Leftsider: Freeware to Move Windows Titlebar Buttons to Left Just Like Mac OS

Many Mac lovers install various themes in their Windows to make it look like Mac but there is one thing which remains unchanged i.e. the titlebar buttons.

Windows shows the titlebar buttons on right whereas Mac shows them on left in program windows. Here is a very small and free utility which can bring the same feature to Windows OS.

"Leftsider" is a small and portable application which can move the titlebar buttons to left in program windows similar to Mac OS as shown in following screenshot:


It sits in system tray and allows you to easily switch between titlebar buttons position using a single click on its system tray icon. By default it shows the titlebar buttons in left side of the window but you can show the buttons in right-side again by clicking on its system tray icon. Click again and it'll show the titlebar buttons in left side again.

To quit the program, right-click on its system tray icon and select quit option.

You can add its shortcut to "Startup" folder to start it automatically with Windows.

It seems the official download page is no longer available so we have uploaded the utility at our server for your convenience. You can download it using following link:

Download Link


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  • How come it didn't work on my google chrome? It's still on the rightside. :/

  • Umm... It says "leftsider.dll" is missing or not found. Help?

  • VG

    ^^ Its mentioned in the article:

    To quit the program, right-click on its system tray icon and select quit option.

  • Whoever wrote this freeware, could do the same but with the text of the title bar? That is, in Win 8.1 move the text to the left of center. Sorry my bad english.

  • Im using windows 10 home and this program actually works like a chrarm! but the caption buttons doesnt move to the left side when i start using chrome

  • It's not working at all, i downloaded it, extracted it, and i ran it. The windows are not changing =(

  • its not working in window 10 please give me solutions

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