How to Show Day and Month Names in System Tray Date in Windows 7 and Later

Windows 7 and later show both date as well as time in system tray because of the new superbar.


Did you know you can customize it and can show the day and month names as well?

Here is a small tutorial which will tell you how to customize the date shown in system tray in Windows 7 and later:

1. Type intl.cpl in RUN or start menu search box and press Enter. It'll open Regional and Language Options window.

2. Now click on "Addition Settings" button.

3. Go to "Date" tab and you'll see the value of "Short date" will be set to dd-MM-yyyy.

You can customize it to show day and month names. Here:

d stands for day

m stands for month

y stands for year

You can use these 3 alphabets to customize the date. Following are some examples of customized date:

d-m-y will show 10-1-9

dd-mm-yy will show 10-01-09

ddd-mmm-yyy will show Sat-Jan-2009

dddd-mmmm-yyyy will show Saturday-January-2009

I hope you got the idea behind it. You can use any of the above combination to customize the date format. For example you can use:

ddd dd-MMM-yyyy

To show:

Sat 10-Jan-2009


4. You can also change the separator - to some other symbol or can remove it completely like ddd dd MMM yyyy

5. Once you finish customizing the date format, click on Apply button and you have done:


Isn't it cool?

PS: If you want to show only Time and not Date in Windows Taskbar, then use following value for "Short date":

ddd dd MMMM yyyy


NOTE: If you want to hide Time in system tray, put a blank space in "Long time" text box under "Time" tab.

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  • Thank you for the wonderful advice on how to change the clock settings in W7! Exactly what I wanted to know!

  • Wow, the tutorial you give works. Thank you for showing us how to customize the system tray to show the day and month names.

  • Not only very useful, written in simple and layman's language. This is what most technical people forget. Keep up the good work Vishal. You will surely be blessed.

  • Thanks! Didn’t know that you can do such things, thought it was possible only by editing VS.

  • still doesn't show in the task bar unless u hover over the time . . . .

  • VG

    ^^ It does. If you cant see the changes, try to resize the Taskbar.

  • Hi VG. Nice tip, but it turned out that when "ddd M/dd/yyyy" is applied in intl.cpl, then suddenly all dates in Excel are missing the "/". So normal "12/31/2013" is now "12 31 2013" everywhere in Excel, including inside the format dialogue. Any idea why?

  • VG

    ^^ Excel and other programs use system defined date/time format. It seems Excel is not able to read or use the "/" symbol in system date and time format. You'll need to set a different separator.

  • Thank you very much.. this was very helpful..

  • Hey VG im using windows 8 and i did the "dddd, MMMM d, yyyy" for date and it worked but the next day when i got on it disappeared and it just says "8:30 PM" but before it said "Thursday, August 28, 2014 8:30 PM"

  • Hey VG, I have a vertical taskbar in Win 7 and the time, weekday and the date are shown in three rows. I want to get rid of the weekday row in the middle - how to turn it off? Setting both the short and long date formats without any ddd or dddd does not help - the weekday is always there.

  • VG

    ^^ Unlock Taskbar and shorten its width. It'll put date and time in 2 rows.

    @Logan B.
    Did you change Taskbar height/width or Taskbar settings?

  • wait... it is a day later and the full version is back... im confused i dint edit anything i didn't restart either....

  • I was wondering how to change the font size of time and date in system tray.How to do so? Any help would be highly appreciated.

  • VG

    ^^ You can try to adjust font style, etc using Desktop Personalization -> Color -> Advanced appearance settings.

  • Still coming back here ever since windows 7 came out to still look for this topic in 2015 lol

    Thanks again VG

  • I would like to set clock on computer from P M to A M

  • Does anyone know how to hid the day's name from the Windows 10 RS1 clock? I'm on a custom theme and the day's name is causing the time and date to be cutoff due to the size. This tutorials option of setting the 'short time' to 'ddd dd mmmm yyyy' isn't available in Windows 10 RS1, it shows up in the 'long time' area but not the 'short time' area. [P.S. changing the taskbar's height doesn't work either, and this theme doesn't use the small taskbar so that isn't an option on it either]. Basically it's showing the time, day name, and date as three rows and i need to remove the day name from it.

  • Ok, i'm an idiot. I figured out how to set it to ddd dd MMM yyyy, however it didn't remove the weekday. It simply added the day to the 3rd row and still left the weekday in the second row. So this option doesn't work on Windows 10 RS1 [also, the screenshots of this theme posted by it's creator are showing it without the weekday]

  • Dear Vishal Gupta, What's new in your suggestion regarding how to set time and date? It's all in the time and date settings. The question is HOW to show the FULL DATE with TIME in System Tray. I have Windows7 and it displays TIME only, not the DATE in the system tray.

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