Is Windows Vista SP3 Coming? List of All Updates and Hotfixes Ready for SP3 Inside

Windows 7 SP1 has been released and if we take a look at our reader "smartie77"'s investigation, we can undoubtedly say that Windows Vista SP3 is also on its way.

Thanks to "Smartie77" who spent a lot of time in digging through Windows 7 Service Pack 1 content and found that almost all updates available in Windows 7 SP1 have also been released for Windows Vista and Server 2008 by Microsoft.

Almost all those updates apply to Windows Vista SP2 and Server 2008 SP2 labeling as "SP3 release" which clearly indicates that Microsoft is planning to release Service Pack 3 for Windows Vista and Server 2008 asap.

"Smartie77" has also compiled a long list of all these updates with a working link to their official page so you can download and install them in your system.

Here are the links to all updates which might get included in SP3 for Windows Vista and Server 2008:

NOTE: These updates and hotfixes are not available via Windows Updates, you'll need to download and install them manually using following links. To download the update, open the URL and click on "View and request hotfix downloads" link given in "Hotfix Download Available" section at the beginning of the page.

OS BLUESCREEN if a heavy load situation exists or if connectivity issues exist: Bluescreen "STOP: 0x000000B8"

IE8 The right side of the first page of a printed .eml file may be truncated if Internet Explorer 8.0 is installed on Vista

IE8 .lnk shortcut does not work correctly when you click the shortcut under the Favorites menu. If Internet Explorer 8 is installed.

OS STABILITY An application or a service that uses the Wmiaprpl.dll module crashes when the application or the service enumerates the returned performance objects under the HKEY_PERFORMANCE_DATA registry key

POSIX SUA Vista Enterprise/Ultimate with Subsystem for Unix installed : The input or output stream is redirected incorrectly in a Korn shell

OS NTFS Some data is corrupted when cached and noncached I/O operations occur by using the same NTFS file handle

OS BLUESCREEN Server2008 only : STOP: 0x0000001a" error on a computer that has an Intel Westmere processor together with the Hyper-V role

OS MEMORY LEAK nonpaged pool memory leak occurs when you use a WFP callout driver in Windows Vista.WFP Callout Drivers are used in 3rd party Firewall and Antivirus Applications

OS INTERNET command "netsh interface ipv4 dump" does not export the subnet mask

OS WORKGROUP SMBv2 Server does not respond to certain FSCTL_SRV_NOTIFY_TRANSACTION requests from Vista clients

OS BASE NTFS WFP drivers may cause a failure to disconnect the RDP connection to a multiprocessor computer

OS X64 FIX Exceptions that are thrown from an application that runs in a 64-bit version of Windows are ignored

OS ACPI POWERSAVE PCI devices are unexpectedly enabled after you resume a Windows Vista system from hibernation

OS ACPI POWERSAVE X64 Vista update enables the OS to take advantage of the Enhanced C1 state (C1E) for lower power consumption offered by multicore processors.

OS X64 FIX slow performance when you render .jpg files on a computer that is running an x64-based version of Windows Vista SP2

OS REMOTE DESKTOP Audio redirection feature for the Macintosh RDP clients is not enabled on the x64 editions of Windows Server 2008 or of Windows Vista.

OS BASE NTFS Virtual Disk Service (VDS) crashes when you try to extend a dynamic volume in an NTFS file system on a Vista computer

APP OFFICE WINWORD Changes are not committed to the SharePoint server when you use WinWord.exe on Vista to save a document : "File is read only".

OS MEDIACENTER Black and white pixels unexpectedly appear on the right side of the screen when you run Windows Media Center in full-screen mode

OS PRINTING Only the header and footer information in an XPS document are printed

OS NETWORK IPv4/IPv6 MIB interface information that is collected by the IP Helper API is blank or incomplete

OS NETWORK Ipv6 ambiguous IPv6 address in Vista


OS PRINTING PostScript printer does not print a document that contains multiple paper sizes correctly on Vista

OS PERFORMANCE high CPU usage when a full-speed USB 2.0 audio device is connected to the Root Hub of a High-Speed CPU Bus

OS MEMORY LEAK memory leak issue occurs in the Audiodg.exe process when you play audio on Vista

OS BASE NTFS You install two third-party Windows Filtering Platform (WFP) callout drivers. Computer may crash and / or blue screen. WFP Callout Drivers are used in 3rd party Firewall and Antivirus Applications.

OS BASE NTFS / MEMORY LEAK A memory leak occurs when you use a WFP callout driver in Windows Vista

3rd PARTY APPS ENCRYPTION File corruption may occur if you run a program that uses a file system filter driver in Vista. Filter Drivers are used for example in 3rd party encryption Software.

OS BASE PERFORMANCE Logoff process stops responding after you create a logoff Group Policy script on a client computer that is running Windows Vista and has the Tablet PC Input Service running.

OS MEMORY LEAK A memory leak may occur when you use the Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects Library in Windows Vista to query ADODB streams.

.NET WPF based NET framework application experiences different memory leaks with Dot NET 3 5 SP1 installed (Windows6.0-KB981107 and NDP30SP2-KB981107)

.NET In .NET 3.5 SP1, performance problems such as CPU consumption and generally sluggishness were especially noticeable when scrolling within an application that contains many visual elements - this is a performance fix for Vista with dotnet 3.5 sp1 installed (NDP30SP2-KB978520 and Windows6.0-KB978520-v2)

.NET WPF in Vista : Fix for various Graphics crashes and Memory leaks (NDP30SP2-KB967634 and Windows6.0-KB967634-v3)

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  • This makes me so happy. I really hope it's true.

    Long live Windows Vista.

  • Nope, there will NOT be a SP3 for Vista. There is no support for Vista anymore!

  • No, you two are wrong.

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