How to Get Separate “Stop” and “Reload” Buttons in Mozilla Firefox?

If you are using Mozilla Firefox 4.0 and later versions, you might have noticed that Mozilla has combined Stop and Reload buttons. The combined button is shown inside the addressbar now.

If you miss the good old separate buttons like Firefox 3.x and previous versions, this tutorial will help you.

1. Right-click on the Navigation toolbar and select Customize option.

2. Now drag-n-drop the Stop button just before Reload button as shown in following screenshot:


3. Click on Done button in customize toolbar window and now you'll have separate Stop and Reload buttons:


Simple, isn't it?

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  • Hey VG how do i get the tabs just below the orange app button as in the first image ??

  • VG

    ^^ It happens when you use window in standard mode (i.e. normal mode not maximized).

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