Moo0 WindowMenuPlus: Add Extra Useful Menus to Windows Explorer

We have blogged about "Moo0 RightClicker" in past which enhances the context menu (right click menu) in Windows.

Today we are sharing another freeware from the same developer. Moo0 WindowMenuPlus lets you have extra useful menus in every window's "system window menu".

It's the menu that you can access through right-clicking on any window's title bar or taskbar button. This tool can add extra menus there such as "Keep on Top", "Transparency Adjustment", "Process Priority Adjustment", "Various Information about the Program" and so forth.

Also, you can configure not to show some menus that you don't use. You can enjoy only useful menus that you want.

Some tips from developer:

  • The configuration is available from the TaskTray icon menu.
  • It is nice to use "Process Priority... -> Above Normal" on video players.
  • "Keep on Top" would be very useful on calculator windows.
  • "Program Information..." is useful to diagnose/get information about the program displaying the window.

Download Link

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  • Thx VG.It's useful ;-)

  • Tnx,
    Looks gr8!

  • won't install. Windows 7 64 bit

  • Has this been tested and/or updated for Windows 10?

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