How to Fix “Task Manager has been Disabled by your Administrator” Problem in Windows?

That's a very common problem for Windows users. Many times when you try to open Task Manager, you find that "Task Manager" option has been grayed out:


Also when you try to run it by typing "taskmgr" in RUN dialog box, Windows shows following error message:

Task Manager has been disabled by your administrator.


There might be 2 possible reasons behind this problem:

  • Your system administrator applied the restriction using Registry Editor or Group Policy Editor.
  • Your system has been infected with virus and it has disabled the Task Manager.

If you are already the Administrator of the system, then your system is most probably infected. You should follow the instructions given in following topic first:

Is Your System Infected with a Virus / Spyware / Adware / Trojan?

Now if your system in not infected or you have successfully removed the virus, then you can follow these simple steps to enable Task Manager again:

1. Type regedit in RUN dialog box or Start Menu Search box and press Enter. It'll open Registry Editor. If Registry editor is also disabled, then follow instructions given in following tutorial:

How to Enable Tools -> Folder Options and Registry Editor in Windows

2. Now go to following keys one by one:


and look for a DWORD value "DisableTaskMgr" in right-side pane. If you find it, delete it.


3. That's it. Now Task Manager will be enabled.

PS: If you are not familiar with editing the registry, then you can use ready-made registry script to do the task automatically. Download following ZIP file, extract it and then run the extracted .REG file. It'll ask for confirmation, accept it:

Enable Task Manager


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  • Thank you so much....i am glad that my computer is working perfectly.
    Once again thank you.

  • I think the Problem is Solved now thanks for the wonderful info!



  • hello

    pls help me...

    My Task Manager has been disibled by Administrator how can i enable this ...

    i have already do your tips my Registry editor is also disabled...

    i have already goes for keys in run & search bt cant find how can i solve my me...pls

  • VG

    ^^ First enable Registry Editor using following steps:


  • Dear writer this all tricks are almost working but problem is when I restart my pc then automatically task manager and regedit disabled

  • VG

    ^^ It seems your system is infected with virus. Post your Hijackthis log file in following topic:

  • Thanks for the help, my task manager is now working fine

  • Nice Info, by the way how can this happened?

  • Gaaah it isn't help me at all,because the Registry editing has been disabled by the administrator too /._.\ please help me,I'm wasting my time because of this problem,I can't open the task manager

  • I cant find the " DWORD " In regedit of run command . plz help me .

  • Thank you so much! GLAD to have people like you near to help!

  • still not work It is coming and disappear soon.can't keep it

  • When I tried to open gpedit or regedit , Windows shows same error "Disabled by Administrator"

  • VG

    ^^ Please check following:

  • Thanks for your advice to clear virus which disabled task manager

  • Thanks a lot. It worked well. You rock!!!!!!!!!

  • thanks very much.... it works like before.... so tank you

  • I am using windows 8 and i cant get the steps from this tutorial. I also need help on the 'windows script host has been disabled on your computer' that i get each time i start my computer. Pls send me an email. Thanks.

  • VG

    ^^ Please post your HijackThis log file first in following topic:

  • Wow thanx very much it worked..what happens when u delete the disable registry tool also?

  • Thank you so much, this really helped me out!

  • Thank You Very Much. Your Assistance Is Greatly Appreciated. Keep Up The Good Work.

  • I've done something that messed up administrator settings. was trying to get access to pro tools 10 and did a process that was suggested to minimize things in pro tools to make it run better. ever since I did this I've been getting access denied when trying to change settings in the policy editor. have tried coming at it through,compmgmt.msc, secpol.msc. net user administrator/active:yes. is there any other options or what am I doing wrong?

  • Some Applications Are Not Showing Up In Programs And Features. Help Me Out With This.

