE: If this method doesn't work for you, you'll need to use the older method to program your Tata Sky universal remote mentioned in following article:

How to Program and Use Airtel Digital TV (ADTV), Tata Sky DTH and Videocon D2H Universal Remotes with your TV Set?

The above tutorial also contains secret bonus tricks for Tata Sky users at the end.

PS: If in future, you decide to reset universal remote and want to unpair your TV set, following tutorial will help you:

How to Reset Airtel Digital TV (ADTV), Tata Sky DTH and Videocon D2H Universal Remote to Factory Settings?

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