IconPhile: A Freeware to Change System Icons Easily & Quickly

As you know Windows Vista and 7 contain revamped icons, many of which make the average XP user feel jealous. Rather than paying for a software, you can easily change your system icons with a few clicks of a button with "Icon Phile", a free, portable and easy-to-use program.


To change the icon displayed for a System Drive, Folder, Control Panel, Programs and other hard-to-change things:

  • Simply browse through the drop-down menu at the top
  • Double click on an icon or right-click on it and select "Change Icons" option
  • Select the desired icon from the list
  • Click on Apply button and you're done.

Also at the top there are different buttons for saving and opening IconPhile theme packages and customizing various icon-related system settings.

There's also a browser which allows you to customize any folder or file type you want.

It works in almost all Windows versions including Windows XP, Vista and 7.

The official download link is no longer available but you can download it using following alternative link:

Download Link

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  • Hey, its good, but i changed exe file icon, so every program does now have just that ico. Cant I somehow change it back to see original icons of all programs?

  • VG

    ^^ Try to find a restore default icon option in t he tool. It should have such kind of option.

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