  • I enabled registry and after task mgr. Works perfect! Thanks ;)

  • accout has been disabled in time of starting a systen how to enter " another account..."in windows 7 ultimate

  • Such a helpful information. Thanks for your info

  • my task manger open only max 2 sec. then automatic end the task manager ......plz help me how can i fix this problem

  • VG

    ^^ Post your HijackThis log file in following topic:


  • thankyou very much it really help me a lot

  • Great... problem is solved so thank you...

  • I can't use the "regedit" because it's also blocked by what i'm guessing is a virus.
    Any help?

  • Thanks For This ! :D It's Work Correctly !

  • You can also Restore your computer to a previous date (guessing when you last saw Task Manager was running). Worked like a charm.

    With Hitman Pro AND ESET, how can I avoid this from happening again? Second time it has happened. How can someone hijack my Administrator

  • Ok so i see that you need to open regedit. COOL C: I have the problem task manager is disabled.When i open regedit,OH WAIT REGEDIT IS DISABLED BY ADMINISTRATOR

  • Every time I attempted to make changes in start up files msconfig xp told me that I needed to have Admin privledges (which I had)... resolved issue by booting to safe mode and running Malwarebytes.

  • I've tried about everything, but no luck. Couldn't find Disable Task Manager in registry files. I can see task manager on the task bar, and when I hover the cursor over it, I get the small window that shows it. But when I click on it, everything disappears. I'm stumped. I have Symantec anti-virus. Any suggestions?

  • thanks it works....thank you very much!!!!!!BRO

  • thank you soo much for this manual! i was finally able to enable the taskmanager. whoever wrote this and posted it is th real hero!

  • Ok.. So I had a virus and i solved most of the stuff.. Regedit works.. Taskmanager Works.. All I wanna know is the names of the other files in the locations in regedit by default so i can remove other ones.. I got some sketchy ones but I don't wanna delete them ( Might just be how windows names things ) . One of the simptons still is when i'm in a game ( like csgo ) and i alt + tab... My mouse dissapears. Also In some menus in other games. Another one I got is it says Alahu Akbar every time I start my PC. I'm guessing just a program that runs when i start- I'l try solving that in Safe Mode. Thanks For All The Help ! :D

    Very Simply and Comprehensive Solution
    Thank You Very Much

  • sorry bro this not working for me i did all tricks which u tell me but my task manager & registry editor automatic disabled when i check in gpedit.msc it show both are NOT CONFIGURED & i REINSTALL my window again but it didn't work so i decide to change my window 7 ultimate to window 7 professional i will tell u if this work for me after changing my friend also face this same problem :( .

  • SOLVED. Has been always my first choice for problems , and they *Almost* always fix my problem, and once again awesome'ly they have done it.

  • Thanks thanks thanks.

    You saved a hopeless man's life.
    First run windows security essentails more then e few time until it says computer is clean
    Then run "unhookexec.inf"
    And the last run "Enable Task Manager.reg"

    That's all.
    Life is good

  • hi, i downloaded the file to do it automatically. I noticed the task manager is no longer gray which i believe means it is now active. But when i click it, nothing happens... Pls advise

  • Thank you so much! I remember when Vista was new this also happened... but I was never able to fix so I wiped and reloaded! I hate how Windows thinks it knows more than me. I am a Tech by trade and a developer in my spare time... windows has made a habit of locking me out of things over the last 10 years! I am glad for the easy fix! Thank you!

  • THANK YOU! Now I have to figure out WHAT disabled my task mgr but I'm glad I can at least get to that!

  • Thank you very much.. this is indeed very helpful

  • hey there.....your way was pretty good but there is a very simple way to fix this smadav antivirus and then go to the tools option and choose win-force....there you can find a task manager it and you will see that it has worked!!!...just sayin ; )...

  • thank u so my task manager works properly again thank u so much

  • If you want to enable your taskmanger permanently, then in the regedit ,do not delete the file but set it's value to "0" it will never change.


  • Great simple fix that even a klutz like me can do

  • Thanks a lot for the help

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