Microsoft IE Team Releases “Bored to Death” HTML5 Game to Play Online

Once again Microsoft Internet Explorer team has released an addictive online game "Bored To Death" which can be played using any modern web browser like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Opera. In past they have released another HTML5 game "Cut The Rope".

"Bored To Death" is an HTML5 game based on the popular animated short film "Marshmallow People".

According to Microsoft, Bored To Death is an arcade style brawler intended as a throwback to arcade games of the past and powered by JavaScript and HTML5. The game has bored Marshmallow people running around the playing environment trying to keep themselves from literally being bored to death.


You can play it free using a browser or a second player can also join the game on the same physical keyboard.

Player 1 controls:

  • W - Move up
  • S - Move down
  • A - Move left
  • D - Move right
  • F - Punch
  • G - Kick
  • H - Fire

Player 2 controls:

  • Up arrow key - Move up
  • Down arrow key - Move down
  • Left arrow key - Move left
  • Right arrow key - Move right
  • B - Punch
  • N - Kick
  • M - Fire

You can play this online game using following link:

Play "Bored To Death" Online Game

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  • Thanks VG! I'll be playing this game for a while!

  • Hey VJ is there any way to download windows 8 apps on a non windows 8 pc and use it in windows 8.

  • im asking off~topic questions

    1 how to reset folder attributes to defaults if they are previously set to hidden, read only , and also permissions

    2 if we install a program having .msc extension , then while uninstalling that program a diolog bow pops up displaying a yes no + checkbox having option never display again , if we check that then that won't come again , so how to bring that back again ? Sorry 4 bad english :)

  • VG

    ^^ Check following:

    Not checked yet.

  • @Tariq As far as I know, you can get Windows 8 apps only from the Store, and Windows 7 and below don't have MS Store. Try Allmyapps instead. It has a nice Metro -like UI too. ;)

  • @Tariq you could run Windows 8 in a virtual machine

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